Sunday, August 23, 2009

Class of '89

This past weekend I had my 20 (yes, 20) year high school reunion. Twenty freaking years. Man, I don’t feel that old. But I am. But come to think of it, I do feel it after being out late two nights in a row and attending all four events of the weekend. We had a whirlwind of activities starting with a tour of the high school and a mixer on Friday night. Dinner on Saturday night. Family picnic on Sunday.
I had fun. A whole lotta fun. But now I’m tired. A whole lotta tired. I partied like it was 1989. Wait, I wasn’t old enough to party then. But you get the idea.
I did enjoy my high school years. I was involved in lots of extra curricular activities/sports, I had good grades, good friends, blah, blah, blah. It was so fun reconnecting with old friends and spending quality time with my best friends. My husband went to the same high school as well (but graduated in '88) so he had fun, too.

Here are some things I enjoyed in my years in high school.
Fave TV Shows: Roseanne, Cheers, Family Ties
Fave movies: About Last Night, Weird Science, Top Gun (c’mon, the volleyball scene!)
Fave bands: Def Leppard and Guns n Roses
Fave rockstar: Kip Winger
Fave actors: Michael J. Fox, Charlie Sheen (in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)
Fave food: burgers, pizza, Chinese food
Some things change, some things don't. I still love comedy sitcoms. I still love rock bands. I still love the same food!

In our yearbook, the seniors listed their h.s. activities and their"future plans."
My high school activities included student council, executive board, national honor society, homecoming court, yearbook staff, cheerleading, basketball, softball. I was a busy girl. But I do think extra curriculars do help kids stay out of trouble.
Here is what I wrote for my future plans:
"If my psychic powers are correct, I will graduate from college, become an elementary teacher, marry a goofy but cute guy, squeeze out a few puppies (one boy, one girl, 3 yrs apart) and never ever grow up!"
The funny thing is most of it came true! All except, I didn't forsee my third child then (but then again, he was a "surprise" bonus baby). And I did have to grow up after all.
In the top picture you can see all four of my student ID's. Slightly embarrassing. Here's a pic from my high school graduation and then a pic from last night.



Anita said...

Oh! How fun! I celebrated my 20 last year and it was such a good time (good to be over, too, because I was on the committee and it was crazy work).

You don't look like you've aged a year!

adrienne said...

You look super cute - then and now!
Glad you had fun. I moved too far away and never went to a reunion. I think now it would be too much of a, I'm a bit past my 20th...

Carrie Harris said...

You look almost exactly the same! Wow!

Oh, and I love the thumbs up you're giving in one of those student IDs.

Sophia said...

How fun! Our 20 year reunion was this past July. Fun! You look adorable! :)

PJ Hoover said...

Great and fun post, Kelly! And I'll always be older than you.
I had some of my very best memories in high school. It was such a blast! Especially the concerts :)

Kelly said...

Thanks, ladies! I'm still tired from the weekend!!

Kim Kasch said...

So fun looking back! And you honestly look like you haven't aged a day.

Here's to the next 20 years!

Suzanne Casamento said...

My 20th is next year and I'm psyched to go. I think it's great that you had so much fun then and still do now. And crazy that your psychic mind was so accurate! I never would have predicted where I am now.

BTW, you look gorgeous in your little black dress! : )

The Wild About Writing Trio said...

Love those pics. I had forgotten all about school I.D.'s. You look just as cute now as you did then.
My 20th is next year. I find it amazing that I graduated in a class of over 400 students, and I bet I can count on two hands the classmates I've seen since graduation.

Kelly H-Y said...

I'm from the class of '89 too! :-)

Rena said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had a lot of fun.

LOL @ '89 -- I had my first baby that year. I feel so old ...