Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globes

Last night I watched the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards. This award show celebrates television and movies, so it is jam packed with celebrities.

Here are some of the night's winners (I don’t have a complete list... Who do I look like, Mario Lopez? And please don’t compare my abs with his…).
Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture – Kate Winslet, The Reader
I didn’t see The Reader but love her.
Best Original Song in a Motion Picture Bruce Springsteen “The Wrestler”
I’m not a Springsteen fan (GASP!), but out of the clips I heard, I did like this song the best of the five nominated.
Best Motion Picture Comedy or Musical – Vicky Christy Barcelona
Haven’t seen any of the nominated movies, I need to get out more!
Best Actor TV Series Drama - Gabriel Byrne “In Treatment”
Michael C. Hall of "Dexter" was one of the actors nominated, I want to get that DVD series set to watch someday...
Best Actress TV Series Drama – Anna Paquin “True Blood”
Yay! I so wanted Sookie to win!
Best Animated Feature Film – Wall-E That movie deserved it!
Best Actress in Motion Picture Musical or Comedy - an overwhelmed Sally Hawkins for Happy-Go-Lucky
Best Actor in – Heath Ledger The Dark Knight (he got a standing ovation as the director accepted it)
Best Actress in TV Series - Laura Linney “John Adams”
Best Actor in TV Series Musical or Comedy - Alec Baldwin ”30 Rock” Funny show!
Best Actor TV Series, Mini Series or TV Movie - Paul Giamatti “John Adams”
Best TV Series Musical or Comedy – “30 Rock” Oh Yeah! Tina Fey rocks!
Best Actress TV Series Musical or Comedy – Tina Fey “30 Rock” Sweet! She looked awesome in her dress, too. Funny speech.
Best Actor Motion Picture Musical or Comedy - Colin Farrell In Bruges
Best Actress Motion Picture Drama – a teary eyed Kate Winslet Revolutionary Road
I have to go see that! She had two wins tonight!
Best TV Series Drama – Mad Men (wanted “True Blood” to win…)
Best Actor Motion Picture Drama – Mickey Rourke The Wrestler (Wow!)
Best Motion Picture Drama – Slum Dog Millionaire

The ladies looked lovely tonight. I love seeing all the beautiful dresses and jewelry. (I’ll know just what style to wear at the next ball I attend :0)
Best Dressed – Demi Moore, Beyonce, Evan Rachel Wood, Christina Applegate
Best Accessory - Loved Eva Mendes’ turquoise necklace.
The men looked dapper as well. My pick for best dressed is Kevin Connolly of “Entourage.”

That’s Sting? He looks quite different as a brunette with a beard.
How in the world is Eva Longoria walking in that tight dress?
Whoa, haven’t seen Mickey Rourke in a while.
Squeal! Johnny Depp!
Why isn’t Tom Cruise jumping up and down on his chair?
My mom is just like Demi Moore. She doesn’t look her age, and she reminds her daughter not to slouch!
I think Colin Farell just winked at me.
Awww, Kate is making Leo cry.
I’m so glad I can fast forward through this-it’s three freaking hours!
Eh, this award show was not as funny or spontaneous as in past years…


C.R. Evers said...

LOL! Luv your observations!



Kim Kasch said...

My husband watched it while I read Coraline. He mentioned Sting getting asked, "So what are you nominated for this year?" He answered, "Um,... no nomination, I'm a speaker." Or something like that. My husband now wants to see SlumDog and The Reader.

adrienne said...

I loved Tina Fey's speech! LOL at your observations - I had the same thoughts about Sting and Micky Rourke.

Solvang Sherrie said...

Wow -- I haven't seen a single movie or tv show on the list! I was going to take my kids to WallE but another mother was taking a group so I missed that one. Guess I need to pull my nose out of the books and away from the computer more often?

Angela said...

I don't ever watch the GG, but I have this weird thing where I have to check out the red carpet outfits the next day online. I don't know why--I'm not big into fashion or anything, but I just like seeing all those fancy dresses. And the really awful ones, too.

Rena said...

I didn't watch the show, but that shouldn't surprise anyone. I did look at the pictures on Yahoo and was like, "WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?" That's more like me. I recognized maybe 2 or 3 people. Johnny Depp I knew. What the heck happened to Kevin Bacon? Did he get hit by a truck before he got there? He looked terrible. Oh well, coming from me, this is no surprise. I'm so out of the movie loop.

Brenda said...

The only part of the Golden Globes or any of those types of shows is the after shows that talk about the best/worst dress...grin...

Denise said...

The Chicago Tribune likened Sting's new look to Ringo Starr.

slhastings said...

Go Sookie! Go Sookie! I can't until I get my books!