Monday, April 4, 2011

Dear Diary 5

If you missed the Diary of a With It Kid entries, see my aspirations here, puke entry here, and fourth grade entry here, and how Anne Frank helped my love life here.
Next is the ups and downs of a short lived junior high romance. Here are true excerpts from my diary of a three day romance with a seventh grader when I began my eighth grade year. Middle grade authors take note for your stories. Except kids don't say babe anymore do they? List babelicious terms of 2011 in the comments. Hottie? Shawty? (and none of these terms can be applied to my dorky eighth grade basketball picture to the left. They didn't call me Too Tall Maple for nothin'!)

August 28

Hi! We started school yesterday. Yesterday was kind of boring. Today was better. I like Todd again (he's a 7th grader). I call him Toddy Woddy (I called him that on our school trip to Springfield in July). So he calls me Kelly Welly. I guess that's better than Smelly Kelly. I don't know if he likes me. I doubt it. We talked at the end of school (at 3:30) mostly about Springfield. When I had study hall (but I have to do math to get ready for my night classes at the high school). Yes, I was a brain. Mrs. Reynolds left the door open so I could see Todd (he was eating lunch). I waved. He waved back. After lunch they (his friends) stood around (in front of the door) & he goes, "Want this?" (he was holding his half eaten sandwich). I go, "No thanks." I should have taken the sandwich! It was probaby pb&j! Mr. Mills stood by them and came in and joked around and said, "I'm sorry are we bothering you?" He left. Then Todd waved bye and left. Todd is a babe!

August 29

Hi! Today we had our first student council meeting. I was Ms. President. We're having a dance Sept 14. I hope it's a good dance. Isn't any dance a good dance? Todd was kind of a jerk today - whenever he's with Ryan he's a jerk. Ryan's only nice when he's alone too. Toddy is a babe!

August 31

Hello! I can't see Todd for 3 whole days! Mike and Chad know I like Todd so he'll probably know by Tuesday. I talked to him pretty much at school. Usually about stuff like the Springfield trip. Can you please think of another topic to talk to him about, Kelly? Tonight Jon called (he sounded like Todd at first - my heart skipped a couple of beats). Drama! He liked Becky. He told me to call her and ask her out fo him. I called her and she felt bad because of this (and boy I did too) but she said no. We talked a long time to figure out a way to tell him. Finally I called him and told him the truth. That's all folks! Todd is a massive babe!

September 4

Guess what! I'm goin' with Todd! Isn't that super! He's such a babe! Mary Kate and Jenny ran up to me in the hall & said, "Will you go out with Todd?" I go, "ha ha!" cuz I thought they were joking but then they told me what they said to him. I go, "Yes, of course!" They ran to tell him & now I'm goin' with him. Mary Kate and Dawn won for 8th grade Student Council representatives. It was a spectacular day! Todd is a babe! Should I end all my blog posts with "My hubby is a babe?"

September 5

Todd was a babe as usual today. That's just funny! We talked in the halls pretty much. I wrote him a note he said he'd write me a note by 8th hour. He didn't he said he was sorry & promised me one tomorrow so I guess I'll get the note tomorrow.

September 7

Sorry I didn't write yesterday. I'm so polite to my diary. Todd finally wrote me a note yesterday. I was so happy yesterday. We didn't talk a whole lot but we talked. Well, anyway, here's the bad news. Today he broke up. Everything was going fine (well, at least I thought). I wrote him a note like every day Um, which means three whole days straight. I asked him "So do you wanna write back?" He said, "Yeah. I guess so." Then I saw him in the halls and say hi. He said hi. Riveting conversations! Dawn and I filled up the vending machine. He passed and I said "Hi." He said "Hi." I said, "Note?" Man, I put the pressure on writing notes! He shook his head and said "Well, not yet." Then 8th hour Dawn and I were by the L.C. Todd was talking to Mike and when Mike was leaving Todd said, "Don't say anything!" Then Matt and Todd were by the books and I heard Todd say, "Don't tell her yet!" So I kind of knew. Then Matt comes up to me and goes "Todd wants to break up." I go "OK." Then I thought he was going to leave but he said, "Because he doesn't know you that well" I guess I should have talked more than about the darn Springfield trip! I said, "Okay" again & Matt left. When Mike broke up with me in 7th grade I cried (well, tears came down). Not a tear this time. Well, I felt like I was going to when I told my friends. Well, I cried a little when I was listening to some music Which was probably Air Supply, Chicago or Duran Duran at the time. and looking through his picture and note. Way to torture yourself, Kelly. And the note! What is up with the significance of the notes?! I guess I still do like him, but I'll probably know for sure Monday.


Well, I definitely don't like Todd anymore. I like Allan again. HA! The fickle heart of a 13 year old.

Oops! I almost forgot! Chris is a babe! (Chris is my hubby). Like totally.


Bish Denham said...

These entries crack me up! How in the world did you survive middle school riding such an emotional roller coaster?

Katie Mills said...

too frickin cute!! I loved the way every post ended with 'Todd's a babe' LOL. And I remember how make ups and break ups were done through friends. Hahaha, priceless.

Lydia K said...

Ah, middle school love. It brings back memories! Thanks for sharing your "babe" with us!

Kelly said...

Bish- I wonder! I think with the support of my two bff's that are still my bff's today!
Katie - Yes, friends did all the dirty work!
Lydia - Ha! If he only knew he was being featured on a blog today!

Scott Stefanc said...

Yes! It is good to see that someone as popular and well liked as Kelly ;) was just as tormented as the rest of us! LOL Seriously, Jr. High and HS were horrible for me. I don't know how I made it through all of the rejections. Particularly harsh was freshman year. Oh, well! I survived and now have a wonderful family. However, I will try my best so that my son isn't as "emotionally scarred" as me. Thanks for sharing, Kelly!

Denise Maple said...

Smelly Kelly, such fun. I wish I had kept my diary!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

LOL! Yep, definitely an MGer. Love it. :-)

MG Higgins said...

Ha! I'm with Bish. I don't know if I could have survived school with so much drama!

Lola Sharp said...

I love when you post these. :)

I hope this makes Chris's day!


Kate said...

Kelly you are too funny! I love this. I had totally forgotten how people never talk when their dating in jr high, they have there friends moderate everything. I'm so glad that's over.

Oh, and Kelly is a babe!

Kelly said...

Scott - Yeah, I'm pretty sure every kid in jr. high have their insecure moments. I know I did! I also did not like my first week of high school, but after that I liked it. I wish teens were kinder though. It would be easier on everyone!
Denise - I'm sure I read your diary at some point! Ha!
Shannon- I love reading it to remind me how much drama I caused for myself and bring that to my mg characters.
Mel - I know I created some of that drama! :)
Lola - I actually call him Babe as a term of endearment!
Kate - Hee and thank you!!! Maybe I should have my friends come over and moderate my kids' arguments!

Anita said...

KELLY: You need to publish these...they are sooo funny...I'm sitting here with tears literally rolling down my face. I think I love this so much because it's not just you, it's me (only I'm short and I think Joel is the babe).

Melissa Gill said...

I'd forgotten that boys never asked the girl directly, it was always relayed through friends, or notes.

Great stuff.

Lindsay N. Currie said...

Oh geez this was adorable. It brought back such a rush of memories of first crushes:) And, It looks like the main theme here was "Todd is a babe!" LOL

C.R. Evers said...

Adorable! I'd give my right eye to find one of my old diaries.

So, are you facebook friends with Toddy Woddy? ;0) lol

Christina Lee said...

This is adorrrrrrrable--I loved reading thesw, BABE! *wink*:-)

Kim Kasch said...

There's a story there. A drama:middle-school-movie of the week :)

DEZMOND said...

as I said before, your early years have been a true soap opera :)

Kimber said...

Kelly, I'm fairly sure my 6yr old stepdaughter just told me the same story.

I love reading these, and of course figuring out which "Toddy Woddy" that could be. :) Because I swear, my diary looks the same - except I was devoted to Mike B. I had a serious thing for his red sweater.

Laura Pauling said...

Too funny. You should definitely end all your posts with Chris is a babe! :)

Tina Laurel Lee said...

Too funny! I was going to say exactly what Laura just said!

Susan Fields said...

I love when you post your diary excerpts, Kelly - they always make me laugh out loud!

Kelly said...

Anita - I'm glad I wasn't the only boy crazy one. My 8 yr old just read through some of my jr. high entries and called me a "player!"
Yeah, right! And why does my 8 yr old know the term player anyway?!
Melissa - Good stuff to remember when writing middle school romance!
Lindsay - That about sums it up!
Christy - I'm not fb friends with Todd. I really didn't know him that well!! (he was right!) But I am fb friends with everyone else mentioned!
Christina - Thanks, babe!
Kim - I so agree. That's why I'm posting them to get me in the middle grade mind frame to write!
Dez - Drama it was.
Kimber - I can't remember if Todd went to Antioch with us! I'll check...
Laura & Tina - I think my hubby would like that!
Susan - Glad to make you giggle! :)

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Kelly....I adore these posts! You must have been a fun teenager. :)

Missed Periods said...

I feel like these entries could have come straight out of my junior high diary.

Her highness, Samantha VĂ©rant said...

Kelly, you are a BABE! These are hysterical and I'm glad (and I'm sure your husband is too) that you don't like Toddy Woddy anymore...

Suzanne Casamento said...

HILARIOUS! I love the way friends asked people out and dumped them for their friends. Nobody did their own dirty work. Too funny!

But what did Todd's note say?!

alexia said...

So cute! I love these journal entries. I wish I had kept up with one.

Theresa Milstein said...

I kept thinking, don't ask about the note. You're pushing him away!!!!! (Even if is a babe.)

My husband is a babe too.

Kelly Hashway said...

Old diaries are priceless! I love this. I remember having a crush in 7th grade and the boy broke my heart too.

Solvang Sherrie said...

These diary entries are just HILARIOUS! I'm so glad you're sharing them because they totally take me back in time. Love it!!

Kelly said...

Sharon - I know I had fun!
Missed P- Junior high drama is somewhat universal!
Sam - Toddy who? Long forgotten. :)
Suz - I wish I would have stuck the note in the diary or something. It probably said "Hi."
Alexia - I wish I had one from high school.
Theresa - I know! I was a nagging girlfriend!
Kelly - And the broken hearts only make us stronger.
Sherrie - Fun to look back, and I don't miss the drama!