Thursday, December 2, 2010

This and That Thursday

1. Have you checked to see if you were one of seventeen winners in the Critterpalooza contest? Check the winners here. Congrats to LadyJai who I will be sending a Poetry Pack of Poetrees by Douglas Florian and Stampede by Laura Salas. Douglas and Laura were kind enough to send signed nameplates to go with the book as well.

2. Now that I'm done with the first draft of my middle grade manuscript, I've been breaking it down chapter by chapter. Soon I'll send it to some readers. Maybe to a few agents come January.

3. Still getting the hang of Twitter. I participated (okay, lurked) at my first #yalitchat last night. I also tweeted Maggie Stiefvater about something and she replied back! That made my day! I've been enjoying following some fave rockers and comedians, too, and of course some of you fabulous people!
4. Another awesome webinar is being offered by agent Mark McVeigh! Check out the details HERE!

Both of my boys started their basketball season recently. So if I'm not at home, I'll be at the gym cheering them on or chauffering them to and from practice. My daughter's cheer season ends this weekend. She is competing at the state competition. Before she joined this year, I had no idea how involved cheerleading was these days! It is definitely a sport now. I do have to admit they are darn good for seven and eight year olds. I just showed my kids a video of me cheering in high school. We thought we were hot stuff doing a simple stunt. It's nothing compared to what stunts they do now, even in grade school! I'm thankful that my daughter is tall like me and will never be a flyer!

I'm loving the holiday tunes about now. I received Monster Christmas Ballads last year for Christmas. Yes, 80's hair bands singin' the carols. I have been playing a Christmas mix of My Chemical Romance, Smashing Pumpkins, Jewel, Elvis, No Doubt, Chicago plus my new rockin' ballads. Buckcherry just came out with a new Christmas tune, "Christmas is Here," which I promptly bought, too. Just because it's a holiday tune, doesn't mean it can't rock! See the picture for their Christmas single above. I tell you it took me forever to get that paint off my arse!
Speaking of Christmas, Sharon Mayhew gave me a heads up on something I need to put on my wish list. Anyone want to join me?
Who is your favorite holiday warbler?