Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Way! It's This and That Thursday!


Like many of you, we got hit by a major blizzard this week. I have to say it was rather exciting! I videotaped it every few hours, and the next morning it was so fun watching the kids' reactions when they saw all the snow! We got maybe 18 inches or so. My husband was in Arizona for business and was so disappointed he missed all the snow! Seriously! The kids' school was closed yesterday and again today which they are quite happy about. My productivity went down, but my family fun meter went up!

I'm on to writing my next middle grade. Jon and I are collaborating on this one. I like how we set a weekly goal and then Skype about our progress and ideas. It forces me to produce, and it also makes our story stronger when we discuss a story we both have vested interest in.

I'm also in the Picture Book Marathon: 26 pb rough drafts in 28 days. I knew I wouldn't produce that many, but I thought signing up would force me to do more than I would have normally. My goal is to do four rough drafts. I know, far from 26, but I'm being realistic and it will be four more than I would have done this month without the marathon!
What are you working on this week?


Thank you to Kate Scott! I won Eighth Grade Bites by Heather Brewer at her blog this week! I've wanted to try that series, so thank you, Kate!

Head on over to Roots In Myth blog, and enter the contest for a free query critique by PJ Hoover or Jessica Lee Anderson! They are such Texas Sweethearts!


Due to the blizzard, my Buckcherry concert was cancelled Tuesday night. It is supposed to be rescheduled, so I hope it is soon!!
Besides Buckcherry, I listen to my usual (yet, constantly changing) "Current Faves" mix when I exercise to my Sports Active Wii game. As of today, this consists of my 25 fave songs of the moment which today includes Avenged Sevenfold, MCR, 30STM, Papa Roach and more. My newest fave on this mix is "Bodies" by Drowning Pool seen below. It gets my body moving!

Keep your body warm this week! It's so freaking cold today!


Her highness, Samantha VĂ©rant said...

It hasn't snowed here. Once. Oddly, I'm a bit jealous! Snow angels! So what's the status of the last MG? Is it in the hands of beta readers? It sounds like fun to collaborate on a book. Enjoy!
Dare to Follow Your Heart

Some Guys Are Toads

Bish Denham said...

No snow here yet,though it's predicted for tonight. However I'm not into this cold...16 this morning, not even getting up to 25! UGH!

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

We didn't get a lot of snow, but we got a ton of ICE!! Ahh! We've been trapped in our house for days. Kids have been out of school for 3 days in a row now. Man, I'd much rather have your snow! ah well, I hope your kiddos enjoy it!

Kudos to both you and Jon for starting up a new project! So excited for you guys. Can't wait to see your progress!

Hope the concert gets rescheduled for you!

Kelly said...

Sam - I was wondering about the weather in France. It was a fun blizzard, but I'm ready for spring!
Bish - That is very cold for your region!! Bundle up!
Carol - Oh man. Yeah, I'd rather have snow than ice. Is it pretty though? Post some pics!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Wow you've been productive! Just go out and enjoy the snow with your kids. Bummer about the concert, but at least you didn't have to brave the elements just to see it.

Jill Kemerer said...

My kids made forts out of the huge snowdrifts--allowing me to finish the first pass of this revision. Yay!

Sorry about the concert cancellation. Not cool. :(

Lydia K said...

Glad you're enjoying the snow because we're tired of it!
Have fun on your snow day and stay warm!

DEZMOND said...

Glad you had some fun in the snow :) Hope they didn't turn you into a snowwoman ;)

Kim Kasch said...

It is so pretty and I won't be complaining about the rain...well, maybe I will ;)

Anita said...

I'm so excited about you and Jonathon!!! And the snow!

Suzanne Casamento said...

Great snow pics! Maybe you should make a rockstar snowman. Like put a funky hat and guitar on him. I'd love to see that!

Have fun with the kids! :)

C.R. Evers said...

good luck with your pb marathon! Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it. :0)

Christina Lee said...

OOH score on the book win (dying to knwo how it is)!

Yeah snow, ice, snow, ice! bleh!

I have a buckcherry story for you sometime (I did a photoshoot for them back in my fashion days in NY)!

Kelly said...

Alex & Jill - I was actually glad it was cancelled, because there was no way I was going to be able to travel to get there! So many roads were closed! At least I'll get my $ back (or it will be rescheduled).
Lydia - Yeah, I'll be tired of it soon enough! I am ready for spring!
Dezz- They were nice. And I certainly didn't stay out as long as the kids did!
Kim - It is pretty. And pretty crazy!
Anita - Jon had a great story idea and we've been running with it!
Suz - That's a great idea!
Christy - It's fun to do picture books again. Though I'm so not doing twenty!
Christina - Oh, man! You MUST tell me the Buckcherry story!

James Garcia Jr said...

Kelly, of the My Chemical Romance and 30 Seconds to Mars tunes you are listening to, which ones? I like the new MCR, but "Black Parade" better. I really liked 30STM's "A Beautiful Lie", but can't stop listening to "This Is War".
Happy Friday


Laura Pauling said...

Snow days can be a lot of fun! And enjoy working on a new project. Collaborating can be fun - esp. when working out plot problems!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

You got more snow than we did!!!!

WTG on starting a new novel. :)

Lola Sharp said...

Wow, you did get hammered. We've been getting a lot of snow, too, and at first we enjoyed the snow days. But, I'm over it now. Over it. I'm having visions of green things sprouting, warm sunshine on my face, a margarita in my hand.

Yay for your collaboration MG book! I've never tried to co-write a book before. Sounds fun.

Congrats on your book win. :)
Sorry about the cancelled concert.
Have a delightful weekend, Kelly!
Love and hugs,

miss mooty said...

As always you are an inspiration to honor a saying I have next to my computer..."What Are You Waiting For?"
Good thing an early farewell to winter is on it's way (according to Punxsatawney Phil's Prediction) sounds like you and your family are enjoying it while you can!

Kate said...

Weather has been weird everywhere this year. You, and about half of the country, is caught in a blizzard. And here in the northwest it's unseasonably warm. All the snow in the mountains is melting and causing river flooding. I'm actually going camping this weekend, sorry to rub it in. But spring weather in february is exciting.

Kimberly Franklin said...

You got so much more snow than we did! It look so pretty.

Madeleine said...

We've got wind and rain here. Love your snow picture. You sound so busy and efficient and here I am feeling highly lackadaisical! :O)

Adrienne said...

I'd love to play in that snow!

Natalie Aguirre said...

18 inches of snow is a lot. We got 6-9 and Wednesday my office like everything else closed. The first snow day in 20 years.

That's great you're being so productive.

Jemi Fraser said...

We've hardly had any snow this year compared to our normal levels. I think everyone else is sharing it! Or else it's waiting to dump on all through February & March! :)

Nora B. Peevy said...

Hi Kelly,

I'm a fantasy and horror writer. I found your blog randomly with the "Next Blog" button.

In answer to your question: What am I working on...

I just finished a blog interview with author Charley Appenzellar and am working on a short story about a snow faery discovered by two young children. It's a deviation for me because I normally write for adults.


Kelly said...

James - This week it's "Thank you for the Venom" and "Planetary Go" for MCR and "Closer to the Edge". I love their music, too!
Laura - It's new to me, but I love how we can talk through things!
Lola - Yeah, the snow was fun, but believe me, I'm looking forward to spring!
Miss Mooty - I hope Phil is right!
Kate - Enjoy the warm weather!
Kimberly - It does look pretty. I find myself staring out the windowin awe looking at it all!
Madeleine - Well, on the snow days I wasn't so efficient!!
Adrienne - The kids LOVE the huge piles!
Natalie - Not so productive on the snow days, but when the kids were back in school, back to gettin' things done!
Jemi - I think we took all the snow from your area!
Thanks for stopping by, Nora!

Dempsey Sanders said...

well here in the UK we are supposed to get it next week, but wow that is a lot of snow!

You sound a very busy lady lately, I know I find it harder and harder to juggle, blog, work, life in general, theres just not enough hours in the day lol

Nora MacFarlane said...

Hey! Another Nora!

That's a LOT of snow! I will no longer complain about our measly 3-4 inches.

What am I working on? I'm polishing a MG fantasy for submission this month, and I've started researching and pre-writing for a YA fantasy.

Good luck with your MG and picture books!

Theresa Milstein said...

Today it's going to be 39 degrees here. I'm glad it will melt some of this snow! We've gotten 2 feet in total over the course of our 4 storms.

Dawn Simon said...

I'm a wimp when it comes to snow, but it is beautiful. Fun, too, in small doses. :)

It's great that you and Jon are collaborating on a book! Good luck to you guys. Regarding the picture books, I think four is a good goal.

Congrats on winning EIGHTH GRADE BITES!

Stay warm, Kelly!

J.Tuttle said...

I think it's great that you are able to be so productive in this weather. For some reason it has made my writing life grind to a halt. It's a great idea to enter the PB manuscript marathon. Good motivation! Enjoy this new cold snap. (Ha!)