Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NanoUhOh! PBPick ME!

Hello, friends! I've come up for a breath to say HEY and ask HOW THE HEY ARE YA?

For you crazy NaNoWriMo peeps, how was your month? (One more day!) I started out strong, but fizzled out as work and family obligations increased. Jon and I didn't finish our story, but I did get more writing than I would have if I didn't challenge myself with Nano. I think I'm like the turtle in the race. Slow and steady. I'm just not a fast and furious writer. My projects get done, but it may take a little while longer! (Unless I have a true deadline, then I can do it! Go figure.)

How did you do? I noticed that some of you made your 50,000 words, so big congrats to Jemi, Elana, and Lola! If you finished, tell me in the comments so I can congratulate you! (Tina, I know you were almost there!) That is a HUGE accomplishment!

To those of you not doing Nano, how was your month?


I am participating in the Meegenius Author Challenge. I'm very excited about my manuscript titled, "The First Time I Saw My Baby." I do need your help though. I need lots of LIKES on my entry to be considered a finalist. I would love my book to be published into a Meegenius picture book app.
Would you kindly follow the link to my page and press LIKE (only if you like it, of course)? THANK YOU! I very much appreciate it! I can't do it without you! Voting ends mid December.

CLICK HERE to vote for my story. :)

Lastly, I have the beautiful Angie Harmon at Book Recs of the Rock & Famous today. She tells me her fave books and what her three girls are reading!

Have a fabulous week!


cleemckenzie said...

Wonderful to take a breather from all that NaNoing! Congrats on staying the course.

Off to vote for the story! Good luck.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I actually know several people who hit the 50,000 mark already.
And wish I could vote for you, but I'm not on Facebook! Bummer, huh? Wish they'd come up with a different voting system.

Leigh Covington said...

I didn't do NaNo this month. I was way too overloaded with homework. I would have much rather been doing NaNo, but that's life!

I can't wait to read your story at MeeGenius! You'll definitely get my vote!

Tina Laurel Lee said...

The title of this post is awesome! Love the story! You got my thumbs up!

Anita said...

I love that kitty photo...Halp Me! :) I voted for you, of course. I will definitely finish my first draft of my YA before Dec. 1...woo-hoo...it will be short several thousand words, because that's how I write, but still. Anyway, good to know you!

Lydia Kang said...

I voted! Good luck. :)

Kelly Polark said...

Thank you, Lee!
Alex - You know like a gazillion people! I'm glad so many made the goal!
Good luck with your homework, Leigh and thank you!
Thank you, Tina!
Anita - Thank you and I'm so happy that you will finish by December!!!
Thank you, Lydia!

Lynda R Young said...

I completed NaNo..there was a while there I thought I wouldn't. But NaNo, more than anything, is just motivation. The real trick is to keep going after November and finish that novel! :)

Sherrie Petersen said...

November is such a busy month around here. Plus I'm working on revisions for another story. I thought I would do NaNo but I quickly realized that was NOT going to happen!

I'm off to check out your story :)

Laura Marcella said...

Hi, Kelly! This was my third year participating in NaNo and I finished again, woohoo! I don't have children, though, and I work from home so my hours are really flexible. The month went by so quickly. Time flies when you're having fun! :)

Good luck in the author challenge!!

Jemi Fraser said...

Thanks for the mention! It was sure a fun & CRAZY month this year!! :)

I'm off to check out your story... :)

Lindsay N. Currie said...

Sounds like it was a crazy month for you and don't even feel remotely bad about not finishing NaNo. I really think that's a tricky one - especially in a month with a major holiday in it:) Good luck in the new challenge - we'll all be rooting for you!

Marcia said...

I think that's the whole purpose of NaNo -- to get more done than you would have otherwise, even if you can't make 50k words. I'm with you -- I'm a slower writer.

LTM said...

oh, very cool, you megagenius! I'll jump over there and check it out!

And as for NaNo, the main thing is you started. Yay!!! <3

Christina Lee said...

A good start is important too! Off to press LIKE!

Christina Lee said...

BACK!! AWWW it was beautiful!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Congrats on participating, Kelly. That's more than I did.

I'm off to LIKE you now. :D

Jen Daiker said...

The kitty distracted me. Congrats to all those NaNo peeps! They're awesome!

salarsenッ said...

I never officially signed up for NaNo, but made the conscious decision to give it a private shot. Yeah, family and life just got too busy. I started stressing myself out, so I took a break from it. Congrats on entering the Meegenuis Challenge. Nicely done! You passed me - that's awesome. Best of luck!

Laura Pauling said...

What a cute kittie picture! :)

It's okay not to finish. It's better to go at a pace that works for you then just rush to get it done! :)

Rena said...

Congrats on you and Jon getting some of your writing done. That's great. I didn't do NaNo this year, as I'm in the process of editing a MG novel for 4RV right now.

Love the kitty pic, too!

Theresa Milstein said...

I'm glad you got more writing than you usually would've done - that's the important part. My word count for November is plain old sad!

Good luck with Meegenius, Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Last two years I hit the 25,000 mark. This year i didn;t get far at all. Just too darn busy getting next book to market. But congrats! to everyone regardless of how many words they penned!

Kelly Polark said...

Way to go, Lynda!
Sherrie - I do wish Nano was in another month. November is BUSY!
Congrats, Laura!!
Thank you, Jemi and congrats again!
Thanks, Lyndsay!
Marcia - I agree, and that's why I decided to try, even though I knew I wouldn't hit 50. I did accomplish more than I would have!
LTM - Thank you for your support!
Awwww, thank you, Christina!
Sheri - THank you! I voted for yours; it was very sweet!
Laura - I definitely work at my own pace for books. I want to enjoy it and not let it be a chore.
Rena - That is exciting! Looking forward to reading an MG from you!
Thank you, Theresa!!
Stephen - Good luck with your next novel!

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

I'm a slow and steady writer as well. You get a lot more credit, though, because you joined in the NaNo fun (I didn't).

Now I'm off to click on your story link! Yea!

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

I voted! Such a sweet story, kelly!

Congrats to all the Nanogoers!

Christina Farley said...

I didn't get 50 k but I did finish my book! So that was great!

Christina Farley said...

Oh and I voted for you!