Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whatcha been doin', Kelly?

Well, thanks for asking! I'll tell you what I've been doing on my blog break. Last week my family of five (plus grandma and grandpa) spent the night in four different states in four consecutive days last week. One place we stopped was in St. Olaf, Iowa for lunch. Home of the largest pork tenderloin sandwich. Oh, yes. See the behemoth below (My husband ordered it. He ate half of it.).
Even the child burgers were huge! (see photo below)

That was the only bite she took. I actually ended up eating half that burger, and she instead ate the mini pork tenderloin I ordered.
We have actually visited this establishment before about eight years ago. There are new owners since that time. Here is what the sandwich looked then. It was bigger, but thinner.

After visiting relatives in Iowa, we drove to Minnesota for my daughter's doctor appointment at the Mayo Clinic. We have been going 1-2 times a year since she was one. The appointment went great, and the children LOVED the hotel pool. The hotel pool had a great water slide, and I seriously watched my daughter go down it 41 times in two hours. Yes, I counted. Then the next morning she went down it over twenty times. Kids love slides. Yep, they do.

We traveled home then so my husband and I could attend a very sad funeral (RIP Jimmy) on Friday and a very fun family wedding (Congrats, Andrea) on Saturday.
See the video at the end of my cousin Bud and my son JD rocking out at the wedding.
I was so exhausted on Sunday I seriously stayed in my pajamas all day long.
This week has been full of errands, catching up, a fun day at the beach with my relatives from Arizona, and writing. Yes, writing, glorious writing! I have ignored my WIP for much of the summer, but I've been plugging along with some good writing blocks this week.

So, what have you been up to?


DebraLSchubert said...

Nice trip, Kelly! Thanks for taking us along for the ride. I don't eat meat, and this just reinforced that for me. *grin* Glad you had fun!

Shelli said...

hm let me think. writing. :) sounds like you had fun.

Paul Michael Murphy said...

Why am I not surprised that Debra doesn't eat meat? Your daughter's hamburger looks scrumtrulescent. As for what I've been doing: hanging out in my own pajamas. And by "pajamas" I mean boxer shorts. And by "hanging out" I mean sitting on the couch eating animal crackers.

PJ Hoover said...

Those sandwiches are cracking me up! Hilarious!

Solvang Sherrie said...

You'd think they could find a bun as big as the meat!

My father-in-law likes the Made Rights in Marshalltown. And my kids like pool slides anywhere 8)

Glad you're back -- and congrats on getting some writing done!

nikki said...

OMG those sandwiches are HILARIOUS! comedy on a bun. SEE YOU SOON!!!!

Carrie Harris said...

My mom's family is from Iowa, and she got me started on those pork tenderloin sandwiches with lots of pickles on them. Now, I am salivating.

Kelly said...

Debra- What? That big slab of pork didn't change your mind? :)
Shelli- I'm finally getting some writing done this summer! Yay!
Murph-Just make sure you or The Wife launder those shorts every few days.
PJ- Fun on a bun!

Kelly said...

Sherrie- I had never heard of Made Rights until I met my husband's family. They are yummy!
Nikki- We CANNOT wait til next week!
Carrie-Mmmmmm. Braiiins. Oops I mean, Mmmmmmm poooorrrrrkk. :)

Angela said...

Holy Crap~! Look at the size of that sandwich. And hubby ate half? You're lucky the guy didn't explode!!

Kim Kasch said...

OMG I've NEVER seen a sandwich that size.


That's what I'd call 'em

Kelly said...

Angela-Yeah, he was pretty stuffed!
Kim- Incredibly huge is right!