Tuesday, May 28, 2013

School's Out for Summer!

My school year has ended!
 This year I worked as a teaching assistant in Early Childhood at my kids' school district. Before I had my three children, I taught third grade and a third/fourth grade multiage for six years. Last year I worked in kindergarten, and this year in the three and four year old classroom. I had never taught children this young (besides my own of course), so the first few weeks were a learning experience. Of course I grew to love teaching this age group very much. It's so amazing to see the students grow throughout the school year. And of course they are absolutely adorable!
Here are some of the fun projects from the classroom this spring!

Ocean Fun!

Feed the Shark!
(I made this for choice time.)

Tonight my own 8th grader graduates, and I will be teary. I'm so proud of him. He's excelled in school as well as in athletics, and he's such a funny, responsible kid. My younger two have school until Friday so I hope I get some writing and extra projects done before my home is absolute(wonderful) summertime chaos!

Have a great week, everyone! What are you looking forward to this summer?