Thursday, January 22, 2009

This or That Thursday

Today’s edition of This or That is actually This or That or This or That. You have four choices today! Vampire books have been very successful through the years that many have been made into movies or TV shows. So today’s question is which vampire do you prefer?
Anne Rice’s Lestat (Interview with a Vampire) or Charlaine Harris’s Bill (Dead After Dark, the HBO series, True Blood) or Stephanie Meyer’s Edward (Twilight) or Bram Stoker’s Dracula?
Here's a clip from each:




I have only read Interview with a Vampire. I have started reading Dead After Dark, because I loved the HBO series, True Blood. I’ve seen Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but haven’t read it. I intend to read and watch Twilight this year.
Lestat is selfish (and Tom Cruise didn't seem right for the part). Dracula is way too scary. I will probably change my mind after reading/watching Twilight (Robert Pattinson played a dashing Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movie), but from what I have read/viewed so far my pick is Bill! I eagerly watched True Blood week after week this fall. And I love the way Bill says, “Sookie” with his Southern drawl. Which vampire is your pick? Don't forget to vote on the poll on the right, too!


adrienne said...

I have to go with none of the above...I think David Bowie in The Hunger is still my favorite!

Gottawrite Girl said...

Kelly, this is not EVEN a discussion. Lestat. Period. Forever and ever. He rules. He makes Edward and Bill look like pansies.

: )

I have a strong opinion, forgive me!

lyfizgud said...

kelly ~ i love your "this or that thursday" vote, to no surprise, is EDWARD...and i want to request that you PLEASE PLEASE read the book before you see the need to read the book w/a clean slate...and it will help you understand the movie better because so much was left out...
keep up the fun polls :)

C.R. Evers said...

Hey Kelly! I'm not much into Vampires, so I have to opt out of this vote, cause I just don't know.

Thanks for the kreative blogger award. Turns out I did see your post yesterday, but somehow missed my name in the list. I changed it on my blog!

Thanks again!

Rena said...

I so don't like these movies! I voted for Dracula, but if I could have chosen, I'd have picked Bela Lugosi. He's much more my speed!

Anonymous said...

For now... the True Blood Vamps... or the Dresden File vamps... tend to always be hot young women :)

Kim Kasch said...

Okay now I have to watch The Hunger. I loved them all. I did choose one but it was based on the book(s) not the movie/shows. It was Bill and that was only after the 7th or 8th book.

Ben Esch said...


I'm gonna have to put on my "make believe" hat on this one, because you know...I just can't really get the whole sexy vampire thing. It's possible it's cause I'm a dude, and as of yet, I don't think there's been a good "cute vampire falls in love with regular guy, shenanigans ensue" book or movie since that really bad Jim Carrey one in the mid eighties.

Moving on:

I'm picking Edward. Because he's sparkly and I like that.

Ben Esch