Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ghosts of Halloween Costumes Past

Halloween is big in our house. It all started when my oldest son, JC, was two years old. We went trick or treating with our cousins; he loved it. After that, he talked about Halloween throughout the year. He loved everything to do with Halloween, the costumes, the spooky decorations, the celebration we’d have with our family each year. JC loved the movie, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Every time we were in the car, he’d shout, “Graveyard!” when we passed a cemetery. In fact, we’d take him to the cemetery just for kicks.
When JC was three, his preschool had a career day where the child came to school dressed as his/her future occupation. JC wanted to be a gravedigger. Yes, you read right, a gravedigger. My husband and I tried to convince him to be a fisherman, a businessman, a football player…we were a little embarrassed to send him as a gravedigger. JC was adamant about being a gravedigger. So, I put overalls on him, went outside and rubbed dirt all over him (I got a few weird looks from passing neighbors), and sent him to school with a shovel. I told him, “I guarantee that you will be the only gravedigger at school today, JC! Have fun!” And he did. His aspirations have changed since then…to a meteorologist, director, and now a rockstar (he just started guitar lessons). I know they will change again.
And all of this brings us to a big Halloween Hoopla every year. We go all out. I’ve collected more and more decorations as the years go by, indoor and out. We have our very own graveyard set up in our front yard, skeletons and ghosts hanging from the trees, and jack-o-lanterns greeting our guests. We also have family party every year so the kids (okay, and the adults) can dress up in their costumes and play with one another. Last night we had our annual get together. Here’s a fun picture from it…and some of my costumes from Halloween past.
As you can tell from the picture above, my husband and I were Todd and Sarah from Alaska this year.

Last year I was a beer wench, he was a scary dude, I guess.

The year before that I was Wonder Woman. When I was little, my mom used to tell my sister and I that she was Wonder Woman but had to give up the title when she got married. Yep, we believed her for a while. Is my family strange? Or imaginative?!

And lastly, I'm throwing in one from my youth. I'm the football player. No frou-frou costumes for me, I was a tomboy and proud of it! The witch and the clown are still two of my best friends today!

What were some of your favorite Halloween costumes?


Brenda said...

Okay, I was a little weird growing up...My sister was always the witch, princess, etc. and I was wanted the candy, I didn't want the costumes...I would wear whatever was my favorite outfit for that year...I would go door to door and when people would ask me who I was, I would say, I'm me...

Some thought it cute, some wouldn't give me candy because I wasn't "dressed up"...I would argue that fact...Mom said I would always tell them the same thing..."You would rather give some kid your candy who is hiding behind a mask? Just remember, if your house gets egged by them, you won't know who did it. If I egg your house, you'll be able to point me out in a line up."...I usually got some candy...grin...

I'm sure when I was younger, they probably dressed me up, but from the time I could pick my own suit...I picked me!

Rena said...

You make a great Sarah Palin, Kelly! I haven't dressed up since 1995 when I was the Evil Queen from Snow White. I'll be putting that pic up in a slideshow with some others later this week.

Thanks for sharing your pics! :)

C.R. Evers said...

Girl . . . you look smokin' in any costume! :0)

How cool that you're still best friends with your childhood buddies!


Kim Kasch said...

Oh how fun. I'm going to see if I can find some old photos too. I just love pictures - I'm such a visual person.

I love the wonder woman and the beer wench plus too cool that you are still friends with those girls.

One year my husband and I went as Wendy and Casper. We did a vampire and his victim a lot too. We weren't so creative. But we had fun.

Nora MacFarlane said...

We love Halloween here. I don't usually dress up, but I have a ball with my daughter.

Denise said...

When I was living in Amsterdam, I dressed as a devil, wearing a red "Barbie is a slut" t-shirt.

adrienne said...

Love the Wonder Woman! You make a great Sarah, too. One year I dressed as Felix the Cat. I found a little purse and painted it to look like his bag of tricks.

slhastings said...

You're, like, the hottest wonder woman and beer wench.

Work it, girlfriend.

(I think my fro has catapulted me back in time).

Angela said...

That is so cute about your son.

Once in Jr. High, my best friend and I dressed as bags of leaves.

Kim said...

My mother wasn't big on Halloween. I remember wearing the same princess costume for three or four years in a row. It had one of those plastic masks that stuck to your face when it got warm. Over the years, I've tried to be a bit more creative with my kid's costumes, but as they get older, I get less and less excited about it. Apparently I only have enough energy to go all out for one holiday, and that's Christmas.

I'm still chuckling over your little grave digger:)

Carrie Harris said...

You made a killer Wonder Woman!

sruble said...

Thanks for sharing your fun Halloween pictures! I love that you were the football player. I was a tomboy too. :)

Your son wanting to be a grave digger is HILARIOUS! I can totally see it from his point of view and he gets lots of cool points (you get even more cool points for letting him go as a grave digger).