Sunday, April 12, 2009

Meet Daisy Mae

Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. We had a blessed weekend with lots of family events and a new family member. We adopted a new puppy on Saturday from Have a Heart Dog Rescue!
I've been looking at puppies on (a website that shows animals in shelters and rescues who are available for adoption) for months for just the right dog. My first dog ever, Puppers, died in December. We also have a 12 year old miniature pinscher, Goofy. We knew we wanted to get a puppy, since our kids never experienced the craziness of puppyhood. I saw a pup on that looked like a cross between Puppers and Goofy. She had Puppers soft, floppy ears and Goofy's black and tan color.
Puppers and Goofy

Here's our new pup, Daisy Mae!
Daisy's mom was rescued from southern Illinois. She was a pregnant stray. They think she is a King Charles cavalier spaniel or a cavalier spaniel mix. We don't know what kind of dog the father was so it will be interesting to see how Daisy looks when she grows up! We just knew she was adorable and needed a home.
The kids are beyond excited about their new puppy. First we had to decide on a name for this playful pup. We were debating between Brandy, Lily, and Sookie. Then I looked on the internet to look at female dog names. We added Lucky and Daisy to our list. The kids really liked Daisy, and we liked it, too. So she is Daisy!
Here's when Daisy met Goofy.
Happy Tails!

Here is some info from the dog rescue's website.
There are approximately 45 cats and dogs for every person born.
Only 1 out of 10 dogs born ever get a home.
Approximately 800 dogs & cats are KILLED each HOUR in the United States,because there are not enough homes for them!
Please SPAY and NEUTER! If looking for a pet, please rescue!


PJ Hoover said...

Oh, he's darling! How awesome for you guys!

Pen Pen said...

I'm gonna cry--I hate that so many are put down! My cat was a rescue and she is a jem--can't believe I lived without her for so long!

lyfizgud said...

Congrats, Kelly...she's just adorable :) Keep us posted on your puppy adventures :) I know I could write a book (light bulb moment!!!) w/ all of our experiences :)

Solvang Sherrie said...

How cute!! We got both our animals from the shelter when my kids were younger (a dog and a cat) and I wished we could have taken more. Have fun with your new baby!

Martha Flynn said...

I'm so sorry about Puppers but so happy about Daisy Mae who seems like an adorable bundle!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome cute little Daisy! Woot!

Julia from Verla's

slhastings said...

Welcome, Daisy! You've got a Disney theme going. Oh, and I know who wanted to name her Sookie. When DOES True Blood return anyway?

: )

Tee Brown said...

Cutest pup ever, Kelly!

Ghost Girl said...

Oh how cute, Kelly! Congrats on your new addition. We have a Daisy that we adopted as well. She was a little rat terrier who had already been abandoned twice! At 6 1/2 months old! And she was (and is) the sweetest little thing. We've had her for 9 years and she has been an awesome dog!

Yay for the rescue pets!

DebraLSchubert said...

Daisy is precious!!! But, those statistics are horrifying. We've got six cats and have to close our eyes and tie our hands behind our backs not to have more. We donate monthly to the ASPCA. It's easy to do - just go on line and you can set it up. Even $10/month makes a big difference. You'll be glad you did!

Anonymous said...

oh those stats are staggering. Your new family member is adorable! I want to rush to the humane society!

Kim Kasch said...

Congrats on the new addition to the family 'cause that's what a puppy is.

And I love the new name.

Kate said...

She's beautiful. You're lucky to have each other. Enjoy!

Rena said...

She's so adorable, Kelly! I love the picture of you and the Easter bunny too.

Sliding on the Edge said...

I've rescued cats and dogs for years. I live in a rural area that people often use to abandon pets. Once I even chased a car after the driver let out a very frightened dog along our road. Got his driver's license and reported him. The dog that turned out to be a wonderful friend lived with us until he died.
Glad to see others care about the animals.

Anonymous said...

hi kelly - loved daisy story and the fishing story - beth