Thursday, July 21, 2011

This and That Thursday

I watched three movies in the theater last week. I do believe that is a record for me. I watched Zookeeper with the family when our power was out for two days. (It was okay, but kids liked it) Hubs and I saw Horrible Bosses. It amused me, but I thought it would be funnier. But still it was pretty funny, more of a dark comedy. Great actors in it. Then of course I had to see HP7. Hubs and I took our oldest. I was on the verge of tears from the beginning knowing what was going to happen and knowing this was the last movie of the series. My son begged me not to sob loudly during a certain scene that he knew I might (because I sobbed loudly when I read the scene to him). I sobbed, but quietly into my Coca Cola. The movie was absolutely amazing. AMAZING! The only thing that could have been improved was more Fred and George. I love Fred and George.

Did you see HP7? Any other movies you recommend?


I read through 3/4 of the Vampire Diaries books by LS Smith last week when my power was out. I liked them (I'm such a good reviewer, aren't I?). I saw the first two episodes on TV, but stopped because I decided I wanted to read the books first. So I will have to watch the Diaries on Netflix at some point. I am now reading Ditched by Robin Mellom which is very amusing. I enjoy Robin's humor, and I won the ARC on a blog contest at her blog! Thank you, Robin!


I've been reading and writing poetry for the last few weeks. I missed it. I'd been concentrating on my middle grade novels, so it's been so refreshing to get back to what started me writing in the first place!

And you know that poem that I posted below? I made it to the final four in Shelly's Poetry contest! I actually didn't realize it was a contest when I entered the blogfest. So, it was a pleasant surprise! Today is the last day to vote for your fave of the four!


I enjoyed rocking to Poison and Motley Crue last month. It was super fun and even better, the tickets were free (and amazing seats!). My high school friend is good friends with Poison's drummer, Rikki Rockett (see below), and he gave us tickets! Photobucket My friend Sue and I had a blast! We loved singing along with the classic hits. And Tommy Lee even had a drum coaster at the Crue set! At the end of the show, Nikki Sixx sprayed blood on the front row (see video). It seems I can't get away from bloody concerts! (See Blood Ball with 30stm!).

No other concerts planned yet, but I did just buy Daniel Tosh tickets for my hubs and I. That will be gigglicious I am sure!!

What summer fun are you up to?


chasing empty pavements said...

I too went to HP7 and cried...silently into my bag of popcorn since my fiance told me he would walk out if I cried like I did in part 1. I heard Horrible Bosses was really good, and I want to see that one! Nice to see you working on your writing and I'm way jealous you have Daniel Tosh tickets. I love him!

Jonathon Arntson said...

I will be seeing HP7 sometime this weekend, I think. I will probably cry too.

I cannot wait to see Horrible Bosses. I love dark comedies. I live for them, actually.

Glad to see you're focusing on poetry. Like I said before, it was the first writing of yours I have ever read.

Tina Laurel Lee said...

You have been busy! My summer is too. Clases, writing, and then all that unstructured summer stuff. I'm hoping to go to HP7 this weekend. You make me want to spend some time on poetry for awhile. It's got to be great for novel writing and vice versa.

Kelly said...

Chasing - We are so excited to see Tosh. He's so inappropriately hilarious!
Jon - It's such a touching, intense movie. You just may cry! And yes, poetry is my first writing love, so good to get back to it for a bit. But then I really really want to finish our ms!!
Tina - The poetry is a good change of pace. And you nailed why summer is so busy - the unstructured summer stuff!!

Matthew MacNish said...

I still haven't seen HP! ARGHH!! But I'll be out of town next week, with the whole fam, so we'll probably be seeing it. Twice.

storyqueen said...

I must be totally warped, but there is something slightly wonderful about thinking of no power for two days....

Yes, more Fred and George!

And yay for you for writing more poetry!!

Congratulations on the contest!!


Laura Josephsen said...

I saw HP7. Really enjoyed it. :D

Congrats on placing in the poetry final four!

Rena said...

I haven't been to a movie since POTC came out. I'm not into HP (don't throw things, please), but my girls love it and went on opening day. I'm glad to hear you're writing again, Kelly. :)

As for summer fun -- we've been going to the lake in Glacier and kayaking a bit. Going camping there soon. Then driving across the state to take our daughter to college. Busy times ...

julie fedderson said...

I am so jealous of your hair metal experience! And my hubby and I tried to get Tosh tickets in Omaha but they sold out too quickly. I will live vicariously through you!

Anita said...

I know you've got lots of super stuff in this post, but I can't get past Fred and George. I just love those guys.

My summer? Hmmm. I'm babysitting my niece's two little ones for the next 24 hours. I can't see past that cut-off. :) Rock on!

DEZMOND said...

I wouldn't expect anything less than to see you somewhere around a Motley Crue truck :)

Kim Kasch said...

Loved HP too :) it is kinda hard to see it come to an end tho'

Fun photos :)

Kelly said...

Matthew - I want to see it twice! Or thrice!
Shelley- The power outage was annoying, but I loved having nothing to do but read. But all my fridge/freezer food spoiled. Boooo!
Thank you, Laura!!
Rena - Enjoy the beautiful parks around you!!! I love seeing the pictures you take there.
Julie - This one was sold out too, so I bought tix on ebay!
Anita - Have fun with the little ones!! And yes, Fred and George are awesome.
Dezz- Ha! That was parked in front of the venue.
Kim - I can't believe it's the end. But luckily we can enjoy the books and movies as many times as we want!

Natalie Aguirre said...

I went to HP last weekend last weekend with my daughter. It's a tradition that I'm sad is ending. I loved it too.

Congrats on the poetry contest. I so admire you for being able to write it. My daughter was a better poet than me when she was in grade school.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You're such a rocker chick!
Harry Potter was good - best of the series. I'm catching Captain America tomorrow.
Otherwise just waiting for my publisher to return my manuscript for the first round of edits. And hoping the cover art for this next book will be just as cool.

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Oh my word, you've been busy! What fun concerts and what cool movies! HP7 was just--oh man, amazing! Zookeeper was cute. Been waiting to see Horrible Bosses.

And you got more blood sprayed on you?? Ha! Can't get away from it! But man, I'd do it all over again!! And how lucky are you to get free Poison tickets!!

Samantha said...

Congrats on the poetry contest! yay! And what is up with you and these bloody concerts??? Maybe they've seen your True Blood blog posts???

MG Higgins said...

I think it's so cool that you're doing more poetry, since it gives you joy. And congrats on the contest! That must give you loads of encouragement. Going to HP7 this weekend--can't wait; I've read lots or glowing reviews.

Kelly said...

Natalie - Poetry is my first love. It's been fun writing it again.
Alex - Good, I'm interested to hear how Captain America is. (for my sons that is). So many superhero movies!
Carol - Luckily I was just out of the blood range this time! And yes, I'd do the Blood Ball all over again!
Sam - I never thought of the True Blood connection. I hope I'm not secretly a vampire!
Mel- Enjoy HP7! You are going to love it!

Christina Lee said...

Oh my goodness you mustmustmustmust watch all of VP--swoony swoon swoon!! xo

Theresa Milstein said...

Sobbing quietly into your Coke. Poor you!

I saw a bit of Zoolander filmed at Crane's Beach in Ipswich last year. From the promos, it didn't look great.

I still haven't seen Harry Potter 7. I don't want to talk about it.

Ello said...

Hey Kelly! I've been on vaca so didn't have chance to let you know you won Bad Taste in boys! email me at with address so I can send it out to you!

Christina Farley said...

I want to see Bad Bosses but disappointing that it wasn't as good as you thought it would be. I love Vampire Diaries TV show. Still have the book to read on my shelf.

Missed Periods said...

Bloody concerts, vampire books- I am noticing a theme.

Ray Veen said...

You are a media consumer of heroic proportions.

Bish Denham said...

Is that you I hear singing?

Lydia K said...

Harry Potter was a fun summer experience! And air conditioned to boot.

We've been doing lots of family stuff--and more to come. Sounds like your summmer is going great!

Jennifer Shirk said...

No summer concerts scheduled for me. Wah!
Actually, no movies either. :(

I'm boring. I spend all my time at the beach reading.

LTM said...

oh, I teared up, too, in HP7! It was really, really good I thought. And I loved how Maggie Smith got to kick a little A at her age! Awesomesauce. :D

What up w/the bloody concerts? I thought that went out of style in the 80s... ! funny stuff. glad you had a ball~ <3

Patricia A. Timms said...

I am waiting until my kids are old enough to see all of the HP movies. I stopped after the first two. That way we can all watch them together like they're new. (weird, right?) I'm almost there. My youngest is 4.

Congrats on your poem! Sounds like a great summer.

Madeleine said...

I'd love to know how does vampire diaries compare to the stephanie meyer series? :O)

Anonymous said...

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Sharon K. Mayhew said...

OMGoodness! Those are the same movies I've been hinting that I want to go and see!

JuX said...

I went to see HP7 as well. The girl I went with actually cried, so I don't blame you for being on the verge.

Kelly said...

Christina - I have Netflix so I will definitely be watching Vampire Diaries. It will take me a while though!!
Theresa - You confused me! You said Zoolander (which is a movie I do want to see...and it's probably better than Zookeeper).
Ello - YAY!! Thank you so much!
Christina - I did like Horrible Bosses, but for some reason I thought I'd be giggling through the whole movie. I hyped it in my mind too much I think.
Missed P - Oh dear. I need to file down my incisors.
V- I rarely see a movie in the theater (usually once a year) so it was crazy that I saw three in one week!!
Bish - Yikes! Yes, I do believe that is me!
Lydia - Summer to me is all about the fam!! (and sunshine :)
Jennifer - That sounds just as fun!
LTM - I've been going to concerts for years and this is the first year that they have been bloody! I hope it is NOT a trend.
Patricia - I think that's a great idea to wait. I actually waited to read the series til my oldest was ready so I could enjoy it with him.
Madeleine - I actually like the Twilight books better, but I like Elana better than Bella.
Patrick - Thank you for stopping by!
Sharon - Now get out and see them! :)

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

I just saw HP7 and loved it! A little different from the novel, but it's been a while since I read it, so it was great to go back into Hogwarts.

Congratulations on your poem making it to the final four! Awesome! You're so talented.

Suzanne Casamento said...

I can't believe you went to TWO bloody concerts! Your life is cRaZy!

Kelly said...

JuX- Oh I let my tears out, too!! I couldn't help it!
Cynthia - Thanks! And yes, HP7 was a delight!!
Suz- Hee! My life is actually VERY normal. With a few bloody concerts thrown in here and there.

Theresa Milstein said...

Just stopped to say hi. I'm finally seeing Harry Potter today. Tissues at the ready.

Jemi Fraser said...

I finally saw HP - it was incredible!! So hard to believe it's finsihed. I really made me want to reread the entire series from start to finish... again :)

Anonymous said...

We saw Cowboys vs. Aliens (I gave it a rare A) and Zookeeper yesterday. I saw part of Super 8 and will have to go back and finish it this coming week. I'm holding out on HP as I'm still reading through the series. I'm wrapping up Order of the Phoenix this weekend.

ali said...

Holy moly, you have been BUSY!!! Sounds like you've been having a blast this summer. And I cried during HP too.

Chris Phillips said...

I saw Potter and Horrible Bosses. I liked both.

cleemckenzie said...

I love it when people get so tied up with a story they forget they're on the outside looking in! Lovely experience even if it embarrasses our kids!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly!

Wanted to come by and congratulate you for winning Julie's contest. What a neat bonus to discover you are a writer and poet. Glad to see you are revisiting the poetic forms. I, too, started out that way.

Love the look of your blog! Please consider me a new follower.

Lydia K said...

It is great getting back to the writing that first pulled you in...I'll be happy to return to YA after this MG is done.
Glad you are having a great summer!