Thursday, May 12, 2011

Chelsea Lately

Book signing + champagne + laughter + stand up = FUN

Yesterday my friend Sue and I went to Chicago to see the quick-witted Chelsea Handler. Chelsea has two shows on E! - Chelsea Lately and After Lately. If you haven't seen her on TV, she is blunt, inappropriate, but funny as heck! Chelsea is also a best-selling author, and we attended a book signing for her latest, Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me which is cowritten by Chelsea's family and coworkers. I'm sure it will be filled with crazy stories about this crazy girl.

Here's Chelsea at Macy's signing. She signed 500 books including ours! She looks exactly like she does on TV and shares the same dry sense of humor with her fans.

After the signing, we went to her standup show which also featured comedians Brad Wollack, Heather McDonald, and Josh Wolf from Chelsea Lately. Sue and I laughed and laughed. We both decided Heather and Josh were the funniest of the night.

Here's a clip from her popular show on E! with the very funny Will Ferrell. And for Lola and Carol click here with her interview with Jared Leto. And speaking of Carol and Jared, I'll be seeing both (plus Erica) at another concert in a few weeks! No blood will be shed like last time.

My top five comedians are Joel McHale, Daniel Tosh, Chelsea Handler, Will Ferrell, and Tina Fey. Who makes you LOL? (Sidenote: My dad thought LOL was "Lots of Love" until recently...)

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