Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Things I Like

Paul Michael Murphy of Murphblog made a list of things he likes and has encouraged other bloggers to do so. Tracy, Anita, MG Higgins, and more have followed in this internet sensation. So, I will too. And you should too! Come on, everyone's doing it!

I'll start by saying of course God, family, friends are first in my heart, but here are some every day things that this girl likes (and is thankful for).

1. Snuggling

2. Fountain Coca Cola

3. Being close to the stage at a concert

4. Chocolate Cake from Red Lobster or Portillo's

5. Facebook

6. The Soup on E! (Joel McHale is hilarious.)

7. Arched eyebrows

8. My iPod

9. Sunny 74 degree days

10. My bed

11. Laughing

12. Buddy the Elf

13. Puppies (especially mine)

14. Super Target

15. Hoop earrings

16. Red lipstick (only on special occasions or my kids faces would always be covered in red)

17. Singing and/or listening to rock n' roll music (especially MCR, Crue, Foo, A7X, Killers, Papa Roach, Buckcherry and more)

18. Top three rockstars: Nikki Sixx, Dave Grohl, Gerard Way

19. Chinese food specifically egg rolls and Hong Kong Chicken

20. Finishing a poem or a manuscript

21. Loving a book so much I can't put it down

22. Photographs

23. Creme brulee with fresh berries around it

24. Comedies (tv shows and movies)

25. Top Three Actors: Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Matthew McConaughey

26. The smell of burning leaves

27. The smell of my kids hair when it's just washed

28. Ketchup (we go through a huge jug a month)

29. Chocolate milk

30. Sarcasm (that's not hurtful)

31. Did I mention concerts?

32. Wii (especially Wii Fit and Rock Band)

33. Commenting and comments on blogs ;)

34. 35. I also like music videos and.... I like to move it, move it!


Kelly said...

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!

Solvang Sherrie said...

Great list!
We just watched Elf last night. That movie has me rolling every time :)

Kelly said...

Sherrie- I know! I know what's coming, and it's still funny every single time!

Sharon Mayhew said...

I love Elf!!!! I think I know what I'm doing while I cook on Thursday. Have a super holiday, Kelly!

Anonymous said...

good list! I did the same thing on my Sunday post, but didn't realize there was an internet sensation about it! :)

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Kim Kasch said...

Love the list!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Rena said...

What a great list! I'll have to check the other links you put up as well. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Kelly!

adrienne said...

I love that scene from Madagascar. And we've got to watch Elf this weekend!!
Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Paul Michael Murphy said...

A fine list. Fountain Coke is damn good.

Anita said...

I love your list!

It's funny, because when I was watching the linked video, I was picturing you dancing instead of the character (can't remember his name!)!

I think the first time I ever came to your blog was when you had the dancing montage...you were in all these places dancing. I remember telling my husband and kids about it, saying you seem so "normal" like me (hah!) and here you are dancing and posting it. I'll have to find that on your blog again now that I know you better!

Lilfix said...

Kelly...Great list! Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Lori Degman said...

Great list! I'll take the dare and make one myself but I know I'll constantly be saying "oh, I should have added..." for days!

Hope your Thanksgiving was great!!

Kelly said...

Thanks all! I still have to watch Elf this season! Maybe this week!
Anita - That's so funny that your first visit was my video! I'm so glad you kept coming back despite my goofiness! :)

TerryLynnJohnson said...

I LOVE this Move it video - Madagascar is one of my favorite movies, one that I didn't mind watching 50 times with the kids. Thanks.

Anita said...

Yeah...I kept thinking you were going to put up a dancing video every week or something!

Myra said...

12, 21, 23 - YES.

Anonymous said...

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