Monday, December 8, 2008

Analyze This

On last week’s blog, I showed this writing sample for Shelby to analyze. She sent me a very thorough step by step explanation. I thought I would write her summary. I was very impressed by her analysis! Thanks again, Shelby!
“Overall, the writing sample reflects an intelligent individual who is happy, healthy, and optimistic. The clear script with controlled pressure is a sign of good physical health. The most prominent details are the upward slant and consistent spacing between words, indicating that the writer has ambitious goals and dreams, and a positive outlook on life. The writer also has a need for privacy, when appropriate. The medium lower loops as found in the lowercase y and g indicate that while the writer is usually active and productive, there is also a need for relaxation and recharging of batteries. The wrapping of the crossbar in the K found in the signature suggests a warm, affectionate individual. The position of the signature in relation to the body of the text indicates honesty and reliability. In conclusion, the writer expresses a joy in living and a belief that things will always get better. There is a strong desire to accomplish many things, so feelings of frustration may surface at times. The writer is a confident, well-balanced individual whose unending ambition can lead to great success.”

Her analysis was pretty much on target. I am a glass half-full person. I am determined, but can get frustrated at times (how can’t you with the competitive business of writing?). I do truly feel that perseverance will lead to a goal accomplished. I am extremely affectionate with my family and hope my friends consider me to be warm and loyal. I also like to get things done, then need to recharge, too (AKA nap). Excellent work, Shelby!

Did you notice I have the I’m Buying Books for the Holidays banner on the right? When we go to a child's birthday party, I usually make sure I have a book with the gift. I didn’t usually do that with the adults on my list though. This year I have been purchasing books to help boost the economy in the publishing world. Mother Reader has some great ideas to pair a book with a gift for the holidays. Here are a few ideas:
1. A biography or autobiography of a musician with a CD or Itunes gift card.
2. Any dinosaur book (I love Jane Yolen’s) with a plastic or stuffed dino.
3. A DVD of a movie (or movie tickets) with a copy of the book it is based on.
4. A cookbook with a gift card to a grocery store
5. A book on going green with a reusable shopping bag or energy saving light bulbs

You get the picture! My ideas are very general, Mother Reader has lists and lists of great ideas with specific titles. Check it out!


Kim Kasch said...

Oh... now I can't wait to read what Shelby has to say to me...

Buying books, sometimes I think I could support the entire publishing industry - I buy so many books.

Angela said...

How cool is that? And wow, you have great handwriting...I'd hate to know what my scribbling has to say about me, lol!

Gottawrite Girl said...

I second that... great handwriting. You and my husband, who writes more perfectly than any woman I've ever known!!! Love me some dinosaurs, too, and coffee table books about artists like Maxwell Parish!!!

: )

Thanks, Kelly!

Solvang Sherrie said...

What a great analysis! Don't you wish all your critiques were as wonderful?

Brenda said...

I love these gift ideas...I just purchased some crockpot cookbooks for a few friends...I think I'm going to get some of those traveling insulated containers to with them...Thanks for the ideas...

adrienne said...

What a nice analysis!

I love your idea of pairing a gift with a book that relates to it.

keri mikulski :) said...

Great ideas..

And the handwriting analysis - amazing and freaky.

Rena said...

You have great handwriting, Kelly. I liked Shelby's reply too.

Your gift ideas are great and I love how you include books in each one. I'm giving a lot of books this year as well.

Oh, speaking of books, Target sells like pre-bound books in kits that kids can fill in. These are already done up, so they don't have to mail them off later. I saw them in the arts & crafts section. I'm thinking of getting them for my boys, since they love writing stories and making up little books of their own.

Ello said...

I can't have my handwriting analyzed. I have been told that I have the handwriting of a serial killer... or a doctor.