Thursday, February 17, 2011

This and That Thursday

Last week I met Sue Kirchner for coffee (okay, iced tea/lemonade) at a local Starbucks. Sue is the CFO (Chief Fun Officer) at Chocolate Cake Moments. Chocolate Cake is a website for busy parents. It features lots of fun activities/crafts for kids and parents to do, movie reviews, party ideas, and more! On the site, there is even a Chocolate Cake Club online boutique with products that make parent's lives easier. Check it out!

Hubby and I are taking our three kids to a waterpark for a fun getaway one night soon. Splish! Splash! I hope I don't blind anyone with my pasty, winter white skin! And thank goodness for tankinis!


I read two funny books this week. Guys Read Funny Business, edited by Jon Scieszka and The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger. Both amused me. Funny Business is a collection of short stories by entertaining authors such as Adam Rex, Jeff Kinney and more smart aleck men (plus Kate Dicamillo!). Origami Yoda reminded me a bit of Diary of a Wimpy Kid with awesome Star Wars references and different viewpoints.

What are you reading right now?


According to my statcounter, lately the majority of people coming to my blog through a google search has searched CRYING! Remember my post For Crying Out Loud? Seriously there are 20 "crying" searches in the last week for every other one. So I hope they come here and smile instead of cry. Chin up, people! Stop your blubbering! Life is beautiful!

Thank you to Adventures in Children's Publishing blog! I won Cloaked and Beastly by Alex Flinn in a recent contest!!!

Plus thank you to Teresa Milstein and Nicole Zoltack! I won a query critique from Nicole at Teresa's blog celebrating her 400 followers! Thanks, ladies!

I'm still very much a newbie at tweeting. I do though find it fun. I especially enjoy the kidlitchats on Tuesday nights. It's fun to chat with a bunch of writers (though I'm still a little intimidated to post too much during the chat).
I also bombard Daniel Tosh on Tuesdays with questions on Twitter. Daniel live tweets with fans during Tosh.0 (on Comedy Central) those nights. He still hasn't answered any of my questions yet (bastard), but I will keep them coming until he does. I mean he must only get a thousand or so during that night, right? Speaking of Tosh.0, if you love inappropriate humor, you will love this show. It may knock The Soup on E! to number two for my fave TV show. Heh, heh. I said number two.
Are you tweeting yet? Why or why not?
I put my car iPod on song shuffle so I could listen to songs I haven't heard in a while. I get into grooves of listening to the same band and ignore my other bands, so I thought I'd give them all a chance. My kids aren't loving it. On the way to basketball practice, they cringed at Adam Ant's "Beat My Guest." But they did enjoy the Beatles. I have mostly rock on my iPod but I do have other genres as well.
When I work out to my Sports Active Wii, I also have been listening to blocks of some of my well liked, yet ignored artists. Monday was Alien Ant Farm. Tuesday was Brides of Destruction. Wednesday was Justin Timberlake. Today? Maybe the Killers or Foo Fighters...or Duran Duran.
What bands do you like but have ignored lately?


DEZMOND said...

when you get to the pool you can tell people that you went from Wonder Woman to White Queen from XMEN I'm sure they would like it, Kels :) White tan is posh :)

Her highness, Samantha VĂ©rant said...

Mmmm. Chocolate Cake Moments! Sounds good to me--well, the real chocolate cake! And, no, Kelly, you don't make me cry! You make me laugh and smile and...

Kate said...

I always find it ammusing what google searches lead people to blogs. Yours is definately not sad, so hopefully you brightened a few of those criers days.

Bish Denham said...

I don't tweet because at this moment in time I don't want to.

Get that fish-belly skin in the sun girl!

As for music I haven't listened to in a while? Hmmm Donovan, Led Zepp...too many to name.

Patricia A. Timms said...

I'm with you on the tankinis and whiteness, only I call them momkinis and when I'm with my family out in the sun I don't look like a memeber of the family since they all have dark 1/4 filipino skin. Summer isn't my finest.

Bands I've ingored, too many to give them all credit but one I miss lately is Faith No More. Does anyone remember them? My daughter hates it when I play anything Tone Loc. Haha! Funky Cold Medina. I had to look the spelling up on that.

Have a great Thursday!

Kelly said...

Dezz- I am so going to be the White Queen at the pool! Ha!
Sam - Seriously! I write one crying post and I'm Debbie Downer. :)
Kate - Yes, I hope they smiled or giggled a bit!
Bish - Oh, I can't wait for warm weather and sun kissed skin!!!
Patricia - I do know Faith No More! I have some of their tunes on my iPod. Midlife Crisis is my fave of theirs.

Christina Lee said...

I am crying right now *sob*

Hey do you enjoy the sports active WII (thinking about it)?

Kate said...

I gave you an award on my blog

Nahno McLein said...

I didn't know about the Twitter Tuesdays. Cool, I need to check that out.
I tweet, but only to represent my blog self and to spread news on facebook, blog and myspace at the same time.
Nahno ∗ McLein

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations on winning the critique! I Tweet. When I remember.

Kim Kasch said...

Sounds like you've been busy. I tweet too - but only once in a while when I find a fun link. And, I'm not very good at it.

Robert Guthrie said...

I'm very impressed you Twitter. I'm challenged enough keeping up with email.

Adam Ant! Once in the car while Adam Ant came on the radio, a friend who didn't live through 80's New Wave, said, "You know this is musically terrible, right?" Yes, but that's not the point.

Solvang Sherrie said...

You keep winning stuff! I think you're one of the luckiest people I know :)

Anita said...

I keep getting hits for my "Photo of my blurry tattoo" Must be a lot of bad tattoos out there...hey, maybe that's why people are crying.

You and Jonathon are such teases about your book!

And Sherrie's are soooo lucky.

Hey. I have that guy book you mentioned right here on my floor.

cleemckenzie said...

I've heard a lot of good things about The Strange Case of Origami Yoda. Guess it has to be added to my stack of books . . . maybe on the top. I need a fun read.

Just finished Learning to Swim, a not so fun read, but a wonderful one. Now I'm trying to get into Chaos, but not really succeeding. Hasn't grabbed me.

You'll be very proud of me. I'm watching all the Academy Award nominees before I head to a party where I'm expected to actually know something about those movies. They should have invited you, Kelly. You're way more up on the movie, music scenes than I'll ever be.

Theresa Milstein said...

I'm reading Alice Hoffman's The Red Garden and To Kill a Mockingbird. The 2nd one because I haven't read it since high school, and want to see if I love it just as much. I'm also about the begin Delirium by Lauren Oliver.

I've been listening to Interpol a lot lately.

Rena said...

It sounds like you're keeping busy. I hope you have fun at the waterpark.

I have more books to read than I can even list. How sad. And as for music, I've pretty much been ignoring everyone lately. I'm totally on a Matchbox Twenty kick.

Jonathon Arntson said...

I am reading MATCHED. It's interesting. The author's agent is John Green's agent. She has quality taste. It's the first time I have found myself adding to my to-be read pile based the brand of an agent.

I just learned that Sleeping Bear Press, the publisher of the illustrated alphabet books, is now taking on MG and YA projects.

How awesome would it be to be published by a Michigan publisher???

alexia said...

I'm reading The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo now... well written, but not far enough along to tell you much more. Not tweeting yet. Not enough time :(

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I tweet once and a while...Mostly I just lurk on Twitter...I don't really understand the conversations.

Katie Mills said...

lots of fun stuff going on with you! Congrats on winning the book and I still haven't really mastered twitter yet.

Angela Ackerman said...

Chief Fun Officer--that's too cool for words. My blog needs one of yours.

Sounds like you have a lot going on and are enjoying all the good things in life--that's great!

Have a good week!

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

Suzanne Casamento said... there an indoor waterpark near you? I've never heard of such a thing. Sounds like fun!

Missed Periods said...

How sad that people Google "crying." Once they see your lovely smile, though, I am sure it helps.

Lola Sharp said...

We love water parks...and husband and daughter enjoy the indoor parks in the winter, but not me. I like the SUN on my skin and fresh air and open sky.

Congrats on all your wins! :) You have good karma/juju.

And you know I twitter. I have to be careful or it sucks hours of my life away in a flash.

I love both those Ant-Bands: Adam and Farm. :)

And, when when WHEN is JT gonna put out a new album? When?

Love and hugs,

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