Monday, May 9, 2011

I Love You More Than...


I hope you all had a fabulous Mother's Day weekend. Mine was busy and wonderful! One of my gifts was a school-made booklet made by my daughter. The class read the book Moss Gown by William H. Hooks and then created their own "I Love You More Than" page. The pages were copied and brought together for a booklet for each mom. I love it!
At the end there is also a Top Ten List on Why I Love My Mom. My daughter's number ten? I love my mom because she is weird! She knows me so well. Do you see what her contribution to the Love book was at the top? I love you more than poetry loves its rhymes. Again, she knows me so well!

Check out these other fun, cute entries in the booklet:
The Biebs is everywhere!
And I love you more than a blogger loves comments. :)

Do you have any more writerly I love you more thans? Leave in the comments!

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