Monday, September 21, 2009

And the winner is...

Thank you to all who entered my blogaversary contest! I loved reading the captions and comments about my doggies. My fave was “Paws off, he’s mine” by Sherrie! I put everyone’s names on strips of paper to have my son pull one, but my puppy Daisy grabbed one first! So I pulled the strip of paper out of her mouth, and it was Rena! Congrats! Rena, message me with your address, and your prize will be on its way!
Did anyone else watch the Emmy’s last night? See who won here as I won't list them. Who do I look like Giuliana Rancic?
Here’s my usual
Random Thoughts while watching the Emmy’s!
1. I didn’t know Doogie could sing!
2. Too long of a montage before each genre intro.
3. The eye props were a little goofy when showing the nominees of Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.
4. Kristen Chenowith is such a cute lil thing! She looks amazing in her silver dress. She won for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy and was so sincere and funny.
5. The two women from How I Met Your Mother (one of my fave shows) just had babies in the spring. They already look slim and trim!
6. JT is brunette now? And wears specs? Is he bringing average Joe back?
7. Rob Lowe still looks as handsome as when he was Sodapop in the Outsiders movie…but he’s not terribly funny as a presenter.
8. Okay, the mustache on Sarah Silverman who was nominated was funny.
9. Wow, big names for Lead Actress in a Mini Series! Jessica Lange won!
10. Sarah McLachlin has a beautiful voice. Some very famous names in the Memoriam section…and many I’ve never heard of.
11. Niiiiiiice. Two vampires: Stephen Moyer and David Boreanaz. Whoa! I didn’t know that Stephen Moyer was English! He does the Southern drawl so well in True Blood.
12. Yay! Nip/Tuck is back on next month! (okay, that was a commercial)
13. Sigourney Weaver looks exactly the same as she did twenty years ago. Wow, what a statuesque woman.
14. Woo hoo! True Blood won for Breakthrough Performance of the Year.

That’s my wrap up! I thought Neil Patrick Harris did a good job as host, he seemed a little nervous at first, but he is a funny, talented actor. My best dressed for the evening goes to two ladies in red: Mila Kunis and Blake Lively. They both looked stunning in red (which is supposed to be a hot color this fall season). Honorable mentions: Vanessa Williams always looks gorgeous too at the awards show, she was in a vibrant blue. Mariska Hargitay looked beautiful in a metallic dress, too. I actually had to look at internet photos of the dresses as during the night not everyone was showcased.


Kim Kasch said...

Love Paws off - don't know how I missed this contest. Guess the weekend was too bizzzz EEEEE

Angela said...

I'm with Kim--sad i missed it! Congrats Sherrie! Great Job.

Shelli said...

i wanted more surprises too predictable.

adrienne said...

I'm sorry I missed the contest, too!

I saw Doogie in RENT years ago and had the same reaction - who knew he could sing?

Carrie Harris said...

I'm sorry I missed it too! Happy belated blogaversary!

Solvang Sherrie said...

Glad you liked my caption :)

I did not watch the Emmys, but I've loved Neil Patrick Harris from his Doogie Howser days. Plus he was amazing in Rent.

Rena said...

Awwww, thanks, Kelly! I loved reading everyone's comments.

Lilfix said...

Congrats Rena! Not an Emmy watcher here...but I do love watching the best and worst dressed shows that come afterwards...grin...

MG Higgins said...

Thanks for the wrap up! Now I don't feel bad for having missed it. (Not that I really felt all that bad.)

Anita said...

For some reason, I always think of Blake Lively as a little girl and I want to throw a blanket over her when she dresses like that. The dress was beautiful, though.

I also loved the moustache. Hah!

Sliding on the Edge said...

I missed every bit of that show. At least you've caught me up on what I didn't see. And Doogie! Wow!

Keri Mikulski said...

Urgh.. I missed the Emmys. But, thanks for the wrap up. :)

C.R. Evers said...

LOL! Thnx for the giggles.

Sorry I missed the contest too, but looks like you had a great bunch of entires!

Christina Farley said...

Nice lowdown. Also, I like your sidebar showing your upcoming publications too!