Monday, May 24, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday

1. It's that time of year again. Season finales. Show finales. Lost is done. So is 24. I don't watch either. Which show was I sad about ending? Nip/Tuck.
Nip/Tuck actually ended its seven year run a few months ago, but I finally watched the finale last month. I was disappointed. I was not only disappointed that I would no longer be watching Sean and Christian's drama filled lives, gasping at the crazy plot lines, and hiding my eyes during surgery clips anymore,
but I was disappointed at the final episode. It wasn't wild and over the top enough. This show was all about overexaggerated lifestyles, stories, and whacked out twists. But the last episode was just "eh." I wanted a "HOLY CRAP!" last episode. But even so, Nip/Tuck, you will be missed.
Which season finale did you enjoy or are looking forward to?

2. Speaking of entertainment, check out Dezmond's Hollywood Spy blog for all the brand spanking new news about television and movies! I don't have time to watch the entertainment news shows, or even watch a lot of shows, but I am kept in the loop by Dezmond's posts and hot pics of celebrities!

3. CONTEST NEWS: Sara McClung at Babbling Flow is hosting a Very Vampire Contest! Enter to win SIGNED copies of Twilight or Charlaine Harris books or Anne Rice books and more!! You know you vant to!

4. Have you heard of the new dystopian blog The League of Extraordinary Writers? This blog features YA dystopian debut authors like Beth Revis, Elana Johnson, Jeff Hirsch, Julia Karr, and Angie Smibert. Check it out, here's the link! There's a contest there, too!

5. And of course, CONGRATULATIONS to Elana Johnson! Her YA Novel, Control Issues, was sold to Simon Pulse! Stop by to read about her timeline to story to agent and sale and congratulate her at her blog here! And she's having contests this week to celebrate! WOW!

6. One if my favorite all time author/illustrator pairings is Mac Barnett and Adam Rex. Their picture book, Guess Again, is one of my all time favorite silly books (and it just came out in September). Read here at School Library Journal the crazy story how Mac Barnett started his life as a children's author. He's had five books published in the last year!

You all have yourselves a fantabulous week!


Natalie Aguirre said...

I must be really out of it because I've never seen Lost and everyone is posting about it. Oh well, I don't have time with writing & working.

That's great you posted about Elana's awesome news. I'm so happy for her.

Jonathon Arntson said...

A) I like the word fantabulous.

B) I stopped watching LOST right after the scene where Jack and Kate meet up outside that airport. Yeah, I've missed lot.

C) You're like the Katie Couric of the Blogosphere with these newsy posts, except way more likable.

Kelly said...

Natalie - I've never watched Lost either!
Jon - You are fantabulous. And I'm lost. Never watched it. And I doubt I ever will now!

Denise said...

So James Franco is going to be in the upcoming movie, Rise of the Apes. I know that now thanks to Hollywood Spy!

Anita said...

Five books in one year?! I do need to check out that link...thanks!

Looking forward to IDOL finale!

Hema P. said...

Ooh, lots of good news, wonderful links and contests! Thanks, Kelly! I'll definitely check out the links... I used to love the show "Numbers" on CBS, which ended a few months ago -- I was very sad to see it go.

There's an award for you at my blog (in a post titled: "And the Award Goes to..." from last week...). Thank you so much for your continued support of my blog!!

Suzanne Casamento said...

Jonathon is right - you're like a fantabulous newslady!

And such good news to boot! I'm going to have to go congratulate the people you posted about.

As for TV shows, it's all Gossip Girl for me. ;)

DEZMOND said...

Hey, Kells, thanks for the linky-dinky :))
All of your readers should know that AN EYE CANDY EMPIRE hides over at my HOLLYWOOD SPY headquarters :))

NIP/TUCK really was one crazy show, and I don't think anyone will ever beat their outrageous twists and plots. Every time I saw a crazy twist in that show I thought they could never beat it and then, just minutes after that they would come up with some outrageous craziness in the next scene. A show with truly ingenious stories.
I agree that the end wasn't shocking enough :(((

Angela Ackerman said...

I only watched a few Nip and Tuck episisodes, but it was a great show--one of those ones that I wish I'd followed. Too bad about the finale, tho.

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

Kimberly Franklin said...

YAY for Elana. I'm so happy for her. I'm kind of glad all the shows are ending... that means more writing time! YAY! :)

Ann Marie Wraight said...


I thought that NIP/TUCK was a documentary following the REAL lives of two gifted plastic surgeons and their families!'ve knocked me right out of the clouds now!


Wendy aka Quillfeather said...

I was completely lost after the very first 'Lost'.

Excellent news indeed about, Elana!

Good post :)

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Not only are we critique buddies, but we are soul sisters...Nip and Tuck was it for me. I've been watching it for years and was sad (and disappointed) that it ended. Thanks for sharing the links. I'm off to check them out. :)

Kelly said...

Denise - I thought of you when I saw that!
Anita - A Chicago guy is in the final two! Woo hoo!
Hema- Thank you for the award!!
Suzanne - I have never seen that. One day I will have to watch the DVD series sets.
Dezmond - Eye candy empire is right! ANd Nip/Tuck was totally outrageous!
Angela- There's always DVD sets to watch old TV series. I want to rent the Dexter ones one day.
Kimberly - I hear you. Except that I'm so behind in my shows, it may take me all summer to catch up!
Ann Marie - I actually did think it was something like that and wasn't interested. My mother in law watched it the night I brought my baby home from the hospital and I was hooked!
Wendy - Lost about lost! Ha!
Sharon - What are we going to watch now?! I am looking forward to True Blood in June.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Lots of great stuff, Kelly! :-)

Susan Fields said...

Congrats to Elana, and Sara's contest sounds awesome! I'll be missing Lost, but it had gotten so confusing in the past few seasons that I never really knew what was going on anyway. :)

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Oh great news! Sara's my CP, so I'm especially happy you mentioned her ;)

As for show finales, I don't watch much TV, but I look forward to seeing who wins American Idol!

Kim Kasch said...

Oh I am soooooooooooo waiting for the next True Blood to begin

Dawn Simon said...

Thanks, Kelly, for keeping us in the loop. BTW, I love the way you put yourself in the pic. Hee! And the "you know you vant to" thing made me laugh. :)

Tina Laurel Lee said...

Thanks for keeping me up to date! I am so out of it these days!

Laura Pauling said...

And yes, I was a sucker for Lost. Never missed an episode! I didn't read your post on Monday b/c I thought it had spoilers! :) guess not.

Solvang Sherrie said...

I have never watched Lost or 24. But I'm really sad that Simon won't be on American Idol anymore. It just won't be the same without him.

Julie Musil said...

Heard about Nip/Tuck, but I've never watched it! I was a "Lost" groupie, and I'm sad that it's over.

Now, the new Bachelorette has worked it's way into my life, even though I swore I'd never watch one.more.episode!

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