Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beautiful Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is a popular resort town in southern Wisconsin. My husband’s family rented two pontoon boats on Monday, and we had a fine day boating on Geneva Lake. We enjoyed looking at all the big, beautiful homes and all the gorgeous trees lining the lake. When I was younger, I would go boating with my best friend and her parents. Besides sunbathing, my friend and I would always say, “Which house do you like? This one or this one?” to pass the time on the boat.
Here are some of the fabulous, ginormous homes on Geneva Lake.
So do you like this one or that one?
Here are some fun facts about Lake Geneva.

*Producers/creators William Bell and Lee Phillips developed the soap opera "The Young and the Restless" while living in Lake Geneva. The soap opera is set in the nearby town of Genoa City. As I have been watching this soap opera since I was eleven, I get a kick out of hearing nearby towns occasionally being mentioned in the show.
*Hugh Hefner’s famous Playboy Club and Resort was in Lake Geneva. It is now called Grand Geneva Resort and Spa. My hubby and I have stayed there for our anniversary a few times. The bunnies are long gone though.
*Geneva Lake is the second deepest lake in Wisconsin. (Can you believe I let my two oldest kids swim off the boat?! Don’t worry, they had life preservers on!)
*At different areas at the bottom of this lake you would find a Volkswagen, a cabin cruiser, and a few other sizable ship wrecks.
*The popular Dungeons and Dragons game was founded in Lake Geneva.
*There is a 20.6 mile trail around the lake that goes through the yards of the mansions. I would love to take a shoreline walk on it someday!

Lake Geneva also has quaint shops and galleries to look through and of course a wonderful ice cream shop that we visited. The people are nice, too! I put two quarters in the parking meter and then realized I payed for someone else's spot. I remarked I was out of quarters and a nice lady came by and gave me some!
Where will you be visiting this summer?


Kim Kasch said...

My favorite is the blue house. It has a lot of character - hey maybe that's why I like it. After all, I am a writer. . . :)

Solvang Sherrie said...

It looks lovely there! I like the house on the bottom with all the trees. I like shade :)

Bish Denham said...

Cool! As for which house I'd like? Just give me all the money it takes for the up-keep on any one of them (yard, electric, water, maids, maintenance, etc.) and I bet it would make a very nice monthly salary.

Kelly said...

Kim- That's my favorite, too!
Sherrie- I love, love, love trees. We bought our current house, because of the wooded lot.
Bish - I know! We were wondering how much $ it would take just to maintain these homes!!

C.R. Evers said...

great pictures! I have good memories of Lake Geneva. We went there out on a friends boat the day after my wedding.

Looks like you're having a blast!

Big Plain V said...

Is there anywhere you can back a rusty van up to the water's edge, put up a saggy tent, and build a bonfire in a fifty gallon drum?

Kelly said...

Christy- You and I have been to so many of the same places! I wonder if we ever crossed paths...
V- Not likely at this lake, but you can live in a van by the river.

Kelly H-Y said...

Wow, wow, wow!! That looks gorgeous ... a perfect vacation spot! We'll be headed to Cannon Beach at the Oregon Coast!

Angela said...

Gosh--I love that little blue house! It's been kept up well.

Monica said...

I grew up on the water. Not as lovely and posh as Lake Geneva, but still nice. I love that blue house. That's why i haven't finished that great canadian novel just yet, i havent got a lovely place like that to sit with my laptop and write beautiful prose.

poemhome said...

Reminds me of Lake George in upstate New York. We would also house shop

lyfizgud said...

Great photos, Kelly...we were just there last week and used to take our boat on the lake all the gets a bit choppy out there, but it's always a good ride. My sister-in-law had her wedding at The Riviera ~ it was gorgeous!!!
Do you know where to pick up that walking trail??? I'd love to do that :)

Anita said...

Before reading, I skimmed your post looking to see if you let the kids in the water! If they hadn't had on jackets, that may have been the end of our relationship (:))--I am a COMPLETE chicken about water...but if I wasn't, I would've loved a trip like yours.

Susan Sandmore said...

Wow, thanks for sharing! I liked the blue Victorian, best. Gorgeous! I love clear lakes where you can see the interesting stuff on the bottom!

adrienne said...

I pick the first house!
We always play that same game when we visit Long Island.
That looks like a beautiful place to visit.

Christina Farley said...

Fun! I love 'blog traveling' and this sounds like a great place. So many lovely houses. I'd have to say the first one, because of the windows. But the second one reminds me of a Jane Austen book manor!