Friday, April 24, 2009

Poetry Friday

I love spring! One thing I love about spring is seeing all the beautiful birds at my bird feeders. My father is a bird nerd (Sorry, Dad. Love ya!) and helps me to identify all the different birds we see in our yard. He is also a very talented bird photographer whose photos have won many awards and been featured in several magazines. His beautiful portraits inspired me to write a book of poetry about birds. It was my first attempt at a poetry collection. The title is Words on Birds. I have submitted it to different publishers, with no luck so far. If this bird book does not end up with a publisher, I will self publish the poetry with my dad's photographs for our family and other birders.
Here is one poem from my Words on Birds collection. The photograph is by my father, Tom Maple. My goal is to share facts about each bird in a fun way. Children could then possibly identify birds in their own backyards using these facts and looking at the stunning photographs.

Lisa Chellman has the Poetry Roundup this week!

Photo copyright Tom Maple


The beautiful cardinal is a vibrant red.

He’s known for the crest upon his head.

His heavy bill is surrounded by black.

Bugs, fruit, and seeds are a favored snack.

A backyard favorite, high he rates.

He’s the state bird of seven states.

-Kelly Polark, all rights reserved.


Rena said...

I love it, Kelly! I have a similiar book that I've subbed with no luck so far. Mine is way more simple than yours, as far as the poems go. Good luck with yours and I hope you can find a home for it sometime!

Shelli said...

I have an affinity for cardinals - thanks ;)

Sliding on the Edge said...

Lucky you to have cardinals. They don't live where I do. Unfortunately we're stuck with blue jays. Boy do they squawk!

Kelly H-Y said...

What a great idea for a book! Love the poem, and the picture is absolutely stunning!

DebraLSchubert said...

Awesome pic and great poem. We're getting a bird feeder this year for the first time. I can't wait to see our fine-feathered friends belly up to the bar!

jama said...

Love your poem, Kelly. Virginia is one of the 7 states with the cardinal as its state bird! Yay! Just saw one this morning, so your poem is very timely.

Good luck with your collection -- your Dad's photo here is lovely. I imagine the whole book is wonderful.

Angela said...

Cute poem and a lovely picture. I hope you get your poems published--the world needs more great poetry. :-)

Ello said...

AWwww great poem! And I just saw a cardinal yesterday! It was so beautiful and so vividly red! I gotta say, I usually don't pay attention to birds, but that cardinal made my day!

Mary Lee said...

I love: cardinals, your poem, and your dad's photo! Keep working on getting published! Your poems deserve to be in the hands of children!!!

Angela said...

Ahhh....somehow I missed posting for poetry friday.
I'm glad you did though. Your father's photo is amazing and I love your poem!

Keri Mikulski said...

Love the pic and the poem! ;) Thanks for sharing.

Amber Lough said...

Cute poems! I lurve birds, especially cardinals. Well, the males, anyway.

Kraxpelax said...

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- Peter Ingestad, Sweden

slhastings said...

Ha! A cardinal has been stalking me when I walk my dog. (He's a loud, little guy).

Anyway, this post made me smile. I equate cardinals with good luck!

Beth said...

Doing a unit study on cardinals with my third grader, and was so happy to find this poem today. She was hoping to do copywork from a poem specifically about cardinals, and I was having trouble finding one that was suitable. This one was wonderful because it reinforced many of the facts we've been learning! Thanks much!