Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BOO! Blogapalooza!

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Now to my true, scary story titled
My best friend, Becky, and I moved in a little closer to hear Grace tell the story around the campfire. Grace’s gray, bobbed hair glowed from the reflection of the fire. She continued, “And every once in a while, Bill and I can hear the faint sound of a siren in the night.”
Even though the night was humid, and the fire was hot, I shivered. Becky gave me a sideways glance and said, “You’re just joking, aren’t you, Grace? We may be only ten, but we’re not that gullible!”
I laughed nervously, hoping Becky was right.
Grace smiled, “Becky, I have never seen McGregor. I’ve only heard the stories from Old Joe, who owned this place before us. If McGregor is still living somewhere in the woods, he’d never hurt you. He’s probably just a sad, old soul who lost his family and became a little unbalanced. The siren we hear almost sounds like a wailing cry.”
Grace and Bill were old friends of Becky’s parents. They were an older couple who had retired to this isolated cabin in the deep northwoods of Wisconsin. Surely she wouldn’t lie to us.
“Let’s hope that McGregor is vacationing in Florida right now,” Becky’s dad joked. I jumped as he spoke. I was thinking intently about the legend of McGregor, the crazy old man who lived among the tall pines.
“Let’s get to our cabin, girls,” Becky’s mom said. “It’s getting late.”
“Goodnight,” I called to our hosts. “Thanks for dinner tonight!”
“Goodnight, girls! Sleep well!” Grace called to us.
“Yeah, right,” I thought to myself.
“Mom, are you scared?” Becky asked her mom.
“No, honey. Grace and Bill were probably having a little fun with you,” she replied.
Becky’s mom laid out our sleeping bags on the screened in porch. We were hoping the breeze would cool us off a little on this hot, sticky night. I was a little nervous sleeping on the porch after hearing the McGregor story.
Becky’s mom gave us a flashlight, and we said our good nights.
“Becky,” I whispered. “Are you scared?”
“A little,” she hissed.
“Me, too,” I said, but that was a lie. I was a lot scared.
We heard a rustle outside. I stiffened and croaked, “What was that?”
Becky bravely turned on the flashlight and shined it on the hundreds of trees. We saw a raccoon’s rear end scurry off into the darkness.
“It was just a raccoon,” Becky sighed.
I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. All I could think about were things that could be lurking outside: raccoons, bears, coyotes…and McGregor. Finally I fell asleep, only to be awakened by Becky’s foot kicking my leg.
“Listen!” she squeaked.
It was the long, wailing sound of a siren. I was so scared, I couldn’t move.
Becky whispered, “Let’s go!” and we ran into the house.
“Mom! Dad!” Becky called.
“What?” Becky’s mom asked sleepily.
“Can you hear that?” Becky gasped.
The siren sounded like it was getting fainter.
“I bet that’s McGregor!” Becky’s dad said excitedly.
Becky and I huddled on the couch as her parents peered into the woods. The siren stopped.
The headlights of a vehicle startled us all. Bill and Grace rushed inside. They cried, “Did you hear that?”
“Was it McGregor?” Becky asked.
“It must have been. We came to check on you,” Grace continued.
“Oh, no!” I cried. “I can’t sleep here with McGregor outside!”
“Me neither!” said Becky.
Grace and Bill tried to calm us down, but Becky and I wanted to get the heck out of there.
“C’mon, girls. You’re safe here. McGregor’s not real,” said Bill.
“Was it you?” Becky demanded.
Grace and Bill looked at each other. “Yeah. Sure it was. We were playing a trick. Now go on to bed, girls. You don’t need to be scared.”
“Really?” I asked.
“Yep,” Grace said unconvincingly. “Now go on to bed. Sorry you were spooked.”
As Becky and I lay our sleeping bags on the living room floor, I asked, “Do you think it was really them?”
Becky hesitated and answered, “I think so.”
I still wasn’t so sure…


sruble said...

It wasn't very nice of them to play tricks on you like that! Thanks for sharing your scary story!

Rena said...

Cool story, Kelly!

Sorry not to get back to you about Bloggapalooza. I wanted to do it, but I got wrapped up in other stuff and forgot to sign up. Duh on me!

Anonymous said...

I have been scared many a time in the woods! The darkness is really dark there. I do wonder if they were playing tricks on you guys!

Scintilla said...

I wonder if it was them after all ?
Great post!

Kate Lord Brown said...

Aargh! So scary!! We'll never know ..!

Brenda said...

Great story...Did you ever find out if they were telling the truth..was it them or McGregor?


Rosemary said...

Very cool story Kelly!!
Happy Halloween,

adrienne said...

Fun story! I remember trying to sleep in a tent in our back yard - we ended up inside, too.

TattingChic said...

Awww...that wasn't very nice of them to play a trick on you gals like that. You made it through the night, though! :)
Good story.

JES said...

I wouldn't have been so sure, either.

When they were weaning my kid brother off the bottle, decades ago, I once heard him ask my parents where it (the bottle) had gone. "The birds took it," they said, which he accepted. I'm only 5 years older than him, but I can remember even back then thinking that they'd done a little switcheroo on him -- told him something that wasn't true, wasn't even provable, and yet something that had resolved his distress. I see the same kind of smart (and sweet) adults at work here in Grace and Bill.

Nice story about the fears of childhood!

Karen K. Kennedy said...

Fun story! It reminded me of times at camp telling stories, then not being able to sleep outside.

Becky M. said...

Kel, I still remember that story....and knowing Grace and Bill... I do think it was them. We will never know. But, hey - I do think it would be a great joke to play on our kids ( now that they are ten!) up at my cabin... Next summer! :)

Jessie V said...


Kim Kasch said...

I used to love scary stories at night - oh way, I still do ;D

3rdEyeMuse said...

that's definitely one to remember for the campfires! thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

Wooooo. Scary! Happy Halloween.

Angela K. Nickerson said...

Oh, I hate it when adults think it's fun to scare little kids! It is just plain mean - especially in the woods.

Thanks for being part of Blogapalooza! :)

Linda Crispell said...

I would have looked for a bed to sleep under.

Anonymous said...

Great story, Kelly! It reminds me of Frog and Toad and a story called "Shivers". They scare each other and love it.

slhastings said...

Aw, I didn't know about blogapalooza. Oh well, the scariest stories I have are from before I met my husband.

Truly freakish dates.

You did a nice job with this. Thankfully, McGregor wasn't like Freddie Krueger or Mike Myers...

You'd probably never sleep again.

Kim Kasch said...

”TAG” You’re IT!

Denise said...

I never hear this story. It's a good one!