Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mtv Movie Awards Wrap Up

I DVR’d Sunday’s Mtv Movie Awards and watched it in two sittings. (I don’t watch my programs until after the children are in bed, and I am glad my kids did not catch any peeks of this! It was downright raunchy at times.) The Mtv Movie Awards are one of my favorite award shows of the year. It’s silly, the host is usually hilarious, the awards are quirky, and they usually have a few cool musical guests on. They did not disappoint this year.
Here is a random wrap up of this year’s Mtv Movie Awards. I’m not listing all the winners (who do I look like, Martha Quinn?), but for a complete list, look here.
1. Andy Samberg is so freaking funny! The SNL regular was this year’s host. His skits and commentary made me laugh out loud several times during the show.
Here’s his Twilight spoof.

2. Yes, Megan Fox is hot. But man, her hair did not look good tonight. Also, she was a sourpuss when Andy Samberg mentioned her in his opening song. Lighten up, girl!
3. Robert Pattinson, Robert Pattinson, Robert Pattinson. Man, that guy was all over the place! He got mentions from winners of awards, he or Twilight won several awards, and the camera panned to him several times during the show. (And I’m not complaining.)
4. Robert Pattinson. (again) When he and Cam Gigandett won Best Fight award, he gave all credit to his stunt double for the scene. He said Cam would most definitely kick his butt in real life. (He's humble AND hunky?) Believe it or not though, I'm Team Jacob! Taylor Lautner was also at the show.
5. My mouth dropped open at this shocking and funny part. Sascha Baron Cohen (of Borat fame) played Bruno (which is the main character of his next film) presenting an award. Bruno was “flying” across the audience and ended up falling on rapper Eminem. I had no idea if it was planned or not, but Eminem did NOT seem amused. (Though I heard the next day it was staged.)Here’s a clip (don’t watch with children). I was just laughing saying, “OMG!”

6. Yay! A sneak peek of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Can’t wait for that one! Also the trailer for New Moon! Very cool.
7. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds presented the Best Kiss award (to, of course, Edward and Bella). Sandra and Ryan were so darn cute. They have a movie out called The Proposal.
8. LeAnn Rimes, Chris Isaak, and Forest Whitaker beautifully sang silly songs from Saturday Night Live’s digital shorts including the …in a box one that Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg made famous. LeAnn Rimes has some pipes! Her voice is beautiful!
10. Ben Stiller received the Generation Award. Ben Stiller is quite the movie star comedian. I forgot how many funny movies he has starred in (Something About Mary, Meet the Parents, Tropic Thunder to name just a few).
11. Kristen Stewart won Best Female Performance for Twilight. As she was accepting her popcorn award, it catapulted out of her hands. She adlibbed, “So, I was just about as awkward as you thought I was going to be! Bye!"
12. Lastly, they had this funny yellow guy with a popcorn head on stage walking around with the winners. He was just....goofy yet perfect for the show!

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the oldest person watching Mtv. I figure as long as some of the guests are older than me I’m good (but not too many…let’s see, Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey, Denzel Washington, Sandra Bullock, Will Ferrell…not sure anyone else??). Also, I grew up with Mtv. I had that channel on continuously the day we had cable until I went away to college. Then in my college dorm room, for some reason we only got two channels: Mtv and CBS. So at least I could watch my soap opera and music videos between my studies and extra curriculars. Mtv is just ingrained in my mind forever.
If you want to watch the awards for yourself, they are on again and again on Mtv (Saturday at 2pm and 9pm Central time, Sunday 5pm Central time).


Rena said...

Thanks for the wrap up, Kelly. I don't watch the show anymore. I'm such an old fogey! I did read about the Eminem thing being staged though. Saw one picture online and that was enough for me. LOL!

Kim Kasch said...

Those were fun - I didn't watch it so thanks.

Big Plain V said...

Thank you, Kelly, for this valuable public service. I feel like I should send you a check or something, so, shoot me your email, I guess.

Bish Denham said...

I don't watch award shows in general and I don't get MTv but...I heard about the Bruno thing and in looking at the video it certainly looks like it would have had to have been staged/planned.

Like, Rena, I must be getting old too. I don't get it. It has no entertainment value for me.

Ello said...

Ok - I laughed my butt off on that Eminem bit!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! I think it was staged and his bodyguards were all in on it so that they were pushing him around, but man it didn't make Eminem look good with him stomping off so mad. I wonder if he didn't realize Sasha Cohen's butt was going to be exposed and so that pissed him off? All I can say is OMG!!!!

C.R. Evers said...

I didn't watch it, but I've seen plenty of footage of the Eminem thing.

Thnx for the wrap up!

Tee Brown said...

Denzel Washington was there???

Myra said...

I am also Team Jacob! And I'll probably end up going to jail one day, because the actor that plays him is way too cute to be a minor.

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