Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday, December 1

Can you believe it is December already? Where does the time go? This week I'll be putting up my Christmas decorations. Luckily my kids are wonderful about helping me put the tree and ornaments up while listening to Elvis, Jewel, and Chicago Christmas carols. I still need to buy that Weezer Christmas CD....I also know seven people that have a birthday today (four friends, my cousin, my goddaughter and my grandma!). Happy Birthday!
Today is also World Aids Day. I'm wearing red today to commemorate it. I also became a fan of (RED) on Facebook, you can also go RED on Twitter too! Click here to see other RED products that support AIDS programs in Africa. Also, find more info at my last year's World Aids Day post!
Today's Tune for Tuesday is by the band, Creed. I think you either love or hate Creed. I so loved that band in its heyday. I spent way too much money on a concert ticket to see them once, because it was sold out. It was a great concert, but I cringe thinking how much I spent to go. I have also seen the lead singer, Scott Stapp, solo in concert (for much less money and much better seats). I went to a concert to see INXS (with the new lead singer, JD from the Rockstar:INXS show), and Scott Stapp happened to be opening for them! Speaking of him, I have read that he's a bit of a d-bag, and that may have contributed to Creed's break up. The other members formed a band called Alter Bridge with another lead singer for a while. But now Creed is back together, and hopefully Scott is more amiable. But the guy does have a great voice!
Some of my favorite Creed songs are "My Own Prison," "With Arms Wide Open," and "My Sacrifice." When my oldest son was 2 1/2 and in a Mom and Me class with me, the children would take turns picking songs for the class to sing. Usually it was "Wheels on the Bus" or "Itsy Bitsy Spider." J-Man stood up and sang the chorus to "My Sacrifice!"
Today's tunes for Tuesday are by Creed. One current song and one from 1998.
"One" is an inspirational song (and my favorite Creed song) that fits World Aids Day.

"Rain" is their newest release from their album Full Circle. (and it's the title of the song, not the hunky singer/actor that Ello keeps posting about ;)


Bish Denham said...

Cool! Finally a band I know. My hubby and I both liked Creed enough to buy their first album. I'm glad they're back together.

Kelly H-Y said...

Thanks for the heads-up to wear RED!!! Happy Xmas decorating!!

wordwranglernc said...

I used to have a crush on Creed. Well, really just a crush on Scott Stapp. But when I found out some of the stuff you've alluded to, the crush suddenly disappeared.

That being said - he still has a coolio voice. :)

Rock on! :)


Becky Monroe said...

I love Creed! Abby really appreciated your call last night! :)

Kelly said...

Bish- Yes, it is good to see a great band get back together!
Kelly- Thank you, you too!
Donna- I used to think the guitarist, Mark Tremonti, was so cute! But, yes, Scott has an amazing voice.
Becky - And all that time in the car from Florida and not one Creed came up on the iPOD! :) Hope Abby had a great bday!

Anita said...

Husband and I have this thing where I say how much I would spend to NOT have to see someone in concert. For example, I would pay $50.00 to NOT have to see Kenny Rogers in concert.

adrienne said...

I love the story about your son's song choice! Way cooler than Wheels on the Bus...

Shelli said...

gosh its almost 2010! holy crapola

Christina Farley said...

Have fun decorating for Christmas!

Rena said...

Cool post, Kelly! I saw Beads4Life did something for RED on Facebook as well.

Keri Mikulski said...

Great stuff, Kelly!! ;) Thanks for the tune and enjoy decorating! :)

Angela said...

We just put up the tree here as well...it's always a great time of year.

TerryLynnJohnson said...

Great band - you have awesome videos on your blog!
I did not know that about the red. Thanks.

Kelly said...

Anita- Ha! Yes, there are plenty of artists (country, rap) that I would pay not to sit through! :)
Adrienne- I had to giggle when he did that!!
Shelli- I'm freaking out because there are only 19 more shopping days! I gotta get on it!
Christina-Thank you! We did the tree yesterday!!

Kelly said...

Rena- That is cool, I didn't see that!
Keri-Thanks! Have the decorating about done!
Angela- Love it!
Terri- Thanks! Usually on Tuesdays I share a music video. Mostly so I can waste time looking for one I like :).