Thursday, February 10, 2011

This and That Thursday

On chapter two of the new mg and writing some fun pbs for the Picture Book Marathon.

I finished Charlaine Harris's Dead as a Doornail (book five of the dark and humorous Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series) and started Head Games by Keri Mikulski. I saw her book at Borders, jumped up and down, and bought it! Her book is about a basketball player with a crush (like me in high school!!). Hurray for sporty girls and for books about sporty girls!


The McVeigh Agency discontinued its blog this month. I was happy to be one of the blog's first followers and met Mark after he generously offered Skype book chats to some of his new followers. Though I'll miss his blog posts, I understand the time constraints of keeping up a blog along with everything else. You can visit The McVeigh Agency website here.

Here are Mark's parting words on his last blog post:

Anyone who has tried to follow this blog has likely been disappointed with my lack of posts over the last few months. Looking at what I have posted, the only things I ever really got excited about were when something good happened to a client and when someone tried to ban a book.

Since Twitter is far more effective for spreading good news, of which there has been quite a lot lately, and writing only about things that make me angry seems self-indulgent at best, I'm going to shut this blog down in a few days. There's too much work to be done at the agency as it grows (and much is left undone for too long) to turn out an intelligent post even once a week. There are so many blogs that offer great information about publishing, writing, books of note, and the people who make them that adding my own perspective to the mix seems inevitably redundant and a poor waste of my time.

Besides that, it occurred to me that from the start I had overlooked one very fundamental fact about myself. While I don't lack for opinions, I've never really liked sharing them with many people. Silence is an under-rated virtue in this social media age. The most interesting people, to me, have always been those who were highly circumspect in their availability.

Consider this anecdote from the sole authorized biography of one of the most famous, and famously silent, people of the 20th century, a woman who worked as an editor for many years. As a young bride, her rich, handsome, doomed husband asked her teasingly--challenged her, really--at table: "A penny for your thoughts?"

Before all their guests, she replied, "If I told you, then they wouldn't be mine any more, would they?" I tend to agree. I'll keep mine to myself.

Of course, the point of the story shifts 180 degrees when you learn one final fact about the book from which it is taken.

The subject, editing her life before it was halfway done, didn't think much of the author's first draft. So she wrote the biography (and likely invented the story) herself, myth making. An unreliable narrator: my favorite kind. I empathize.

Thank you to all who read this blog, thanks to all who've been so supportive in so many ways, and here's to continued good things--publicly acknowledged or not--for all of us, friends, clients, readers, creators, and myth makers as we head into 2011.

Thanks for your mindful, sincere words, Mark! You can follow Mark and The McVeigh Agency on Twitter @mcveighagency .


Congrats to Hilary Wagner (author of Nightshade City) on her recent sale of City of Goblins to Holiday House through her agent, Marietta Zacker! City of Goblins is a middle grade adventure fantasy proposed to be released in the spring of 2012.

I found this fun post on the Verla Kay's blueboards. Ever secretly wonder about the Snooki book but didn't want to read it? Check out Lynne Kelly's hilarious wrap up here. Make sure you tell her that K-Woww sent ya.Photobucket
Read and reflect on such literary gems as "But now, like a chronic STD, Gia was back!"


Lola at Sharp Pen/Dull Sword is having a LOLApalooza! Win great prizes and do nice things for your fellow writers. Kindness is contagious!

Donna Earnhardt is having an awesome Picture Book contest! You can win Anastasia Suen's Picture Writing book and a critique! Contest ends tomorrow. Enter HERE!

Have a fabulous day!


Bish Denham said...

Lots of good stuff here Kelly! Have a great Thursday.

Susan Fields said...

Wow, lots of stuff going on! I was sad to hear about Mark McVeigh shutting down his blog, too, but certainly understand the whole time constraint thing. Have a great Thursday, Kelly!

Her highness, Samantha VĂ©rant said...

OMG! I can call you K-woww! So pumped! But not on the juice. Did you know Hilary Duff wrote a book? And it's supposed to be good. Anyway, I just finished Matched (yesterday) and read The Forest of Hands and Teeth this morning. I'm on a book eating tour!

Lola Sharp said...

K-Woww, I have to tell you something: I heart you.

The Sookie books are fun. (I love Eric) (Quinn and Alcide are hot, too) (not sure if you've got that far, yet.) (but, still, ERIC FTW! Bill Schmill, ptew!)

CONGRATS to Hilary!

Thanks for the shout out, love. :) (you know this post earns you several points, right?)

Have a happy weekend!

Lydia K said...

It is always interesting to find out why people withdraw from the blogosphere. I think it shows a lot of wisdom for him to do so, even if he will be missed.

Kelly said...

Thanks, Bish. You, too!
Susan - Yes, agreed the blog will be missed, but totally understand!
Sam- I read Forest of Hands and Teeth in about 36 hours. I couldn't put it down!
Oh, Lola. YOu are a girl after my own heart. But Eric is mine. ;)
Well said, Lydia.

Chris Phillips said...

He had a lot of good reasons, but it still sucks when someone that knowledgeable isn't around anymore.

Kelly said...

Chris, true, I learn a lot on agent blogs. Mark does do webinars and goes to conferences, so thankfully his expertise will still be available. Plus he's on Twitter :).

Kate said...

It will be sad to see Mark's blog go, but his final post was honest--sometimes it's good to keep private thoughts private.

But, Kelly, don't follow his advise. Cause we all love reading your blog :)

Hilary Wagner said...

Hey Kelly! Thanks so much for the mention! I'm very excited about this new venture! This book has no rats in it! I may very well go into shock! :)

xoxo -- Hilary

Kim Kasch said...

A Penny for Your Thoughts - my dad used to say that one a lot. Maybe he didn't think my opinion was worth much ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, my friend, for sharing for all this great info AND for sharing about my blog contest. You rock!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, my friend, for sharing for all this great info AND for sharing about my blog contest. You rock!

Kelly H-Y said...

"Silence is an under-rated virtue in this social media age." Wow. He hit the nail on the head! That is so very true! Thanks for sharing that post!

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

I love This and That Thursday--now I feel caught up. Thanks for all this great info!

Anita said...

You should be on McVeigh's payroll! :)

Kelly said...

Kate - Yes, a very honest, heartfelt post. And no worries. I'm not leaving the blogosphere anytime soon. :)
Hilary - You are welcome! I'm excited for you!
Kim - I'm sure he thought you were worth so much more!
Donna - You are welcome, and thanks for a great contest!
Kelly - I liked that line as well.
Thanks for stopping by, Cynthia!
Anita - Ha! Mark's been very generous with his time and knowledge with me, so I'm happy to give him a shout out when I can!

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Aw, that's sad about Mark's blog shutting down. But I can imagine it's tough to keep up when you're trying to run an agency. Thanks for the contest links girly. And keep up the progress on the WIP!

Beth said...

What a great roundup of information! And the Snooki sum-up is ... remarkable. Who knew that the Mayflower stopped at Ellis Island? I had assumed the book had been ghost-written, but now I'm not so sure.

Theresa Milstein said...

That's too bad about Timothy McVeigh's blog. I guess me not being on Twitter is really interfering with my social networking now!

I'll visit Lola's blog. Thanks for the link!

Missed Periods said...

Another enjoyable post, so like a chronic STD, I will be back.

Solvang Sherrie said...

I didn't realize that Mark McVeigh shut down his blog. I've haven't been keeping up with as many blogs as I used to so I'm glad you're keeping me up to date :)

Hope you had a good Valentines!

J.Tuttle said...

Thanks for all the industry updates, it's always nice when someone does the research for you! Now that I've started a blog I understand exactly what Mark is saying. They are hard work, but a good blog is fun, so you keep it up!