Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Rockin' Review

So, I went to a concert Friday night. I know, I know. I already made two posts about the upcoming concert, and now you may be sick of hearing about it...but I'm not, so here's my review! (and don't be grumbling Avenged Sevenfold, Avenged Shmevenfold!)

My rock posse included my mom (yes, my mom), my hubby's Aunt Beth, and our friend, Ginny (who just had a baby six weeks ago!).

Beth drove us to the concert and after talking sweetly to a nice parking attendant, he directed us to parking very near the door (we slipped him a few bucks for his kindness). This was key as we didn't want to drag our winter coats in as we knew it would be hot with the crowd.

Next we entered as the first band finished playing. We had general admission tickets so had to find a good spot among the crowd. 'Twas a younger crowd and many teenage kids with their moms or dads (who did NOT know what they were in for-well except for my mom, she knew what she was in for, because she's a rock concert devotee like her daughter).

The next band was Papa Roach, a favorite of mine. The lead singer, Jacoby Shaddix, whipped the crowd into a frenzy with his energy and music. He even came out into the crowd about four times, which hardly ever happens with other bands. The fans appreciate it! Jacoby even managed to slime me as he passed me in the crowd and his sweaty, sweaty hands brushed mine in a quick high-five. The crowd was very into the whole show, my favorite song being "To Be Loved." Jacoby is the most energetic frontman I've ever seen live.
Photobucket Jacoby in the crowd

Buckcherry, Beth's favorite, was next. I like Buckcherry, too. This is my third time seeing them in the last seven months! Josh Todd, the colorfully tattooed lead singer, sang hits like "Everything," "Too Drunk," and ended with "Crazy B..." My favorite was "Everything." The crowd unfortunately did not seem as into Buckcherry as Papa Roach, but I was entertained as I know most of their songs. Josh Todd's raunchy talk and songs made some of the parents with their teenage daughters or sons cringe a few times!
Photobucket Josh Todd framed by hands throwing the devil horns.

Avenged Sevenfold (A7X) was last. The majority of the crowd seemed to be at the concert for them, the fans went wild. I was so excited to see them live up close. Avenged is my 9 year old son's favorite group so I took lots of pictures for him (he is too young yet for his first concert, plus I didn't want to be a cringing parent when the F words flew!). The lead guitarist, Synyster Gates, is my favorite lead guitarist. I love the crazy guitar riffs he plays. I danced and sang to every song, and they played an extra song for us as it was their last stop of the tour. My favorite song of the night was A7X's "Unholy Confessions." A nice man gave my mom and Beth his extra tickets to sit next to him in the seats by the general admission pit, because it was four hours of standing, jumping, and dancing. Ginny and I chose to stay in the crowd of sweaty, stinky teenagers, we were pretty close to the stage so I didn't mind.


Here is the stage and singer, M. Shadows with lead guitarist, Synyster Gates (obviously NOT their real, given names!)
Overall, an amazing night with some of my fave bands! Luckily I could have a lazy day on Saturday, because I was exhausted! Beth went on and saw Buckcherry and Papa Roach three hours away the next night, too. Now that is a fan!


Solvang Sherrie said...

Looks like fun...and I love that your mom enjoys going too! How cool is that?

PJ Hoover said...

What fun! Do you always lead such a crazy life?????

Kelly said...

Sherrie-I'm lucky, she's a fun mom!
PJ- This is about as crazy as it gets! I'm a very conservative person actually, but I happen to love rock concerts!

adrienne said...

You got some great pictures! And yes, your mom sounds very cool!

Carrie Harris said...

You got slimed by Jacoby. How cool is that? And why does it make me think of Ghostbusters? :)

Paul Michael Murphy said...

I know hardly anything about the bands mentioned, but just have to say that I'm pretty bummed the name Synyster Gates has been taken. What a sweet name for a villain.

Kelly said...

Thanks, Adrienne!
Carrie- Who ya gonna call?
Murph- That is a cool villain name! The other band members have comic bookish names, too: The Rev, Johnny Christ, Zacky Vengeance.

Christina Farley said...

Wow. It sounds like you had a blast! Great pictures too. Impressed how well they came out with all the lightning.

Rena said...

Sounds like a fun night. Your concert stories always crack me up because I know you go right home and turn back into Mommy-mode again. How fun that your mom is into it too!

Anonymous said...

Kel, great story ! Of course, I love that I am in it! The pics you took are AMAZING - can I get them on my FB page? How? Fun times - more to come I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

that last one was from me , Beth, can't figure out how to do all this! oh well, you would have known it was me!