Monday, March 7, 2011

Dear Diary 4

Write what you know. You can dig down and remember feelings of teen angst by looking back to your own experiences. If you kept a diary like I did, you can see how you really felt about your parents, boys, sports, boys, school, and boys.

Here's another excerpt from the Diary of a With It Kid series. If you missed my last entries, see my aspirations as a youth here, puke entry here, and a fourth grade entry here.

Today's entry is how youth really can use classic literature to help their love life. Also how I had my eye on another seventh grader while "going with" another. (sorry, Logan) I was such a heartbreaker (NOT!). And I changed the boy's names to protect their fragile hearts.
Read on to see...

January 31
You know how I like Chase but I'm goin' with Logan. Well, only Sandy, Jenny, and Becky know - hopefully noone else because I didn't tell anyone else. Well, I don't know if I want anyone to know - I kinda wish Logan would break up with me because I hate breaking up with people. I knew, because I did it one whole other time. And it was Chase the summer before this school year of seventh grade. And I had my bff call him to do it. I hope Chase likes me.

February 3rd
Chase is a total babe. He's my "leifie" (that's German for little loved one. I got it out of Diary of Anne Frank). He knows what it means & he calls me "leifie" too. (It's pronounced leafye, but we just say leafy) Greg, Robert, Becky, Jenny and I were reading Diary of Anne Frank - this one book because we had already passed the eighth grade book. Chase was walking from Art (we were in the cafeteria for reading group) and "liefie" came along in the story & I called him that (Becky knew why!). So we told him what it meant! I'm so sneaky... Maybe he just thought I was flirting with him. But anyway, we call eachother "leafie" now. Notice how I change the spelling throughout the entry. I hope he likes me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See, I've always had an affinity for exclamation points. I was (or rather Becky was for me) my go to break up for me gal supposed to break up with Logan today after 4th hour, but he left early. I think Becky will call him and break up with him for me. I'm such a coward! When 4th hour was almost over, my stomach was doing flip flops because I thought I was going to break up with him soon. Then he left.

Chase is like a totally awesome, foxy, tubular, vicious for sure BABE all the way. Like freak me out! What a fox! Yes, I really wrote that.

February 6
I broke up with Logan today. Mary Kate told him 1st hour. Mary Kate is apparently my other go to gal for breaking up with guys for me. Chase is still a babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mary Kate likes Don so she won't go to the dance with John. Becky is still madly in love with Ryan. Nothing real exciting happened today. Um, I'm single! I did my round off back in gym. Can you believe I could do that?! That's a back flip!

Though that was the end of my friends breaking up with guys for me. My next three junior high boyfriends broke up with me. Bastards.

February 7
It's all over the school that I like Chase. First only five people knew.Then Mary Kate told Jim, Jim told Scott. Logan and Chris knew too! Don't ask me how??! Because you told two friends and they told two friends and so on and so on, dipwad.

February 8
You'll never guess what Tracy told me! That Chase was going to give up girls for two years! Like, I'm so sure. Everybody (and I mean everybody) knows I like Chase. Way to be mysterious, Kelly.

February 10
The dance was okay. Becky doesn't like Ryan anymore, he's goin' with Jodi. Becky likes Joel. Mary Kate now likes John. I danced with Chase four times. He picked me twice and I picked him twice. I thought he'd ask me out but nooooooo. When we were dancing, Vicky came up and said, "Why don't you ask her out?" He shook his head. I could've killed her. I really thought he liked me because when Mary Kate asked him to dance he said, "No because I want to dance with Kelly." But the last dance he picked Tracy!

February 15
Chase gave Tracy a note Valentine's Day. He said he liked me for a friend, only for a friend. But scribbled out, "She's not my type." Oh, well. I started laughing when I read that. You go, girl. I think I like Jon, too. He's pretty funny. Yes, go for the funny ones, Kel!

February 23
Here's a list of total babes - Chase, Mike, Ricky Shroeder, Tom Howell, and Michael Jackson.

Boy crazy, much?

And those were the days of my seventh grade life. Who did you think was a total babe when you were in seventh grade?