Saturday, November 22, 2008

Smashing Cinquain Saturday

My sister, Denise, and I saw Smashing Pumpkins last night. Today’s cinquain is about Billy Corgan, lead singer and songwriter of the band. Smashing Pumpkins celebrate 20 years of rock and roll this year…we saw a poster celebrating it at the concert titled: Twenty Years of Sadness. Billy is known to be eccentric, egocentric and full of angst; many of his songs reflect this. Last night he portrayed all of that, but more so, his extreme talent.

Creative soul
Twenty years of sadness
Decades of hits, sold out concerts
Lost boy

My girls’ night out started with drinks at a local bar. My sister and I met with fellow blogger/YA author, SL Hastings, and her husband. We chatted about both of our husbands being wary of us meeting “cyberfriends.” We shared writing stories and giggled over other funny stories from our lives. It was fun meeting a fellow blogger and writer.Photobucket
Denise and I then headed to the concert. We had awesome seats, and the band started soon after we got to the venue. The lights dimmed, and the band started playing. Billy entered in usual theatrical fashion as seen here.Photobucket

We enjoyed the 2 hour plus set of old hits and new tunes. Billy bantered a bit about Chicago sports (he is a huge fan), and related how his second concert was at this theater (the band, Asia). He had a cold and coughed and blew his nose a bit during the performance, but his vocals didn’t suffer from it. Corgan sounded awesome. Tonight’s show though was cancelled and rescheduled due to Corgan’s illness.
The Pumpkins played twenty songs (no encore due to Billy’s sickness). I don’t mind listening to new songs, but they outnumbered the hits that they played. Also, many of the songs were drawn out with self-indulgent guitar by Billy, which I could have done without. He is a superb guitar player, but I really don’t want to hear it go on and on!
Overall, it was a good concert. Billy is a talented entertainer. Jimmy Chamberlain was phenomenal at drums. But as many fans would say, I would have liked more hits; they have so many to choose from. Some of this is due to the next nights performance being totally different to this one (all different songs played), but they have enough hits to satisfy both nights, or repeat a song or two. My favorite songs of the night were “Tarantula,” “Bullet” and their new single, “G.L.O.W.” I liked their heavy guitars on “Heavy Metal Machine,” but the song went on a little long.
I read on the Smashing Pumpkin message boards that after many of his recent concerts, Billy ended it by lashing out at the fans and going on a tirade. I think it was probably supposed to be a statement or some theatrical release, but we did not get yelled at after this performance, probably because he was sick. I have to say I was a little disappointed, because I wanted to see everyone’s reactions to it. I was also fully prepared to write on this blog, “Despite all his rage, Billy’s still just a brat on the stage…”
But we were denied this rehearsed rant, which actually probably was for the better. He even said, “I love you all” to his fans…maybe illness makes him more human…
That’s my wrap up. Good concert, still love their songs…Billy’s still, well, Billy.


Rena said...

Sounds like a fun night out, Kelly. Thanks for sharing your concert experience and photos too. I miss going to concerts, but not too many of them come up to northwestern Montana.

I love your red lipstick, btw! :)

Kelly said...

Thanks, Rena! I usually wear don't wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis (or I'd get lipstick all over my kids when I kiss them!)
In college, my red lipstick was my trademark. I do still love it, but usually save it for concerts! :0) When my kids see my in red lipstick, they ask, "Are you going to a concert tonight, Mom?"

Kim Kasch said...

I love girls night out - especially when it's with my sisters. Today I had a girl's afternoon. Went to see Twilight - which I loved and may go see it tomorrow with my daughter.

Glad you had a good time. Making memories with you sis - so cool.

Denise said...

Thanks for getting the tickets, sis! It was a blast.

keri mikulski :) said...

What a fun night. I loved SMASHING PUMPKINS. :)

Angela said...

Wow, sounds like a ton of fun. Thanks for sharing all the pics!

adrienne said...

Sounds fun!
Great poem.

slhastings said...


It was so much fun meeting you in person! From the blog to real life...

Crazy. Fun. Cool.

You'll have to escape to the city more often.


Carrie Harris said...

I hope it was a great concert. Ava Adore is one of my all time favorite songs.

Gottawrite Girl said...

Great adventure. And great pics!

Tee Brown said...

Truly cool--your passion for music, Kelly. Truly cool.


sruble said...

Sounds like a great concert, despite the lack of hits. I can see how they like to mix things up so it doesn't get boring for them, but for the fans, the hits are great.