Friday, October 31, 2008


I’ve been tagged by Kim Kasch to write Seven Unknown Facts about me. I have done a similar tag titled 12 Weird Random Things About Me….but I’m strange and mysterious (okay, I’m stretching the truth a bit)…so I’ll add seven more…
I tag whoever would like to disclose their seven facts about themselves…you know you want to join in on the fun!

Seven Unknown Facts about Kelly Polark
1. I have had three c-sections.
2. I’ve stood on a glacier in Alaska (see picture).
3. I’m an alumna of Kappa Delta sorority.
4. I was an All Conference and All County pitcher on my high school softball team.
5. I have no sense of direction (my husband bought me a GPS for Christmas so I wouldn’t get lost).
6. I am a homebody, just like my astrological sign, Cancer, suggests.
7. My favorite holiday is Halloween!



C.R. Evers said...

I had a feeling you were a sorority gal.

Happy Halloween!

Great picture!


sruble said...

Happy Halloween, it's my favorite holiday too!!

Sorry about the 3 C-Sections! Just thinking about it makes me hurt. I don't have kids, but I have had major surgery, so I can relate to the recovery. (OUCH!) I can't imagine having to go through it 3 times though. At least you got 3 children from it; I hope that made the surgery more bearable :)

adrienne said...

I have no sense of direction, either! How is the GPS working for you?
Enjoy your favorite holiday!

CJ Raymer said...

I snagged your tag! I have absolutely NO sense of direction, either. My hubby bought me a GPS for my car last year as well. Last week he gave me my birthday present early. A pink "BlackJack II." And, guess what he included in the package? Navigation. Tee! Hee! So, now I can navigate while I'm walking around. Petty sad... I know.

Have lots and lots of fun tonight!


Kim Kasch said...

Kelly: No one could be worse at directions than me. I'd place money on it - almost.

keri mikulski :) said...

Great facts, Kelly! Where did you pitch? :)

Congratulations!! You won my Yay for YA giveaway. Please email me your address to and I'll send out the books ASAP.

slhastings said...

#1- Ouch.

#5- I was hoping you'd tell me where I was. Darn.