Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Night

I do like the Oscars-the glitz, the glamour, the beautiful gowns. I’m not terribly qualified to write about movies as I only see a few a year, and when I do it is usually silly comedies that never get nominated (like Step Brothers or Forgetting Sarah Marshall). I did see a few nominated movies: The Dark Knight, Iron Man, and the animated ones! I do want to watch some of the nominated movies like The Reader and Revolutionary Road, someday on DVD…But I did watch the Oscars (okay, I fastforwarded through them- it’s a long flippin’ show!) so I will write about it. Find the winners here.

Random Thoughts about the Academy Awards
1. Wolverine can sing AND dance!
2. Meryl Streep has had 15 Oscar nominations! WOW! She is one classy, talented actress.
3. Goldie Hawn is so gosh darn cute.
4. Loved Tina Fey’s and Steve Martin’s entrance.
5. I think Jennifer Aniston and Jack Black should do a movie together.
6. I had to laugh at Seth Rogan and James Franco.
7. During Best Actress, it was very touching to hear past winners speak of each nominee. You could feel the nervousness and heartfelt emotions of the nominees.
8. Ack! My DVR didn't tape the whole show, it cut out at Angelina Jolie's nomination.
9. Though I'm not too disappointed, this show is soooooooooo long!
10. I need to get out more and see more movies…

Of course most everyone looked beautiful, but here are some of my favorites of the night.
My fave dress: Sarah Jessica Parker. She looked like a modern princess(but I hate to say I didn’t love her hair tonight…).
Best dressed male: Robert Downey, Jr.
Best dressed females: Diane Lane (classic and exquisite with the perfect accessories) and Taraji P. Hensen (again, beautiful strapless with a gorgeous necklace)
Best hair and makeup: Alicia Keys


Angela said...

I don't watch the Oscars (just too long), but I have this fascination for all the outfits, and I always have to check out all the red carpet hit and misses the next day. :-)

adrienne said...

Jennifer Aniston and Jack Black - that would be interesting!
I only watched bits and Angela I think the red carpet is more entertaining.

Rena said...

I never watch this anymore because like you, most of the movies I get out to see are the kid's ones. I usually look at the pics online to see the outfits. Some are just bizarre.

lyfizgud said...

I did not watch the whole show, but I did see the best actress category, and, going in, I was totally rooting for Kate Winslet...but when Shirley McClain was talking to Ann Hathaway, Ann had such joy and appreciation on her face, I REALLY wanted her to win...she is very classy and I'm sure has more nominations in her future.
I thought the best actor category was a little "insincere". I thought the actresses all did a great job, but the men talking to men, not so much. I did not see any of the movies the actors were nominated for (except "Benjamin Button" which I loooooved) but just from everything I've heard, I was hoping Mickey Rourke would get the win. I thought Sean Penn's speech was a little abrasive.
Lastly, I thought Jennifer Aniston looked GORGEOUS and I'll never understand why Brad left her for Angelina...had to stick in some "tabloid gossip" :)

Suzanne Casamento said...

I totally agree with your assessments. Especially Alicia Keys in that gorgeous pinky-purple color. Stunning.

But did you see the escort or whatever her title is, the one who was on stage walking people in and out, but isn't a star? She had on a GORGEOUS silver dress that was fitted on top until it hit a flower on the side and A-lined out?

THAT was my favorite dress and I have no idea who she was.

slhastings said...

I liked James Franco and Seth Rogan's skit. Hilarious! Laughing at the serious movies??? I also liked the fact Brangelina sat in the front row...smiling at Anniston.


Kim Kasch said...

Even I watched a bit of this. Had to love Sean Penn going up with the legends...

So much beauty - and Sophia Loren - WOW she looked amazing.

Solvang Sherrie said...

I stopped watching the Oscars years ago, I guess when I stopped seeing adult movies! Plus it gets kinda boring since it's so looong. But I do like hearing who won. I really want to see Slumdog Millionaire since it's gotten so much attention (and I like Bollywood movies -- thank you Netflix!). Am I the only one wondering what happened to Micky Rourke's face?

jama said...

I watched the whole thing (first time in years). They did a better job of personalizing the awards. Like you, I loved each past winner talking about each nominee and giving them that attention. The only movie I've seen so far is "Slum Dog Millionaire," and it totally blew me away, so I was glad it won.