Monday, May 19, 2014

A Wish, A Gator Boy, and a Princess

Well, hello, peoples!

Do you love middle grade novels as much as me? Yeah?
I've got two new fun middle grade novels to share with you.

Have you ever wished upon a star? When you were little, have you ever wished that your brother or sister was never born? Check out this clever story by Sherrie Petersen about just that!

It's WISH YOU WEREN'T! You can purchase it here and click here to have a chance to win an ebook! 

Also, another pal, Samantha Verant just shared her cover of her upcoming middle grade novel, KING OF THE MUTANTS. Looks crazy cool, right? You can win an ebook and gift card here!

And speaking of middle grades, you can have a chance to win a copy of ROCK 'N' ROLL PRINCESSES WEAR BLACK on Goodreads! If you want to read it, you can click that, too!

The first chapter of RNRPWB is now on here on Wattpad. If you are curious about it, give it a quick read!

And not only do I love middle grade novels, but of course Young Adult books are on my Kindle and nightstand as well.

Here are some cool new YA releases!

If you loved Suzanne Casamento's FINGERPRINTS, the companion novel was just released!!

Also, just in time for prom season, check out Laura Pauling's PROM IMPOSSIBLE!

Happy reading, and thanks again for all of your wonderful support! YOU ROCK!