Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tune For Tuesday

Today's tune is a blast from the past. Last week I posted my random music shuffle survey where my Itunes chose titles of songs for answers to questions. One question was "How would you describe yourself?" The random song answer was "Desperate But Not Serious" by Adam Ant. Funny, huh? It's silly for an answer, but it is my favorite Adam Ant song. I've never seen the music video so for my own enjoyment and hopefully yours, here's a new wave pop song from 1982. It's from the Friend or Foe album which also includes his biggest US hit, "Goody Two-Shoes."

Desperate But Not Serious


Kim Kasch said...

Adam Ant - that's a blast from my past.


DebraLSchubert said...

My favorite Adam Ant song is "Wonderful" LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that song!

Captain Hook said...

I adored him!

lyfizgud said...

oh my gosh...that takes me back...i just heard "goody two shoes" the other day and then immediately put it on my ipod...gotta love the ant :)

i love your little pictures, too...do you make those? the drum set is great :)

Anonymous said...

I love that song! Awesome! Haven't seen the video in years. Circa 82-83, I could name a video's artist, song and album within 5 seconds. Yes, I was glued to MTV.

Kelly said...

Kim-can you believe that song is over 25 years old?!
Debra- I like that one, too!
Capt Hook-He was pretty cute!
Sue-I go to Image Chef.com and create the pics from templates that they have!
Tara-I was so excited when my family FINALLY got cable. I watched MTV all day and night!

Big Plain V said...

Mmmmm... not sure I've ever heard it. Then again, I'm a musical simpleton.

Rena said...

I always thought he was so good looking -- loved quite a bit of those old songs too. Thanks Kelly!

adrienne said...

That takes me back! Love all the big 80's hair in the video, too.

Prince Balthazar said...

I met a guy in his twenties the other day and somehow Adam Ant came up.

He had never heard of him.

How is that possible?

Am I that old?

My parents are old, not me!