Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Whateva Pic

1. Ray Veen of Big Plain V posted a meme to post ten pictures of whatever from your hard drive. Look at his link to find the rules. I'm not going to post them, because I am not really following them closely. (I'm such a rebel!)
My photos are 1000 to 1 family. Then I have some of rockstars. And a few cool scenery shots I guess. I haven't really saved many photos for book research yet, but for my blog I've saved musician photos and some logos. As I perused my photo files and I came across this one that I saved years ago. I think it is really cool. So I am going to post it for my Whateva photo. But I'm going to break the rules and talk about it.
This is an illustration from Virgin Digital that depicts 75 different band names. For example, see the roses and guns in a vase? That would be for the band, Guns N Roses. The green square on the calendar? Green Day. And so on. I have never found all 75, I believe my number was 50 something. But I thought it would be fun to share with you all. What band name (s) did you find?
Here is bigger picture of it with a list of the answers. But seriously, try to find as many as you can before looking! I haven't even checked the answers, because I want to keep looking!

2. Kim Kasch nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger award!! Thank you, my dear Kim! I appreciate the pat on the back! And since I am breaking rules today, I am going to give you a link to my seven things here!

3. I received good news this week. Ladybug magazine accepted a poem of mine to be published in a future issue! I was seriously close to tears when I read the email (I know, I'm a sap!), but I had been submitting them for a few years with no luck. I feel so honored to be able to say my poetry has been (well, will be) published with the Carus group.


Lori Degman said...

Cool pic Kelly! My husband's as into music as you are, though mostly older stuff. I'm going to see how many he can get.

Congrats on getting the Kreativ Blogger award and your poem getting into Ladybug!

The Things We Carried said...

CONGRATS! What an encouragement to us writers :)!!

Kim Kasch said...

YIPEE! CONGRATS! Can't wait to see your poem.

Rena said...

Oh, what a fun picture! I see Matchbox Twenty, Led, Zeppelin, Pet Shop Boys ... I need to save this to look at it more. How fun.

Congrats on your poem! That's great!

PJ Hoover said...

Whoo hoo on the poem being accepted! That is way cool!

Kelly H-Y said...

A big congrats to you!!! The Carus group of magazines is AWESOME ... I am so excited for you!!!

Big Plain V said...

Wow, your picture totally blows mine away.

Incidentally, I'm not sure what the meme was supposed to be called. I called it "whateva" because I was too lazy to figure it out.

Solvang Sherrie said...

Why am I not surprised that your pic has something to do with music? I can't believe you're not in a band yourself!

Congrats on the award and especially on getting into Ladybug. Yay!

Kelly said...

Lori- How many did he get? :)
Thank you TWC and Kim!
Rena- good finds!
Thank you PJ and Kelly!
V- I was too lazy to follow or repost the rules! Whateva!
Sherrie- I wish I had music lessons in my youth, my parents were very sports oriented so that's the groups I joined! (which I had fun in sports too!)

Ron Smith aka Prince Balthazar said...

I see Alice in Chains, the Eagles, Led Zep and Pet Shop Boys, just at a glance.

It's cool. I'll have to take a closer look.

Congrats on the poem!

Keri Mikulski said...

Love the pic. :) I'm still staring. :)

Congrats on your poem!! :)

Sophia said...

This is a fanastic picture. How cool! Thanks for sharing!! :)

PS congrats on your award, too.

Shelli said...

yy congrads on ladybug!

adrienne said...

Fun picture. Smashing Pumpkins was the first one I spotted.

Congrats on the Ladybug acceptance! That's awesome!

C.R. Evers said...

congrats on the poem. I love the pic you posted. Very cool.

Sliding on the Edge said...

Hey! Congrats on the nomination for being creative, which you are, of course.