Monday, February 28, 2011

Super 8 Debut Albums Blog Hop Plus the Oscars!

Well, hello! Thanks for stopping by for the Super 8 Debut Albums Blog Hop hosted by DiscConnected . Check other lists at DiscConnected's blog!

Since I also have the Oscars to talk about today, I'm going to jump right into the list!
Honorable Mention: Winger by (yes) Winger. I loved this album SO much! I played it over and over and I even had a poster of Kip Winger on my college dorm wall. Seriously. Who doesn't love "Headed for a Heartbreak?" Okay, well I do.

8. Habits by Neon Trees and Race You to the Bottom by New Medicine. (2010)They get a mention because both of these bands came out with debut albums just last year. Both have amazing tracks on their albums. I saw both of them live while attending concerts for other bands that I love, but they ended up being just as good! I'll see them both live again this year. I love when you can listen to the entire album without wanting to skip songs.

7. Infest by Papa Roach (2000) Triple platinum major label debut album by one of my favorite bands. "Last Resort" and "Between Angels and Insects" from this album are staples at live concerts. I've seen Papa Roach live five times because they are all energy and all over the place live.

6. Skid Row (1989) Sebastian Bach has killer vocals. Plus I had his Rolling Stone cover on my sorority house bedroom door. This album has rockin' songs as "Youth Gone Wild" and "I Remember You." They opened for GnR when I saw them live in the early 90's.

5. Rubberneck by The Toadies. (1994) The Toadies are pretty much known for their hit, "Possum Kingdom" but this whole album rocks. "Tyler" is one of my fave songs of all time. I haven't ever seen The Toadies live :(.

4. Foo Fighters. (1995) This album is amazing because Dave Grohl wrote and recorded this album all by himself. He did the writing, vocals, and instruments. He's so freaking talented! Great songs like "This is a Call," "Big Me," and "I'll Stick Around" are on this album. Plus the silly Foo Fighter music videos started with "Big Me." I've seen them live twice, and I'm looking forward to their next album that comes out this year!

3. Third Eye Blind. (1997)I wish 3EB would release another successful album like this. I love every single song on this album (faves: "SemiCharmed Life" and "Narcolepsy"). I played this CD and only this CD for months maybe years in the late 90's. I also saw them in concert in 1997 and 2009.

2. Hot Fuss by the Killers (2004). I heard "Somebody Told Me" on the radio, and I had to bought the CD right away. Along with great songs like "Mr. Brightside" and "Jenny Was a Friend of Mine ", this was an album my hubby loves too. We saw them in concert in 2009. They were awesome live, too. Love Brandon Flowers' quirky lyrics and smooth vocals (and okay, he's not bad on the eyes either).

1. Appetite for Destruction by Guns 'n' Roses. (1987) This album came out in the height of the hair bands, but it was true and dirty rock 'n' roll. I bought this cassette in high school and turned it up on my boom box in my room F bombs and all. I felt like such a rebel knowing my parents would be appalled at the language on this album. But um, they never said anything. So much for my big rebellion in high school. I was 13th row for a GnR concert in the early nineties. Pure awesome. I was screaming along to the words in my preppy white tee and ponytail with the metalheads (with my friend passed out from JD next to me). I've also seen Slash, one of the best guitarists ever, play live with Velvet Revolver and his last solo tour. If only Axl wasn't such an ass...

See a complete list of winners here (who do I look like, Maria Menounos?).


1. Cute beginning montage of the James, Anne, and Alec Baldwin within the nominated movies (and I just finally saw Inception the night before). James Franco and Anne Hathaway are an odd pick for hosts as cute as they are. I kind of feel bad for James that he can't just kick back and enjoy the night being nominated.

2. Do you think Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem planned their outfits? (don't love the cream suit...but I love the name Javier. Favorite Spanish name. JAVIER!)
3. Wow. Trent Reznor looks and sounds like a dignified businessman. I kind of want him to break out into "Head Like a Hole!" Seriously, he's a gifted musician. Congrats to him.
4. Matthew McConaughey should receive Excellence in Sound. Love his draawwwwl. (only his, though. Others remind me of Larry the Cable Guy.) Did they make him put on a shirt at the Oscars? Darn!
5. Ha! Which brings us to "Doesn't He Own a Shirt" ditty by Edward Cullen.
6. Fave James Franco quote of the night: "I'm a little offended by some of the movie titles this year. A little inappropriate for network tv. Winter's Bone. Rabbit Hole. How to Train Your Dragon. That's disgusting."
7. I'm kind of sick of seeing Gwyneth singing on these awards shows. (I'm sorry!) She doesn't seem as comfortable as a singer as she does as an actress.
8. Best moral of the night: "Listen to your mother." And who else thinks Tom Hooper looks a bit like James Cameron?
9. Colin Firth permeates class. Handsome, talented, and eloquent. And as Myra put: adorkable.

Best Dressed: Jennifer Hudson looked amazing. Love the bright color, and it fit perfectly on her (except in the chest area), I loved how it showed off her trim figure! I also loved Anne Hathaway's shiny, red dress.
Worst Dressed: Cate Blanchett. She's such a phenomenal actress, natural beauty, but that dress! Yikes.
Best Accessory: Nicole Kidman's choker necklace.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yeah, Reznor's appearance blew my mind. My first thought - have these people ever heard his song "Closer?"
I see we both picked G'n'R! Thought about Foo Fighers and Skid Row.

DEZMOND said...

what? Jennifer is best dressed for you? You're not gonna like my list then :) and she was proclaimed the worst dressed everywhere around the net. The dress was lovely, but it was so unflattering to her boobs that it just hurt to watch her :)

I also didn't quite get Blanchett's dress :(
Thumbs up for Brandon Flowers'

Pk Hrezo said...

Reznor was awesome. So clean... I love it when that happens. He rocks no matter what.
And I agree with Cate's dress being a bad choice. What was wit that yellow stuff?? And Gwyneth just didn't need to be up there singing. She looked gorgeous, but come on. Bad choice.

I thought Halle Berry and Mila Kunis were best dressed.

Third Eye Blind... great album!

TerryLynnJohnson said...

missed the show! but I'm grateful for the wrap up here. Love that Franco quote!

Kelly said...

Alex - I'm thinking GnR will be on a lot of lists!
Dezz- I agree the boobs on Jennifer was a distraction. I loved it except for the cleavage! I should put a disclaimer on my pick!
Pk- It was such a pleasant surprise to see a rockstar so classy and eloquent. And Halle always seems to look gorgeous.

Bish Denham said...

I didn't see much of it, but I did catch Gwyneth singing and I thought the same thing. She didn't look comfortable at all.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Quite a few of Guns and Roses,Living across the Big Pond we don't get to hear of all your stars and vice versa, I don't expect anyone will klnow any of mine.


Kelly said...

Terry - Yeah, James was fine as a host, but I'm sure he was wishing he could kick back and enjoy the show.
Bish - She seemed awkward, but she did look pretty!
Yvonne - I'm looking forward to seeing your picks!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I didn't see much of the show. My kids were watching it to see who won best animation but missed it. We were late putting it on. Thanks for the link so I can find out who the winners were. :D

I was annoyed that Gwyneth was singing instead of Jennifer. Jennifer should have sung and Gwyneth should have introduced her.

Solvang Sherrie said...

I knew I'd get an Oscar wrap up over here :) Now I really want to see Jennifer Hudson's dress!

free movies online said...

Thanks for your list. I love it.Jennifer Hudson hits on her dress. Wow...

Arlee Bird said...

Your music list was mostly too recent for me-- not at all familiar with some of these and only vaguely so for a few.

For me the Oscars were a bore as they have progressively become over the years. I was pleased by Reznor's appearance.
My favorite moment was Randy Newman's acceptance speech -- I thought that was funny.

Tossing It Out

Lydia K said...

I like the Neon Trees too. I missed the Oscars, but I always know I can get a good rundown of the awards here!

Trevor Peck said...

FOO FIGHTERS!! So good -the awakening of Dave. Man I hated Nirvana, but Davie G showed true genius on that one!

Loved the Skid Row in there as well and I had GNR on my list as well.

Nice list, and nice to meet you.

As for the Oscars...*sigh* *yawn*...but that's just me.

Grace and peace.

Kelly H-Y said...

I knew I could tune in today and find your awesome Oscar wrap-up!! :-)

Christina Lee said...

I concur with your Foo Fighter's pick and with your Oscar run down. I didn't think James Franco did a good job--he looked too something...maybe, high!

El Vox said...

Re: Jennifer Hudson's boobs looked fine to me, distracting? Pleasantly so...

Best highlight of the night was Kirk Douglas. Worse faux pas, the actress, Melissa Leo, that won for The Fighter. Her F-bomb remark shows a great lack of class, brother. I wish actors and musicians would self-censor themselves more, I'm not a prude, but what happened to civility at times? Her dress didn't look so hot either.

Ann Hathaway and Franco were ok, but I do think a comedian is a better host. I still think Steve Martin has been the best one, other than Bob Hope. Is there anyone you can think of that might make a good host? I think Steve Carell or even Ray Romano might make a good one.

Music, I'm not too familiar with your picks, but it was fun/ interesting to read.

Kelly said...

Stina - Yes! Jennifer definitely should have sang instead of Gwyn!
Sherrie and FMO - Her dress is quite the conversation piece apparently!
Lee - I did fast forward through much of the Oscars. I like when the host is a comedian.
Lydia - Neon Trees are such a lively, fun band.
Trevor - Gotta love good ole rock n roll bands. Thanks for coming by!
Kelly - I almost didn't write a wrap up, but then realized now it's expected of me! :)
Christina - I just felt bad he had not only the pressure to be nominated, but the pressure to host, too!
El Vox - Yes, I'd love to see Steve Carell host.

Tina Laurel Lee said...

we just stream TV these days and have no antennae so I am always grateful for your wrap ups. it's events like last nights that make me miss it. But I should remember I always have you!

Jonathon Arntson said...

I have #'s 8(both), 5, 4, 3 (L O V E), and 2.

As for the Oscars, Mila Kunis looked so amazing. I kinda liked Blanchett's dress.

MG Higgins said...

I'm so glad you review the Oscars so I don't have to! :)

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

>>.....(with my friend passed out from JD next to me)

Ha! I've seen the show that your friend saw that night!

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Ok, so I didn't catch the Oscars. I struggle to get into the hype. Although it's nice to see the dresses. So pretty. Usually. :P

You have great taste in music!! A couple of those I've never heard of, so I've got some research to do!

Stephen Tremp said...

I skipped the Oscars this year. Guess I didn't miss much, although seeing highlights of Kirk Douglas was very cool. Still looks great at 94!

Laura Pauling said...

I didn't watch the Oscars this year. And I still don't know what one best picture or best actor yet! #oscarsfail. I'll find out eventually!

DiscConnected said...


The Killers and Foo Fighters are two I did not even think of!

GNR almost made my list. Did you get "Chinese Democracy," and if so, were you as disappointed as I was after all the wait and the hype?

Thanks for participating!


PS-I'm not sure why you're not seeing the link tool-I still see it. Maybe I messed up something in the setup...

Christina Farley said...

Okay so I didn't watch it but why should I when I can just come to your blog and get a much better version of it!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Matthew McConaughey...(fans self) I'm looking for a replacement for Charlie Sheen...

Kim Kasch said...

What a necklace Nicole had on and I loved the red pumps

Rena said...

I didn't watch, as usual, but looked at pics online. It seems every Nicole Kidman picture I see at an awards show, Keith is always kissing her.

Missed Periods said...

Mandy Moore's blue dress was pretty phenomenal too. The "Doesn't He Own a Shirt" bit was pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hahha I love those silly Foo Fighters videos too! Their's is a great debut.

Yep, I too, thought Nicole Kidman's choker was gorgeous.

cleemckenzie said...

I had to keep watching to see what dress Hathaway would show up in next! Guess I couldn't host that show because I don't have enough gowns . . . Let me look. I might not even have one gown anymore.

RaShelle said...

Love several of the songs from Neon Trees. And Skid Row? Oh yeah! LOL

Kelly said...

Tina- Whoa! I don't know how my family would know how to function without the tv. But I'm sure it would be better for them!
Jon - Yay for having those albums! Even New Medicine!!
MG - I almost didn't. But then knew it was expected of me :).
Stephen - Ha! Yes, and I've seen more like that at other concerts too!
Carol - I think my fave part is seeing the dresses. It's a long show so thank goodness I can FF.
Steve - Wow! I was wondering his age. 94, amazing.
Laura - With the internet, anything you want to know is a touch away!
Larry - Great blog hop! And no, I didn't get Chinese Democracy. Not without Slash!
Christina - True! I just consider it my public service!

Kelly said...

Sharon - I was in love with Charlie Sheen when he was in Ferris Buellers and Red Dawn. Then I heard about the hookers way back then! So I switched to drooling over Matthew Mc!
Kim - That necklace was gorgeous (and I"m sure expensive!).
Rena - Ha! That's funny, I haven't noticed that!
Missed P- Mandy looked beautiful!
Eleenlee - I still watch Foo Fighters videos over and over. Love them.
Lee - I have one gown that I bought for a cruise before I had kids. Not sure it fits still though...
RaShelle - Yes, I guess my hair band roots are showing... ;)

Lola Sharp said...


Cate looked lovely, but that dress was heinous.

Love you,

Heather Hellmann said...

Anne Hatheway did have some beautiful dresses during the show.

Susan Fields said...

I love your album pics! I was just saying over at Alex Cavanaugh's blog (he also had Guns 'n Roses on his list) that my husband and I had Patience as our wedding song. I'm not generally a GNR fan, but my husband suggested it because almost our entire relationship was long distance up until our wedding day. Brings back good memories!

Suzanne Casamento said...

Appetite for Destruction will forever be on my Top 10 favorite records ever list. Great call with the 3EB debut! Excellent record.

And I totally agree with you about Gwyneth. I like her. I really do. But she's not a singer. Her walk-on during Ce-Lo and the Muppets at the Grammy's was distracting, confusing and disappointing. And Sunday's performance was really tough to watch.

After that, I fell asleep.

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

Great list and Oscar wrap up. I never make it much past the red carpet beginning of the Oscars, but I love your review.

Dempsey Sanders said...

Great lists Kelly, love GnR's and James Franco's lines at the oscars -rabbit hole, how to train your dragon etc, had me rolling with laughter.
Great post

Her highness, Samantha VĂ©rant said...

Aahhh! I so missed the Oscars. Not fair! (But I love your write-up!!!!)

Anita said...

Your posts are a real time saver for me...I feel like I should pay you...also did not like chest area of JH dress...but the color worked!

Robert Guthrie said...

When "Hot Fuss by the Killers" are mentioned I have to salute.

Angela Ackerman said...

I totally knew I could swing by your blog for an Oscar's wrap up. Now I just need to find a site that has all the outfits!

Thanks for being awesome Kelly, and for always rockin' it hard. I love you for that!

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

Jude said...

Ahh! I saw Neon Trees a few weeks ago because I won tickets on the radio :D

Kelly said...

Lola - How handsome did Trent look?!
Heather - How fun would it be to play dress up like that?! (without the pressure of being host though!)
Susan - I love that song! Great choice with special meaning.
Suz- Agreed. She is a great perfomer if she's acting, not singing in front of an audience.
Cynthia and Dempsey - Thanks for coming by for the rundown!
Sam- What? No French stations show it?
Anita - If you feel the need to pay me, feel free to. ;) Just kidding. It's my public service to you all.
Robert - What a great album!!!
Thank you, Angela!!
Jude - LUCKY!!!