Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happy Book Birthday, Rockabet!

Woo hoo! The day is here! My picture book ROCKABET: CLASSIC EDITION  is available! 

The first draft of ROCKABET was written about five years ago. I had a mixture of classic and current artists featured in the book. At a local SCBWI meeting and on a WriteOnCon messageboard, some suggested I stick with either current or classic musicians. This was fabulous advice, and that is what I did! My first edition of the book is classic, and I hope to publish a current edition of ROCKABET one day! My fabulous illustrator, Kelli Ann Little, helped make this book come to life. I adore her illustrations of the musicians.

ROCKABET: CLASSIC EDITION celebrates my favorite genre of music, good ole rock 'n' roll. It combines my passion for music and reading. The book promotes the arts and classic rock bands, reading, and learning the ABC's.

Some very kind people are helping me celebrate the release by sharing who they would choose to be in their ultimate band in a ROCKABET BAND MANAGER post! Go check 'em out! Thank you!

Monday: Theresa Milstein and Sharon Mayhew
Tuesday: Lydia Kang
Wednesday: Shelli Johannes and Candyland
Thursday: Bish Denham
Friday: Samantha Verant

Leigh T. Moore has a post for you this week, too. I will share my Band Manager picks on Thursday!

Here is my book! You can purchase the paperback HERE!
Hardcover will be available next month!

Thank you to all of you fabulous friends, family, and critique pals who have been my cheerleader and support system! YOU ROCK!