Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tune for Tuesday

I was torn today as to which Sixx: AM song was to be today’s tune. It was between “Life is Beautiful” and “Accidents Can Happen.” Both are stellar songs. Life truly is beautiful. Some days you need to pick yourself back up.
After studying the lyrics in each song, I ended up choosing “Accidents Can Happen.” Sixx’s lyrics and James Michael’s soulful voice make this a great listen. I was able to see Sixx: AM live this summer when they played Cruefest (see picture). They sounded just as awesome live as they are on the CD. The entire CD is great, my favorite song from it is "Pray for Me,"but this one will appeal to more people.

"Accidents Can Happen" Fave lyric:
"Take some time and learn to breathe
And remember what it means
To feel alive
And to believe
Something more than what you see"

Sixx: AM is a band formed by Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue to create a soundtrack to his book, The Heroin Diaries. The book chronicles Sixx’s worst years addicted to heroin through actual journal entries from that time and commentary from friends that witnessed it. The book also celebrates his sobriety and breaking out of that horrific pattern of life.
Accidents Can Happen is clearly a song about slipping up while trying to stay sober, but its encouraging lyrics remind listeners to take things day by day and just keep going.
Don’t give up!
Enjoy the song and video..


Rena said...

That's a cool song. Thanks Kelly! Looking forward to next week's song too ...

Carrie Harris said...

That IS cool. Have you read the book?

Kelly said...

I actually just finished reading the book. And after reading it, I'm glad I've never touched a drug in my life. Things get pretty crazy and dark for him. He seemed to be a complete jerk when addicted! I think the author wanted to emphasize if he could get sober, anyone can. Proceeds from the book go to a charity, too!

Cello said...

Hello Kelly! I am a very young writer and illustrator who just Published his first Children's Storybook entitled 'Karate Cat'. I thought with your talent you could swing by my site and check out my book =). It just got listed on Amazon so I am really excited about it. I hope to hear from you.

Sarah Blake Johnson said...

I bet I'd like the pray for me song.

Also, thanks for dropping in on my blog. I love to meet other writers. I learned the word "candling" from you--very cool.

I read your blog--all of it-- and enjoyed all your posts. :)

Kelly said...

Thanks so much!