Friday, October 3, 2008

A Meal Fit for a Jedi

Star Wars is big in our house. My husband has a huge collection of vintage Star Wars toys (oops, I mean collectibles). Some he purchased on Ebay, some he saved from his youth. I was a young girl who loved Star Wars, too, but alas, did not save any of my old toys.
Fast forward to now, my children are also fans of the galactic blockbuster. I attribute most of that to our own fondness for the Star Wars movies, but also four new movies have come out since my first pregnancy.
When I was pregnant with JC, I watched The Phantom Menace in the theater (and he wriggled a lot during that movie!). When I was pregnant with M, we succumbed to his jedi mind trick and took JC to his very first movie ever, Attack of the Clones. I admit he was probably too young to see it. In fact we left about three-quarters through the movie, but hey, we are fans. When Revenge of the Sith came out, it was PG-13, so my husband and I watched it without the kids. My nine year old finally convinced us to let him watch it a few weeks ago (I never allow my children to watch PG-13 movies). I know, the Dark Side made us do it. We recently enjoyed the latest installment, The Clone Wars, and it rejuvenated my children’s enthusiasm for everything Star Wars.
And that brings us to tonight. The Clone Wars television series premieres on Cartoon Network. The force was strong as my mother in law and M cooked up a Star Wars themed dinner. (I was busy trying to make my hair look like Princess Leia's.) The recipes came from a cookbook titled, The Star Wars Cookbook: Wookie Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes by Robin Davis.
Our meal included Yoda Soda, TIE Fighter Ties, Han-Burgers, Cosmic Carrots, and Jawa Jive Milkshakes.
The young padawans were voracious in their consumption of these delectables from another galaxy. Though we did have to remind them…Use the fork, Luke.


FrecklesandDeb said...

Sounds like a meal my kids would have loved. Having raised three Star Wars loving boys (well, four, if you count my husband!), I had to become a Star Wars fan myself unless I wanted to be left out of the fun. It actually didn't take much effort on my part -- had a little crush on Han Solo!

Thanks for visiting Freckles and I. Come back anytime!

Kim Kasch said...

OMG: My husband is a FANatic about Star Wars. He even read all the books - and there are a lot of them. Our youngest son is named Luke - not after Skywalker. But my husband always would say, when he was younger, "Luke... I am your father."

Anonymous said...

You are a way cooler mom than I will ever be.

We love all the Star Wars movies at our house too, but I couldn't imagine such a great treat.


Kelly said...

Ha Ha, Kim! My husband does that too...but no one is named Luke in the house.:0)

Denise said...

May the nerds, I mean, the force be with you.

Rena said...

OMG -- how funny! We're absolutely nuts about Star Wars too. In fact, my boys have been calling each other Anakin and OB1 for YEARS! I knew the cartoon as coming (we watched Clone Wars at the theater recently), but I forgot it was last night. WAH! We were outside burning stuff and missed it. The cookbook sounds great. I HAVE to get that for the boys!

What a great post, Kelly! I'm going to read it to my boys later. They are only 8 and 6, but they are really into Star Wars. :)

CJ Raymer said...

We are TOTAL "Star Wars" fanatics in our house. Well, we don't dress up and role play (actually, my youngest did), but we sure do love the movies.
Great post!


P.S. Thanks for stopping by. ;-)

Tabitha said...

I was a HUGE Star Wars fan as a kid. My family had no money, though, so I didn't have the cool toys. But I so wanted to be Princess Leia. :)

My husband isn't from this country, so he doesn't quite get the fandom. Which is fine, but it means I don't have supporters. Yet. :) We have two small boys, who I fully intend to introduce to Star Wars once they're old enough. Then I fully look forward to Halloween costumes and movie nights and all kinds of fun stuff. :)

Fun post!! :)

Catherine J Gardner said...

Oh dear, my brother keeps going on and on and on and... About how much he would have made if he hadn't given all his Star Wars toys away. Last I heard, he'd calculated he would have £70,000 in the bank.

Kelly said...

Glad to see so many Star Wars fans on here!:0)

sruble said...

What a cool dinner! DH and I would love that, and we don't even have kids. Will have to see if he wants to have Star Wars dinner soon.

Hubby and I went on our first official non-lunch date to see The Phantom Menace. :)

Paula said...

You take the love of Star Wars to a whole new level - the meal idea is fantastic. My husband is a big Star Wars collector and has some of the original merchandise, including an AT-AT walker from the early 1980's. One main advantage is that he is easy to buy for and at Christmas time I go to sites such Forbiddenplanet cos I know I will find something to do with Star Wars.