Monday, September 17, 2012

Genre Favorites Blogfest

Cassastar Ninja Alex Cavanaugh is hosting today's spectacular GENRE FAVORITES BLOGFEST! Fun, right? I didn't plan on blogging here this week, but I had to join the partay!

My go-to movie is a comedy. I love to laugh. Some of my all-time favorites include Old School, Vacation, and Elf. Some of the more recent movies that made me giggle are Bridesmaids and The Change Up. I want to see Ted. I heard that was a funny one.

I am all over the place with books. I love picture books, middle grade, young adult, and adult novels in all different genres. The only genre I generally do not read is non-fiction. I love a great story! Some of my all time favorite books are The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, Guess Again by Mac Barnett, The Hunger Games, The Outsiders, and A Time to Kill.

If you know me at all, you know that my favorite genre of music is ROCK! My last four concerts over the summer included

Daughtry and opener, new fave musician, Mike Sanchez

New Medicine (this is the bassist, Brady)

Buckcherry (for the sixth time!)

and Motley Crue (also for the sixth time!).

Rock 'n' Roll, baby!

I subscribe to Us Weekly and look forward to every issue. It's just my little slice of pure mindless entertainment. I sit outside on the patio or couch and zone out for an hour. I also read it to get celebrity book recommendations for my other site, Book Recs of the Rock & Famous, too!

Also, my guilty pleasure TV show is True Blood (Eric Northman, need I say more?)

How about you? What are your favorite genres?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Rock music? Would've never guessed!
Thanks for jumping in on my blogfest, Kelly.

Lexa Cain said...

Hey! It was so much fun to read about your favorite things. Great bog hop! :-)

E.J. Wesley said...

Yeah, so, we need to go ahead and start the DNA testing, 'cause I'm pretty sure you're my long lost soul-sister. :-D

Vacation, Elf, rock, The Crue (I still listen to Dr. Feelgood--the album--at least once a month lol), and True Blood. You've got 'em all. AND you're a Bears fan. Just proof that the Universe has to spread out the awesome people, I guess.

One thing is for sure, if we ever meet, I'm totally riding in your car. :-D

Bish Denham said...

Well now, you see? I would never have guessed rock was your favorite genre in music. :D

Gina Gao said...

I have to say that I agree with you on True Blood. It is indeed a guilty pleasure.

Susan Oloier said...

I love that you get all these photos with famous people, Kelly! I am in awe!

LTM said...

Superfun blogfest! And look at you and all the rockin pix! Woo hoo!!! (Hey... that Mike guy's purdy hot!)

OMG--I love ELF. LOL! I'm laughing just thinking about it. Ahh, and True Blood. I haven't watched since the first season, but is that your face there w/Eric? Fun stuff. yay~ <3

Brinda said...

I have a fatal weakness for Erik Northman. Yum. Also, I watch Elf every year now. Love, love, love Will Ferrell in that.

J.L. Campbell said...

There are a lot of rockers around this blogfest. Funny movies and books are always good.

Kelly Polark said...

You are an excellent bloghop host as usual, Alex!
Thank you for coming by, Lexa!
EJ (brother from another mother)- You have excellent taste. :)
Bish - I know. It's my dirty little secret. ;)
Gina- Indeed. Unfortunately we have to wait til June for another season!
Susan - I have to say it is pretty fun meeting the people that I love to listen to!
LTM- Agreed on that MIke guy. And double agreed on Elf!
Brinda- I always laugh at Will Ferrell!
JL - Glad to hear about the rockers in the blogfest. Looking forward to meeting them!

kmckendry said...

I thought Ted looked cute from the previews. I haven't seen it yet though.
Loved the Hunger Games and anything by Shel Silverstein.
Great choices.

Cold As Heaven said...

Woud have been cool to hear Motley Crue live. Bad concert year in our town. The highlights were Opeth and Nightwish

Cold As Heaven

Susan Fields said...

Rock? You? No way! :)

My favorite guilty pleasure is probably horror movies - I don't know why, but I love them!

Heather Gardner said...

Great list.
Love the photos!
Thanks for sharing.

C.M.Brown said...

Oh yes, True Blood certainly sparks guilty pleasure, I agree! Lots of other good choices here too!

Tony Van Helsing said...

Movie : Withnail and I
Book: Neuromancer
Music: Metal, the heavier the better.
Guilty Pleasure: The Biggest Loser USA

Tara Tyler said...

comedy is a great stress reliever!
and how did you get so many great photos? rock on!
i'm excited my son is reading outsiders in 7th grade =)

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

This is such a fun blogfest. I am loving reading about everyone's favorites. So far, though, you're the only one with rocker photos. : )

Christina Farley said...

Great list! I like your book choices. And yes, you are definitely a rock and roll girl.

Kelly Polark said...

kmckendry- I have adored Shel Silverstein since I was a child.
Cold- I've seen the Crue many times live, and they are awesome live every single concert!
Susan- I'm kind of a chicken, and I don't watch horror too often!
Thanks for stopping by, Heather!
CM- Love, love, love the craziness of True Blood!
Tony- Love your choices! Metal!
Tara - I read The Outsiders a few yrs ago w/ my son and will again with my daughter next year. I love that book (and movie!).
Cynthia - The only reason I have a blog is to show off my rocker photos. ;)
Christina - Yes, I do love a good rock tune. Other than my rock music though, I'm a pretty tame girl.

Michael Di Gesu said...

Hi, Kelly,

Dropped in from the blogfest...

Nice to meet you.

How cool to meet all those musicians!

LOVED Hunger Games too!

I'm with you on the reading and especially liking comedies! These days we ALL need a good laugh!

Lindsay N. Currie said...

Horror:) Love it and unfortunately, I share your same love of US weekly LOL!!!

Missed Periods said...

Comedy is my favorite too. And I adore all of your comedy picks, but I have to add Zoolander.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

What a great blog hop! Wish I would have joined in on this one. :) I pretty much could copy and paste your post though (other than all your awesome photos). The only thing I have that is really different is your magazine guilty pleasure. I guess other than True Blood, my other secret pleasure is...The Housewives of NY and NJ. (I'm blushing that I said it out loud.)

DEZMOND said...

woohoo for Kelso in short black shorts :)))

James Garcia Jr. said...

Kelly!!!! I knew I could count on you for my rock n roll fix! Cool photos. I posted my one which was Van Halen on the Balance Tour. That was just before Eddie and Sammy messed it up! :(
Have a great weekend!


Stina Lindenblatt said...

You've seen Motley Crue six times???? I've only seen them once. But they were great. :D

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Love all your picks. I'm pretty sure all those books are in my house somewhere in one of the kids' rooms or on my shelves.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Bridesmaids and Change Up were hysterical! I also haven't seen Ted, but I've heard it's good. I'll have to rent it. And I could read The Outsiders over and over and over (and have).

My Genre Favorites & Guilty Pleasures

Kelly Polark said...

Michael - So true. We all need a good laugh now and then!
Lindsay- I know. Such a guilty pleasure! I love looking at the fashions in it, too.
Jenny- Can you believe I've never seen Zoolander? I think we have it on DVD too. I. Must. Watch.
Sharon- I've never watched those shows before, but my mother-in-law loves them!
Dezz- Thank you, kind sir!
Jimmy - Gotta love VH too!
Stina - Yes, they always put on an amazing show!
Susan - I bet we all have packed bookshelves!!
Shannon - It is one of the most amazing books.

Angela Ackerman said...

I loved Bridesmaids!! So funny. I haven't seen Ted either, but it looks pretty funny, and it's a unique concept.

Peggy Eddleman said...

I'm right there with you on books! And Motley Crue was my very first concert. :)

Lydia Kang said...

Love your rock picts! I also love so many kinds of books, HG included. :)

Samantha VĂ©rant said...

Same movies, Kelly! Same movies! (just add some in John Hughes and a few rom coms in there, too). And wait a sec. You like rock music?

Stina Lindenblatt said...

psst I tagged you. :)

Sherrie Petersen said...

Oh man, you met Chris Daughtry? I love him!! I swear I think of you every time one of your favorite bands comes on the radio (hello, 30 Seconds to Mars!) :)

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