Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Search me

I love hearing what search words bring people to their blog. Tell me what the funniest words that people googled and ended up at your blog.
And if you tell me yours, I'll tell you mine!
Fun Fact: I started this blog post almost a year ago and never posted it! I added a few more search words, but I will consider this a gift of Christmas Past.

Most common search words (besides my name) that lead people to this blog
How to Make Butterbeer (Thanks, Harry)
cinquain poem
Big Ticks
funny frog poems (you would not believe how many people search for this!)
cardinal poem (should I include in my query letter for my bird poetry collection that so many people search for this one?!)
I said Good Day!

Plus people search Mark McVeigh and Marietta Zacker and get to my blog interviews with them (yay!).

And of course searching names of rock bands also bring people to my blog (and then the teenager gasps at the picture of the somewhat middle aged lady on the right side of the blog and quickly exits).

Searches that made me laugh or cringe include
Addicted to Blood (and this search came from the Mayo Clinic!)
A Word that Rhymes with Saliva (ummmm, shmabiva?)
Spooky Rhyming Poems How to Cook a Teacher? (What?!)
Vampire Music (I do love music, and I do love vampires)
Kelly 14 Years Stripping (what kind of pervs am I attracting?)
Jacoby Shaddix's wife Kelly (No, I am not his wife, but I have seen him with his band Papa Roach in concert five times)
my wild and raunchy son (certainly not MY son!)
a cinquain poem that teachers don't know (somebody's trying to plagiarize?)
Son knaws on his arm (I'm not that bad of a cook)
"Heather Kelly" + dance (Heather are you holding out on us!?!)
few seconds of awesome (why yes, reading my blog would bring a few seconds of awesome to your day)
funny poems about Justin Beaver (so my hubby isn't the only one who thinks that's his name)
Jared Leto not aging (what is that guy's secret anyway?)
oldest person at a 30 Seconds to Mars concert (sheesh, don't everyone look at me at once!)
the family that headbangs together, stays together (yeah, baby!)

Okay, now your turn to share!