Thursday, September 24, 2009

Poetry Friday

Today for Poetry Friday I have an original cinquain. The picture is of my puppy, Daisy, on the day we adopted her from the dog rescue. Since then she's grown longer and longer. Her mom was a cavalier spaniel/terrier mix and the father was unknown. Now that we've had her for six months, we are pretty sure the dad was a dachsund. She is SO darn long! And cute. When we were looking at breeds to adopt, my husband wanted a spaniel, but also said he did not want a dachsund. Well, we got ourselves a dachsund it turns out. And he (and the rest of the family) couldn't love her more!
Enjoy the cinquain and check out more poetry links at Susan Taylor Brown today.


A patch of light
Encompasses the cold
puppy, now bathed in nature's warmth.

-by Kelly Polark