Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An Award and a Review

I have been awarded the Kreativ Blog Award by sruble and Brenda! Woo hoo! Thank you ladies for thinking of me and my blog! I so appreciate your shout out! Now in return I must list seven things I love.
I’m kind of a goof, and I love to giggle and guffaw. My kids tell me I’m weird just about every day. I tell them normal is boooooooooring (as I do the moonwalk). Sometimes we have a family dance party to music videos. Other times all five of us talk like a robot all through dinner. We think of fun, creative ways to keep our every day life a little more interesting.
So obviously I enjoy funny movies. For my list of seven things, I am going to list my favorite comedic actors/actresses.
1. Will Ferrell – Old School and Elf are two of my favorite movies. Will performed the funniest characters on Saturday Night Live. He’s just a big, hairy goofball.
2. Paul Rudd – I just watched Paul host SNL a few weeks ago. He’s a perfect mix of cute and funny. Paul was hilarious in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The 40 Year Old Virgin, and Knocked Up.
3. Chevy Chase – My favorite movie character of all time is Clark Griswold. “Nuff said.
4. David Spade – I used to watch "The David Spade Show" where he would rip on various celebrities and movies. He’s sarcastic funny. He plays a snarky guy on TV oh so well.
5. Vince Vaughn – This big, towering man is another funny, sarcastic character. Who can forget “Ear muffs!” in Old School?
6. Amy Poehler/Tina Fey – Love these funny gals. They are awesome on Saturday Night Live. Tina Fey’s dry humor on 30 Rock makes me chuckle.
7. Eddie Murphy – I enjoyed Eddie’s early stuff the most like Beverly Hills Cop and his stand up for Raw and Delirious had me rolling on the floor. My husband and I quote lines from Delirious all the time…”Lemonade, that cool, refreshing drink.”
Honorable Mention: Chris Farley – one big, funny dude. He is missed in the comedy world. Don’t do drugs, people!

In turn, I will tag some bloggers who have made me laugh once, twice, or twenty times with their creative wit. My Kreativ Blog nominations go to Carrie, Ben Esch, Christy, Suzanne, Murph, and Ello.

My husband and I had such a great time at the Killers concert last night. We were pretty close to the stage. I am amazed at how many hit songs they have in the four short years that they have been around. Prettyboy lead singer, Brandon Flowers, sounded just as smooth on vocals live as he does on the CDs. The Killers have such danceable songs so I was moving all night! Who needs the treadmill when you can dance for two hours?! The entire concert was phenomenal so it’s hard to pick my favorite parts, but my fave songs of the night were “Human,” “Spaceman,” “For Reasons Unknown,” and “Somebody Told Me.” Here are a few pics of the night!


Gottawrite Girl said...

I LOVE WILL FERREL!!! Elf is absolutely righteous.... SO funny! And Hank the Tank... I can't deal. Amy, too, I liked her character SO much in Baby Mamma... she was ridiculously funny!

Solvang Sherrie said...

Elf is one of my FAVORITE Christmas movies. Our family watches it a few times every December. It's just hilarious! Looks like the concert was fun :)

Suzanne Casamento said...

WOW - You were crazy close to the stage. Those pics are great! I love the Killers. Must have been a great show.

Your movie selections are hilarious. And your honorable mention to Chris Farley was great. When I first got to LA, I worked for a producer for a while and I had to chauffer him around for a day. He was an incredibly sweet guy - asking me about my writing and what I wanted to do with my life. He was truly interested. A total sweetheart.

Paul Michael Murphy said...

Oh sh*t.

You know how when you're playing Duck Duck Goose and the kid is getting close to you and you get that antsy feeling and you just know that he's gonna tap your head and say, "Goose!"

Well that's how it's been with the Kreativ Award. I saw this thing a while back and thought, "Oh man, I hope nobody tags me because then I'm going to have to go through the painful process of self-examination." I much prefer to hind behind juvenile humor.

But really, thanks for reading and for thinking of my blog.

PS--Thanks also for participating in my contest.

Kelly said...

GGirl and Sherrie- Will Ferrell is certainly amusing!
Suzanne- That's a good story of Chris, he seems like he'd be a sweetie!
Paul - I was wondering if you and Ben would think the tag would be too "girly". :0) Don't worry about doing this tag (though I'm sure you guys would make it funny), I just wanted to give the funny males a shout out too!

Rena said...

Cool list and it looks like you had a great time at the show.

Paul Michael Murphy said...

Oh, I'm doing it. Unlike George C. Scott, I will gladly accept any award.

poemhome said...

Kongratulations on your Kool Kreative award!!!!

Kim Kasch said...

Glad you had a good time. And I love your blog!!!

adrienne said...

Great idea for your list! Will Ferrell cracks me up too.

sruble said...

I love your list! Thanks for sharing :)

p.s. I didn't know you got tagged by Brenda too, sorry!

Ben Esch said...

Wait...did I just win something? I'm confused. Honored for the mention, proud to be associated your blog, slightly hungry because I ate a light lunch, but mainly confused.

Anyway, great blog and thanks for the mention and compliments. You are awesome.


Brenda said...

I love your list...what funny, funny people these guys and gals are...I'm laughing just thinking about them...Thanks...

Rhonda said...

Congrats on your Award and a review. You do have a great blog:) I love all the comedians you mentioned and I would add Robin Williams, just thinking of him makes me laugh. Bryan and I listened to the Killers, his comment was "whats all that noise" I guess we're making him a Country music boy.