Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Tune for Tuesday Tribute on Rock Band

The drummer of one of my favorite bands (and my son's most fave band) died unexpectedly last week. Jimmy Sullivan, known as The Rev, of Avenged Sevenfold died on December 28 of natural causes (autopsy results so far are inconclusive). He was only 28.
The main reason this band appeals to me is because of the manic drumbeats and guitar riffs. The Rev was also a big part of the music writing. I'm saddened that this band will be forever changed by his death. I am glad I was able to see him play live twice in concert.
My ten year old son and I played one of Avenged Sevenfold's hit songs, "Afterlife," on Rockband 2 on the Wii for a tribute (and hey, Rock Band is fun!).
If you ever wondered how you play Rock Band, the kit comes with a microphone, drum set, and guitar. You can choose to just sing, just drum, just guitar, or a mix of any two or three. (I think you can also add a guitar for the bass or rhythm as well.) You can buy other games with different songs, too.
On this video you can see J-Man drumming according to colors. The orange bar tells him when to press on the drum pedal. The words are written across the top for me to sing. If there was a guitar, the screen would be split in two.
Here's J-Man and I playing "Afterlife." Can you tell we are sporting our Avenged Sevenfold tshirts? Also, that isn't a real cat on my couch, it's my daughter's Furreal cat. One or two of my doggies may be seen in the vid though.
(Disclaimer: I have never claimed to be a singer of the professional sort ;)
Go to Sherrie, Donna, or Debra's blog for real talented singers!!

Here is the band's music video of "Afterlife."

RIP Jimmy.


Sharon Mayhew said...

Sorry to hear about Jimmy. Gosh he was young.

Thanks for the lesson on rock band. We don't have that game yet.

Kimber said...

J-man has obviously graduated past "easy" on the drums, which is pretty impressive. If they would take out the foot pedal I might be able to get through easy. I'm the guitar person in the house. Too funny and an excellent tribute to a drummer.

Denise said...

I didn't know that happened. That's sad. Nice tribute!

Bish Denham said...

That is so cool that you sing and play with your son!

Unfortunately the vid of the band is no longer available for viewing.

Kelly said...

Sharon- It is a fun game for the parents and kids to do together.
Kimber - The foot pedal makes my foot hurt, so I'm usually the singer, sometimes guitarist!
Denise - Thank you, kind sister.
Bish - Thanks! I just fixed the second video!

PJ Hoover said...

We got Lego and Beatles Rock Band and love them. I could seriously play for hours.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I've heard of that game, but my son hasn't asked for it. I don't know if I'd be a cool enough mom to jam out with him, though. :)

Myra said...


Kelly H-Y said...

Sorry to hear about that ... I like how both you and your son were able to pay him tribute together.

Shelli said...


Anonymous said...

28 is toooo young. *sigh*

I love that you are so unafraid to put yourself out there on youtube singing! and btw - nice pipes! I don't know the song, but sounds like you were right on pitch!

Happy New Year!!


Keri Mikulski said...

So sorry... So young. Love your tribute.


Kelly said...

PJ-We got RB Lego too. Fun! I want the Beatles one next!!
Shannon- I bet you would if you got it! :)
Myra- Thank you, thank you!
Kelly - We had fun playing one of our fave songs by the band!
Shelli- Definitely RIP.
Donna- Yes 28 is so terribly young. And thank you, you are too kind!
Keri- Yup, we were bummed. Not tearing up bummed, but just bummed that a talented musician was gone.

Anita said...

KELLY: You are such a great mom. Our dead family fish (William Henry) is still in our freezer waiting to be buried after months of being dead, and here you are helping your son mourn someone you didn't even know. You rock in more ways than one! And excellent singing!

MG Higgins said...

Wow, those are some amazing riffs. And great tats! You and your son are adorable. He must think you're the coolest mom in the world.

Kelly said...

Anita- Bury that fish! (we flush ours!) And thank you kindly!
MG- My son hasn't ever told me I'm cool, but he has told me numerous times that I'm weird! :)

Monique said...

I loved Jimmy so much he was one of my insperations behind my writing and poetry, he was so creative ans such a free spirit. Avenged Sevenfold are my favotie band, Jimmy will foREVer be in my heart, I hope you and your son are both staying strong, although the band will never be the same with out The Rev, and you may already know, the band are hoping to release a new album in July and they have a tourdate on July 25 in Canada, i hope this makes you smile they are doing the rev proud xoxo