Thursday, October 23, 2008

Senior Moments

Some fellow bloggers are daring their blog peers to expose their past and post a senior high school picture! I accept that dare with delight.
I may be one of the few who loved every year of school from kindergarten to college (which may have led me to my career in teaching). In grade school, I soaked in the knowledge like a sponge. I loved racing friends at recess. I truly liked my teachers. High school brought a fresh variety of friendships, more clubs and sports to enjoy, and increased challenges in my education. My biggest challenge: chemistry! UGH!
My senior year began in the fall of 1988. I was laughing at Rosanne and Cheers on TV. My favorite movie in high school was “About Last Night,” but my senior year I remember loving “Coming to America” with Eddie Murphy.
Hair was permed and big. Music was either syrupy pop or hair metal (I loved the latter).
Some of my fave songs of that school year were “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard and “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns n Roses. Other notable hits were “Father Figure” by George Michael,“Angel” by Aerosmith, and “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” by Poison. Man, I love the 80’s.
I was extremely involved in high school: homecoming court, yearbook staff, cheerleading, basketball, softball…not to mention filling out college scholarship applications, fun with friends, and of course, a steady boyfriend. And don't forget Spring Break. My best friend's parents invited three of her friends to sail with them on a sailboat in the Caribbean for a week. It was unbelievable!
Oh, wait, you just stopped to see the embarrassing pictures.
Fine, here you have it.
A cheerleading pic taken the summer before my senior year. Our team won first place at cheerleading camp that year! Go! Go! Fight! Fight! Gee, I hope I look all right!

Ahhh, senior prom. Here's me behind my big hair and blue eye shadow.

Next year is my twenty, yes, twenty year reunion...I'll have to search for some cool 80's music for that. Oh, wait, I have them all on one of my fave Itunes lists.


C.R. Evers said...

Great pictures Kelly! You look awesome girl! Like . . .totally, fer sure!


So much to love about the 80's!


Kim Kasch said...

You haven't aged a bit. In fact my son was looking over my shoulder when I was on your site and he said, "Who's that?"

I said, "A cyber friend."

He said, "She's only like 27. What do you have in common?"

I said, "Writing. Plus, were both Moms." He looked surprised, like you were too young to be a Mom.

Jacqui said...

Sweet hair, Kelly!

We are the same age (and I heart the 80s too).

Kelly said...

CR- Like, totally thank you!
Kim- Thanks for sharing that conversation! So sweet! Nice to hear as I'm sitting in my jammies, no makeup, disheveled hair...
Jacqui- Here's to the Class of '89!

Rena said...

Great pictures, Kelly! Dang, you haven't aged at all. I got married in 1988 -- LOL!

adrienne said...

Such pretty pictures! You do like you enjoyed school.
I had that same hair in the 80s!

slhastings said...

Great pictures but...

Now I have 80s songs stuck in my head...and thanks to Christy – "Valley Girl Speak".

Can we go back to the 80s? Where are Michael J Fox and Doc Brown when you need them?

I was the class of '88. Or was it '98? How old am I? Oh yes, 29. Again.

Kelly said...

Rena- I just noticed your lil cartoon girl on your pic-cute! And thank you for your kind words!
Adrienne - I did love going to school! A little dorky I know!:0)
SL- I had Michael J Fox pictures on my bedroom wall my freshman year...

Brenda said...

Kelly...great pics! Thanks for sharing...

WordWrangler said...

What beautiful pics! I wish I still looked as close to my pics as you do!

I graduated high school in '91 and college in '95. I loved college! High school? Eh. I was a band geek and loved every minute of that! :)


sruble said...

Those are really great pictures Kelly! No wonder you want to share them! I had big perms in HS too, only mine didn't look that good ;)

Catherine J Gardner said...

Fabulous pictures.

I loved the 1980s: John Hughes movies, Michael J Fox and big hair. :)

Denise said...

Cute pics! I just had a senior moment. Oh wait, different kind of senior.

Jill Corcoran said...

Hey, you were a hottie:)
Thanks for sharing. Very fun!