Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cinquain Saturday

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving day! I had a fabulous Thanksgiving at my house with 16 people and 6 dogs for the day. Good family times! On Friday, my mom, my sister and I hit the mall for some shopping and lunch. It's a tradition that we've enjoyed for many years.

Today will be my last regular installment of Cinquain Saturday. I discovered that many poets participate in a Poetry Friday, so I will do that instead...Stay tuned!

Today's cinquain is about my favorite drink, Coca Cola. I love it, especially the fountain Coke from McDonald's. I know it's terrible for you, so I don't have it every day. My second favorite drink? Chocolate milk! Though I have to admit, on a hot summer day, nothing beats a cold Coors Light...What is your favorite beverage?

I thirst.
I pant, I sigh.
Then I spy a hidden
cold can of Coke. I pop the top.
Oh, yeah.


Rena said...

Great Cinquain. I love Coke too, but perfer Coke Zero over any of the others. Every now and then I will get a Diet Coke with Lime.

I'm looking forward to your Poetry Fridays, Kelly -- :)

Kim Kasch said...

I'm a Diet Coke kinda gal.

Glad you had a nice holiday.

Brenda said...

I was addicted to Dr Pepper! Loved it, couldn't get enough of it...then had to quit drinking it...sigh...

Now I drink Lipton Pure Leaf Black Tea...and I'm about just as addicted to it as I was with the Dr Pepper! Grin...

Nora MacFarlane said...

Love the Cinquain! I'm also a diet Coke kinda gal. I'm trying to kick that habit and stick to ice tea, but I miss the bubbles!

adrienne said...

I'm a Pepsi person myself but I can definitly relate!

I tagged you today :)

Jill Corcoran said...

oh :(
bye-bye cinquain saturday

poemhome said...

I'm addicted to cold frappuccinos, perhaps because the name is in lower case.