Thursday, March 5, 2009

This or That Thursday

Last night I attended an SCBWI regional chapter meeting. Our group meets on the first Wednesday of every month at a Barnes & Noble in a mall. My husband also has a meeting the first Wednesday evening of the month, and my two oldest children attend Religious Education classes on Wednesday nights. So, it is a treat when I do get to attend a meeting. We had two speakers that talked about "Write What You Know." We also had time to critique two stories. One regular in our group had great news. Lori Degman announced that she had won the Cheerios Spoonfuls of Stories contest! Her story 1 Zany Zoo was selected for the top prize. Simon & Schuster is publishing her book, and a mini version of the book will be included in future Cheerios boxes. Fellow blogger Tameka Brown was named runner-up in the contest! Congrats ladies!!
So speaking of Barnes & Noble, my This or That for today involves buying books. Where do you regularly buy books? Do you buy most of your books at a big chain bookstore, a local bookstore, online, or a variety of places?
My choice is all of the above. I do buy books from because of the convenience. As much as I love browsing through bookstores, a busy life with three children does not allow me to do that often. Over the holidays, I did buy the majority of my Christmas gift purchases at a Borders bookstore. A few times of year my husband and I bring the kids to a Barnes & Noble and let them each pick a book. We also take them to the school book fair to purchase one as well.
How do you buy your books?