Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tune for Tuesday

I’ll close my weeks of late 80’s nostalgia with one of my favorite musicians from high school. Winger. Yes, the band that Beavis and Butthead laughed at. Yes, the singer that used to study ballet. Yes, the lead singer with the long hair and hairy chest (oh, wait that’s most 80’s bands). Yes, that's a picture of me putting up my Kip Winger poster in my dorm room my freshman year of college. I did get teased for that. In college, music was going more alternative, but I was still a headbanger. And I guess I still am!

I've seen Winger live three times. I first saw them live the summer after I graduated high school. I was gaga over Kip Winger. I thought he was the cutest guy ever. During the concert, I pointed at him in time to the music, then he pointed back at me! My friend next to me exclaimed, "Kip Winger totally just pointed at you!" I was so excited. Of course my other friends didn't notice, and they teased me for thinking that Kip Winger pointed at me. But he did! At least I think he did. Even today I still get teased by family or friends and they'll say at a concert, "Oh, look! So and so just pointed at you!" :)
My favorite Winger song was "Headed for a Heartbreak." Their most popular song was "Seventeen." Today's tune is the 1989 song with the illegal sounding chorus, "Seventeen." It's deliciously eighties!

Due to somewhat popular demand, I've added some more recent pictures of Mr. Winger. Thanks to Rhonda for emailing me the first one! And I found the other one on the web. We all don't look seventeen anymore I guess. But he still has a roguish charm to him! I think I'm going to watch "Headed for a Heartbreak" again and go tease my hair.

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Kim Kasch said...

U R just too cute in the pic. I love looking back - but I have so much farther to look back ;-)

Rebecca Anne said...

Oh I love running into 80's nostalgia. Ok, I admit, I wasn't that into Winger, but the guys around me certainly were. To this day when 80's headbanger music comes on I'm instantly swept back to thoooseeeee days.

I'm sure Kip pointed at you, a true fan would never mistake such a thing~

nikki said...

omg you have the best photos!! I am cracking up!

jama said...

I must say, your Tune for Tuesday posts are a great education for a classic 60's fossil like me.

And how cute are you in that pic?!

Big Plain V said...

I was a big Winger fan, Kelly -- you're not alone. Of course I never got pointed at or anything.

On a side note: I think headbanger hair really reached its pinnacle with Mr. Kip Winger. I was always jealous because I could never grow headbanger hair like that.

Rhonda said...

You were such a bad girl...was that you in the video? {okay, kinda going with the pointed at you thing} He is yummy...wonder what he looks like today..let's google him

Anita said...

Yes! I like Rhonda's idea of hunting down a current photo of him...must clean kitchen floor and then will look. I'll let you know if I find anything.

Kelly said...

Not that much further, Kim!
Rebecca- I've been very nostalgic about the 80's lately!
Nikki- I don't post the really funny and embarrassing ones! ;)
Jama-You know I enjoy the Beatles with you!
V- Brave of you to fess up on being a Winger fan!
Anita and Rhonda-I'm editing this with updated photos! Rhonda emailed me one!

Kelly H-Y said...

I remember 'Winger'! Oh my gosh ... that's taking me back!

Paul Michael Murphy said...

Just curious, have you ever counted the number of concerts you've attended?

Kelly said...

Kelly-20 years ago back! Yikes!
Murph- Good question! I do not know. I will have to figure that one out.

Denise said...

Ahhh memories. Making fun of you about Winger. I remember it so well. : )

Solvang Sherrie said...

In that bottom left photo I think he looks even better than before!

And you are just gorgeous in any photo =)

I was never into Winger, but my husband will still tell me he needs TP for his bunghole when we run out!

Kelly said...

Denise- I'm sure I was geekin' when I listened to Winger or anything else for that matter. :)
Sherrie- Embarrassingly enough, my husband uses that phrase periodically as well!

Keri Mikulski said...

Loved your pic! :)

My BFF LOVED WINGER!! In fact the poster brought back so many memories of hanging in her room. :) Gotta love SEVENTEEN. :)