Thursday, May 14, 2009

Poetry Friday is Here Today!

Welcome one. Welcome all! I am thrilled to host Poetry Friday today. Please leave the link to your website and the title or kind of poem in my comments, and I will post the links throughout the day today!

Last week I thought I posted my original cinquain on Mr. Linky, but I didn't check to see if it worked (and it didn't. Oops, my bad!), so I will post a link to my poem here. So I will be green and recycle my poem today! :)

Sit back, relax, and enjoy these wonderful poetry links this weekend!

Read some original poetry here.
Kelly Fineman has A Word From the Troll.
Gregory at Gottabook has a baseball poem titled A Perfect Game.
Diane Mayr has baseball haiku at random noodlings.
Irene Latham has an original poem titled The Nina Remembers Columbus.
Wild Rose Reader has an original acrostic titled Daybreak.
Lorie Ann Grover has a hats haiku.
Merrial Blackwood is sharing The Incantess of the Dragoness.
Maya Ganesan has an original poem titled somewhere inside.

Read some favorite poems here.
Sherry is sharing a John Donne poem at Semicolon.
Andromeda has a Robert Bly poem at a wrung sponge.
Sarah Rettger shares a Dannie Abse poem at Archimedes Forgets.
Sarah N. has Wordsmith's To A Butterfly.
Janet is sharing In Audubon's Notebook by Gary Margolis.
Kurious Kitty has an early Robert Frost poem today.
Laura Salas is sharing a Kay Ryan "Dew."
Jama has Robert Pinsky's "ABC."
The Write Sisters are sharing Maya Angelou's Caged Bird today.
Bish Denham posted two poems by a mystery poet. Can you guess who?
At Blue Rose Girls, Elaine has poems for her daughter by Margaret Atwood, Naomi Shihab Nye, and James Lenfestey.
Read The Rain by William Henry Davies at Mother Reader.
Violet is sharing Robert Louis Stevenson at bookpress.
Jet has a baseball poem by Lucas Howell today.
Em is sharing Nocturne by Thomas Bailey Aldrich.
Miss Erin has a Billy Collins poem titled The Art of Drowning.
Susanwrites is sharing a Nils Peterson poem.
John Mutford has Invictus by William Ernest Henley.
Bri Meets Books is sharing Kenn Nesbit's Don't Bring Camels to the Classroom.
Melissa Wiley has "The Bee" by Emily Dickinson.

Book reviews, stretches and everything else poetry here.
Mary Lee is sharing original rainbow poetry by her fourth graders at A Year of Reading.
Linda has Gary Soto's Partly Cloudy: Poems of Love and Longing.
Enjoy the collection of 15 words or less poems at Laura Salas.
The Stenhouse Blog is sharing a poem by third grade students titled What is Purple?.
Jone is interviewing Andi (cloudscome) today!
Readertotz has Sleep Baby Sleep.
Little Willow has If I Didn't Believe in You lyrics by Jason Robert Brown.
Z-Kids reviewed the book Mommy Poems and has some original Mommy poems by kids.
Anastasia Suen has the Silly Tilly book today.