Thursday, May 5, 2011

This and That Thursday


Thanks for all of your great comments on Monday's Dance Off post. It was close, but I beat Anita! I was worried, because I forgot to wear my white glove for the dance. More dance challenges September-December!

Have you seen Heather Kelly's new Twitter Game? She is posting fun writerly hashtags for us to tweet. Yesterday's was #dontwakemeamwriting . Looking forward to the next one! Watch for the next Twittergame hashtag posted on blogs and of course Twitter. If you can't find the game, seek these ladies on Twitter: Heather (@HeatherGKelly), Kris (@KristineAsselin), Laura (@laurapauling),me (@kellypolark), Tina (@tinalaurellee), and Anita (she needs to get her butt on Twitter soon)!

Come play with us!

Oh my heck! You can read the first two chapters of Possession by Elana Johnson on her website! Awesome! And now I'm really anxiously awaiting the book release!
And guess what? Carolina Valdez Miller has an ARC of Possession to give away on her blog! I'm entering by golly, are you? Go to to enter!

I just started reading James Kennedy's The Order of Odd-Fish. Quirky and funny so far just as I figured because James is quite witty, too.

Have you heard of the band Sixx AM? Their hit "Life is Beautiful" was 2008's most played rock song. Motley Crue's bassist Nikki Sixx teamed up with guitarist DJ Ashba and lead singer James Michael for their second album, This is Gonna Hurt which released Tuesday. Nikki also released a book of "photography, music and life" with the same name last month. Singer James Michael had a Q&A on Facebook and I asked him what his favorite band to see live was. His answer: Papa Roach! One of my fave bands to see live! They are so energetic!
Here is Sixx AM's single "Lies of the Beautiful People." Photos from Nikki's book are featured in the video.

It's okay to be different.