Friday, February 5, 2010

Poetry Friday

Ahhhh, February. Love is in the air, and chocolate is in my stomach. Gotta love it. What are your favorite gifts to give (or receive) on Valentine's Day? Mine are chocolate covered cherries and chocolate covered marshmallows shaped like a heart. I also love the homemade cards from the kids and my husband.
Chocolate covered marshmallows remind me of an amusing story in college. My two roomies were off to take a run like they usually did, and they asked, "Do you want to come with, Kel?" knowing full well that I wouldn't. I remember once responding while laying on my stomach on my bed with a chocolate covered marshmallow Easter egg dripping out of my mouth (that I bought myself), "Nope, because I'm a fat (expletive) pig." Then I think I napped. (One of my nicknames in college was Sleepy.)
I know, you had to be there. But we had to repeat my response often for the rest of college, and we always burst into a fit of giggles. In that year of the marshmallow treat, I was actually in the best shape of my life, because our sorority house was on the outskirts of campus, so I had to walk a long way to my classes. Those girls still think of me when they see chocolate covered marshmallow treats (and they both still run half and full marathons!). I obviously don't (but I do walk/run on the treadmill now!).

Speaking of treats, my poem "Sweet Things" is in this month's Stories for Children magazine.
Read it HERE, ya sweet thing!

This week's Poetry Friday is hosted at Great Kid Books. Stop by for more poetry links.


Heather Kelly said...

I can't wait for Valentine's day and the excuse to eat chocolates. Although, I don't like the marshmellowy ones. Caramel or cream are the best. Yum.

And your poem? So awesome! I'm already anticipating the tummy ache!

Laura Pauling said...

I loved the poem. Captures Valentine's Day for kids perfectly. But I think it's the adults that get the tummy aches, not the kids. :)

jama said...

Congrats on the poem! So sweet, and it speaks my language :).

I also love chocolate covered marshmallow treats -- especially the bunnies at Easter. For V day, give me anything that's dark chocolate, but extra points for caramel!

Kelly said...

Heather and Jama - Caramel is always a plus!
Laura - Yeah, how do those kids keep eating all that junk?

Jonathon Arntson said...

I looove your poem! How adorable and appropriate.

I also love the comments you always leave me on my blog. Thanks.

*happy dance*

Shannon O'Donnell said...

That poem is too cute for words, Kelly. Bring on the chocolate (with lots of nuts and caramel)! :-)

Kelly said...

Yay, I got Jonathan to dance! And I love your comments as well, Mr.!
Shannon - Chocolate for everyone!

Tee Brown said...

Congrats on your publication news!

But I've been trying to kick the sugar habit--and now I want chocolate!

Tina Laurel Lee said...

Have you had salted caramel? It is all the rage around here these days. Down at our ice cream store and in our local candy bars. I have to say I love it. The best of the salt and the sweet and the butter worlds.

Loved the poem too.

Jim Danielson said...

Cool poem. Now I'm hungry (and hope there's chocolate in my lunch bag)

Susan Fields said...
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Susan Fields said...

Hi Kelly - I just had to delete my earlier comment because I misspelled a word - I need to edit better! Anyway, I just came over here from Sharon's Random Thoughts blog. I wanted to see who got me in trouble for forgetting to disagree with the description of the name Sharon. :) Anyway, I read your poem and loved it - congratulations!

Solvang Sherrie said...

I still choose candy over exercise! And pigs are cute :O)

Congrats on the poem -- very cool that you've got so many things pubbed.

Sliding on the Edge said...

Hurray for another super publication, Kelly. And thanks for the poetry treat this Friday.

Here's one of my favorite poems about love by e.e. Cummings

love is the voice under all silences,
the hope which has no opposite in fear;
the strength so strong mere force seems feebleness:
the truth more first than sun more last than star.


Kelly said...

Thanks, Tee, and now is a hard month to stay away from sugar!
Thanks, Tina, my mother in law loves salted caramel!
Jim - Thank you and I hope you found some chocolate!
Susan- Hee! Sorry to get you in trouble! ;)
Sherrie- Now I exercise so I can eat candy!
Sliding - Thank you, and thanks for sharing Cumming's lovely poem!

Wendy (aka quillfeather). said...

Loved the poem!

I don't like chocolate - yes, you heard me right. Weird ah!

Give me a wedge of smelly blue cheese any day :)

Vivian said...

Congratulations on your poem, Kelly! It's great!

Laura said...

Hi Kelly,

Congrats on your poem! My favorite chocolate is anything with dark chocolate!

Lilfix said...

Congrats on the was adorable!

I love any reason/holiday/excuse to eat chocolate...grin...

Anita said...

Love the story and the poem (cute art, too, though you probably didn't have input on it). Husband hearts everything marshmallow.

I just had a doc's appt yesterday and he says I've gotta watch my sweets and caffeine intakes, because of family downer for February.

Sharon Mayhew said...

I've had a big Valentine's Day secret...for the past 13 years. I've been buying my 13 year old a special present from my husband...Will I do it again? Yep, done... She gets so excited about her special valentine's day gift from her Dad..It's so sweet.

C.R. Evers said...

I love your poems!

Although, I have to stay away from the chocolate, my dang thyroid disease demands it, unless I want to be 400 lbs!

Anonymous said...

Wooohoo! I'm so proud of you. WAY to go, K!

I have got to get involved in this poetry friday thingee. How do I do it?

Christina Farley said...

I love all things chocolate. But I really loved your poem on Stories for Children!

Bish Denham said...

I LOVE the poem Kelly!

Chocolate, give me chocolate.

Mary Lee said...

Congratulations on the poem -- very fun! I guess since everyone else is going for the chocolate, I'll take all the leftover conversation hearts -- preferably the big flat ones! (I always was a fan of Necco candy!!)

Kelly said...

Wendy - my 7 year old daughter loves blue cheese (but you two can share it! :)
Thank you, Vivian!
Laura- Thanks, and yum!
Thanks, Brenda, and yes, any reason is a good reason!
Anita- That is a downer, but taking care of yourself is good!
Sharon- That is a very sweet gesture!

Kelly said...

Christy - Thank you! And oh, you poor girl!!
Donna- Thank you and I'll post about Poetry Friday on your blog!
Thank you, Christina and Bish!
Mary Lee - Those are pretty good, too!!

Niki said...

Love your poem :o) We eat 70% cocoa dark chocolate. It's suppose to be good for you :o) hehe that's our excuse!

nikki said...

O man, your two favorites are two of my LEAST favorites!! haha! Someone's gotta buy that stuff i guess! :-) <3

MG Higgins said...

Kelly, what a cute poem and congratulations on another publication! One of the things I love about that site is their use of quality illustrations.

My favorite valentines gift is red roses, but only when I'm at a job where I can show them off and feed off everyone else's jealousy. :)

Kristi said...

Congrats on the poem Kelly!!!

I loved the college story as well...I have a feeling we would have been great friends. The hubs and I LOVE chocolate marshmallow treats...Russell Stover is by far the best! the holidays! And aren't friends great for reminding you of these tales over and over again?

Anonymous said...

hey kel - omg me and isa watched the 1st video a couple times! Loved it! She did too! you are so talented :) best of luck

xoxo aunt b