Sunday, December 6, 2009


I love to laugh, and I'll share some things that made me giggle this week.
1. Rihanna and Shy Ronnie
Did anyone watch SNL last night? I watched the first fifteen minutes or so and this SNL Digital Short made me laugh. Andy Samberg is always so funny, and Rihanna has an incredible voice. This is goofy, but the song is actually pretty catchy, too. I can't get this song out of my head. Now I'll be singing "Speak up!" for days. (the clip is PG-13)

Adrienne posted about this My Life is Average website and I've checked it several times since. It cracks me up. A sample MLIA post:
"Today I got a papercut opening a Bandaid box. MLIA."

3. I've mentioned that the tv show, The Soup, makes me laugh every time I watch it. Another favorite is How I Met Your Mother. My third favorite comedy show this year is the new one, Modern Family. Anyone else watch it? The dad is deadpan funny!

4. My pups
I dressed up my dogs for a holiday picture. Don't they look cute? My son said it was animal cruelty to do this to them, but it made me laugh anyway. But I only made them wear these silly outfits for ten minutes. Daisy, my puppy, really did act like she was humiliated, so I felt slightly bad. Goofy, my old dog, didn't mind, but probably because she's blind and didn't realize how ridiculous she and Daisy looked!

5. Tabitha at Writer Musings is having an amazing book giveaway. Go to her blog and comment and/or follow and you can win one of three piles of awesome books!! That will make you smile!

What made you laugh lately?


Anonymous said...

I watched my kiddos trying to whack a pinata into oblivion tonight along with a few dozen other little kiddos, tweens and teens. After my 5 year old approached the pinata and almost killed it (okay, it's not really dead, but you know what I mean), one of our youth came up to me and said with a grin, "I can't babysit your kids again. I'm afraid." LOL!! The daughter in question is only 5. :)

The posada was fabulous all around. Much laughter and love!

Anonymous said...

It's late. forgive the repeat of the age of my child in the last comment. going to bed now...


Bish Denham said...

Love the video! Hysterical. I think you're right in your doggy psychology analysis.

Kelly said...

Donna-Kids love pinatas, don't they? And there's always a pinata incident on America's Funniest HOme videos!!
Bish-Hee! I know, I dressed them to amuse myself and the kids, but the dogs were so not amused!

Shelli said...

OMG the dogs are adorable!

Anita said...

Video was hilarious!

My three youngest and I were at my oldest daughter's spelling bee last week. It was in a large auditorium and the kids were all very quiet, behaving. We were sitting waaaay up high in the back. Well, this one kid gets up and the pronouncer says that the word she is giving is a homophone, so she's going to give the definition so there's no confusion. Then the pronouncer gives the definition of "tutor," and my 8-year-old daughter looks at me and starts laughing, because the homophone of tutor would be tooter, which is what we call someone with gas. Oh my, we were laughing like crazy and then, I'm not kidding, the kid behind us lets out a loud fart. It was unbearably funny, espacially since we were all trying to be quiet.

Anita said...

P.S. Our kids are always dressing the cat and he's never happy about it.

Kelly said...

Shelli - Thank you!!
Anita- That is so funny! Especially the toot exclamation at the end! (We say toot for gas in our house too.)

Nora MacFarlane said...

MLIA gave me several belly laughs! BTW, your dog in the back is embarrassed. That's why he's hiding. LOL!

Kim Kasch said...

Love the Santa Paws! I know my cat was not so happy and I only made her wear her hat for a minute or two - just until my son could snap a photo - I'm one mean mama :(

Christina Farley said...

When Luke was in his copying mode and decided to eat a salad because I was. For once, I modeled something healthy!

MG Higgins said...

Oh, now I sooo want to dress up my cat for Christmas. (He'd hate me but he's annoyed with us most of the time anyway, so it will be worth it.)

Sliding on the Edge said...

The pups will forgive you. I'm sure they have a great sense of humor.

Kelly said...

Nora -She really is embarrassed!!
Christina- Now that is awesome! My daughter loves salads, if only my boys did!
MG-do it then post a pic! :)
Sliding- I hope they forgave me. They still try to lick my face, so I think they did!

sruble said...

Just had to say, your puppies are soooo cute!